How to start a tax business? With Universal, it’s as simple as turning the key

We humans sure seem to spend a lot of time chasing after keys, right?


Self-help authors and celebrities sell books promising their audience the so-called “key to happiness.” Mayors offer a key to the city to those who accomplish a heroic feat. Young lovers look for the key to their partner’s heart.


Humans likely use the key as visual goal to pursue because the it, in hand with the lock, creates a powerful symbol. We see the lock and key throughout literature and mythology, often signifying a transition of eras or personal development, and access to power. The power of the symbol comes from the key’s complex simplicity, if you will. Keys are designed with grooves and edges to be one of a kind, but for the operator of the key, using the device is as simple as a flick of the wrist.


For professionals, it can be easy to feel like you’re locked out of advancing your career how you desire. You’re locked into set hours, performance quotas, and meetings that probably could have been an email. Where can you find the key to break free in the face of so much complexity?


Universal Accounting Center is the premier provider of turnkey solutions for starting your own successful bookkeeping, tax, and/or advisory business. Since 1979, Universal has helped people claim the lifestyle they desire by giving them the resources and support they need on how start a tax business. Our comprehensive programs offer everything you need to get started, including Professional Bookkeeper and Professional Tax Preparer courses, access to software and tools, and dedicated coaches who can help you manage your time, complete coursework, and attract clients.


“In business, a big reason people pay for a franchise is the process that has been identified and perfected,” said Universal Accounting Center president Roger Knecht. “After more than 40 years working with accounting professionals Universal Accounting Center has found the Turnkey Business Plan for an accounting, bookkeeping or tax business.  The beauty is we don’t ask for royalties.”


Veteran accountants and consulting experts designed the program to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to become a successful accounting professional, while also giving you the flexibility to work on your own schedule and build a business that fits your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to start a traditional accounting firm, or want to focus on specialized services like CFO and advisory consulting, we’ve got you covered.

With our turnkey solution, you’ll have everything you need to get started, including access to industry-leading software and tools, and a community of experienced professionals who can provide guidance and support along the way. We’ve already crafted the key and set it in the lock, all you need to do is turn the key.


The turnkey solution offered by Universal Accounting Center is unique from traditional college or university programs, as we not only provide training on bookkeeping and accounting principles, but also equip our students with the necessary marketing and time management skills needed to successfully start and run a business.


Additionally, the turnkey solution offered by Universal Accounting Center includes access to software and tools that are essential for running a successful accounting business. These tools include software for managing clients and finances, as well as tools for creating professional-looking invoices and financial statements. This sets us apart from other training providers who may only provide training on bookkeeping, but not on the tools and software needed to run a business.


In conclusion, the turnkey solution offered by Universal Accounting Center is a comprehensive and effective solution for those looking to start their own accounting or bookkeeping business. Our program not only provides training on bookkeeping and accounting principles, but also equips students with the necessary marketing and time management skills, as well as access to software and tools, to successfully start and run a business. This sets us apart from traditional college or university programs and other training providers, who may not offer the same level of support and resources.


Don’t let your dreams of starting your own accounting business stay just that, a dream. With Universal Accounting Center’s turnkey solution, you can turn your dream into reality. It just takes the flick of the wrist. Contact us today at 877-801-8080 or schedule a time when it’s convenient for you to learn more about our program and take the first step towards financial freedom.

Your Perfect Solution – How Universal Customizes Tax License and Bookkeeper Training for Your Needs

No matter where you’re at in life, I’m sure at least once, even if you’re a proud husband who refuses directions, you’ve found yourself wondering, “Where in the heck am I going?”


Now, that thought can certainly occur on the road, but it pops up frequently at work too. How can I get promoted from my current role? Will the position I’m in offer any advancement opportunities at all, and, if not, where should I turn? Or if you own a small business, how can you set up the business to run sustainably without you someday?


Don’t feel trapped. Universal Accounting Center offers IRS approved tax preparation courses and bookkeeper training that can give you the launchpad you need to rocket up the corporate ladder or to embark on your own journey of starting an accounting firm.


Universal Accounting Center provides online video courses to help people become certified as Professional Bookkeepers and Tax Preparers in as little as four-to-six weeks. UAC trains students at all levels of accounting understanding. Students start by learning the basics of bookkeeping, and advance to courses on Tax Preparation and QuickBooks. The programs are designed to accommodate your comfort level with the curriculum and offer practical improvements for your quality of life that you can start benefitting from immediately.


This is Universal’s promise: to give you the perfect solution for what you need to make the progress you want to see in your life. That means there’s no filler content or busy work like you might find at a college or university. The courses are self-paced and designed to be customized for your needs.


