Mind Your Workplace Manners

bad-communication5 Fatal Professional Flaws

When you’re frustrated with a work situation, it can be difficult not to react negatively.  But it’s important that you secure a healthy perspective in order to foster a positive workplace environment.  Lashing out or getting too comfy can mean the end of fairly good position, the opportunity to earn that desired promotion, or the inability to inspire and lead your team.  And regardless of your future plans, you wouldn’t an awkward situation to taint your professional reputation.

Like the seven deadly sins, you must make an effort to avoid the following 5 fatal flaws:

1. Anger. Anger is generally a masking emotion, meaning it is a cover for deeper, more painful ones.  If you’re feeling angry you must ask yourself what you’re really feeling.  Sadness?  Disappointment?  Frustration?  Hopelessness?  All these emotions can hide safely beneath anger, making it difficult for you to deal with your true feelings.  Not only that, but anger can be extremely destructive.

2. Envy. Think of all the famous fables, stories and fairy tales.  Did jealously ever get anyone anywhere?  No.  In fact, it’s generally a fatal flaw that destroys both antagonists and heroes alike.  And in the work place, jealousy only distracts you from performing your job well.

3. Complacency. Webster defines complacency as ‘self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies.’  Unless you’re continually trying to improve your game, chances are you’ll become complacent, unaware that you’re no longer fulfilling your job description and meeting your employer’s and/or clients’ needs.

4. Short-sighted. It’s important that you have a vision for what the company aspires to do as well as an action plan that will help you accomplish it.  Understanding the big picture enables you to reach higher while contributing to your employer’s and/or clients’ success.

5. Arrogance. Like jealousy, there are no inspiring stories about great leaders who achieved their goals with arrogance.  Regardless of your role, it’s important that you be a team player who is teachable and continually striving to better yourself.

It’s important that you evaluate your workplace attitude to see if you’ve become the biggest obstacle to your own career advancement.  Sometimes a slight change in perspective is all it takes to change the trajectory of your future.

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Making Your Meetings More Productive

meetingProfessionals everywhere are destined to participate in meetings at one time or another, whether they be with coworkers, clients or associates.  But many organizations go overboard.  The truth is, meetings can be streamlined to ensure productivity.

In a recent Entrepreneur.com article, author and entrepreneur Craig Concotta shares “6 Ways to Make Sure Every Meeting is a Productive One.”  Here we share 4 of his suggestions that could streamline meetings while simultaneously increasing efficiency:

1. Set and send the agenda in advance. A meeting agenda provides attendees with a list of topics to cover and objectives to accomplish.  Distribute the agenda before the meeting so that attendees can prepare for the meeting and their participation beforehand. 

2. Start your meeting on time. Most