One of the key benefits of receiving bookkeeper training is the ability to take control of your finances and manage them more effectively. Bookkeeping is a fundamental aspect of managing any business, and having the knowledge and skills to do it correctly can open many doors for career advancement. With the training provided by Universal Accounting Center, you can learn how to accurately record financial transactions, create financial statements and reports, and use bookkeeping software to streamline your work.


Another benefit of the training provided by Universal Accounting Center is the ability to prepare taxes accurately and efficiently. The IRS approved tax preparation courses offered by Universal Accounting Center teach you how to prepare and file taxes for individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. This knowledge can help you save money and avoid penalties by making sure your taxes are done correctly in your own life, and can help you earn what you’re worth as a professional or small business owner.


Universal Accounting Center also provides additional support to help professionals achieve their goals. Their academic, marketing, and life coaches work one-on-one with students to set and achieve goals for career advancement, or to start their own tax or bookkeeping business. With the support of the coaches, you can learn how to market your business, attract clients, and set prices.

Additionally, Universal Accounting Center offers business consulting and analysis training. This training gives consultants the tools they need to understand what is working in a small business and how to maximize profits moving forward. By identifying areas for improvement and providing guidance on how to implement changes, UAC graduates can help small business owners increase their revenue and profitability.


Universal Accounting Center provides a variety of training options that can help individuals improve their quality of life by advancing their career at their current job, starting their own business, and preparing taxes efficiently. With the support of academic, marketing, and life coaches you’ll only find at UAC, you can achieve your goals and succeed in the field of bookkeeping and tax preparation.


To get the training you need to take the next step in your life, call Universal Accounting Center at 877-801-8080 or schedule a time to talk about your future when it’s convenient for you.

What support do you need to start a tax business?

What support do you need to start a tax business?

Starting your own business as a professional tax preparer or bookkeeper can be a rewarding experience with tons of perks — with the ability to set your own hours and lifestyle priorities in one of society’s oldest and most stable industries.


People interested in starting accounting firms can easily feel overwhelmed with questions. Where can I learn the skills I need to offer bookkeeping and tax preparation services on a budget? How do I market those services and find clients?


As daunting as those questions can feel, it’s much easier to start when you have the right support in place to ensure your business gets off to a strong launch and onto the trajectory of long-term success.


Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself


One option for obtaining the necessary support to start your own accounting firm is to enroll in an online course with a training provider like Universal Accounting Center. Universal offers comprehensive online courses that provide everything you need to know to start your own accounting firm.


As Stephen King wrote in his memoir On Writing, “The scariest moment is always just before you start. After that, it only gets better.” UAC helps shake off the fear of starting by taking prospective accounting pros beyond just certification courses. Universal offers a proven, turnkey process for starting a premier accounting firm. Expert academic, marketing, and life coaches provide customized support as you start your business.


These coaches can help you with everything from developing a business plan and marketing strategies to managing your time and staying motivated.


Starting your own business requires a significant investment of time and effort, so it is important to have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and how you plan to get there, or as Stephen Covey put it, “Starting with the end in mind.” Universal’s coaches help you define your goals and create a roadmap for achieving them. They also provide guidance and support as you navigate the challenges and setbacks that are inevitable when starting a business.


Learning from Universal’s marketing pros


Universal Accounting Center’s marketing professionals work one-on-one with students to help them learn how to leverage social media and attract clients when starting their own accounting firm, or when developing a side hustle to provide bookkeeping and tax services on the side.


First, they can help with developing a marketing plan that outlines the target market, the marketing message, and the marketing tactics to be used. This plan can serve as a roadmap for the business owner to follow in order to reach their desired clients.


Second, the marketing professionals can assist with creating marketing materials to help promote the business. They can also help with creating a website and social media presence to make it easier for potential clients to find and contact the business.


Third, the marketing coaches will show you how to implement marketing tactics such as networking, email marketing, and content marketing to reach potential clients. By building relationships with other businesses and professionals in the community, the business owner can increase their visibility and attract new clients.


Where does it all start?

Universal Accounting Center offers a number of free resources for people who want to start their own accounting firm and for bookkeeping and tax professionals looking to advance their career.


In just four to six weeks, you can complete Universal’s Professional Bookkeeper course and start working directly with small businesses. Universal also offers self-paced courses on how to become a certified Professional Tax Preparer and Quickbooks Specialist.


Starting a business as a professional tax preparer or bookkeeper requires a significant investment of time, effort, and resources. Universal Accounting Center offers online courses and expert coaches to provide the support you need to succeed. You can turn your dream of starting your own business into a reality. At Universal, you won’t have to do it alone.


Call 877-801-8080 or schedule an appointment online to discuss your future with Universal Accounting Center.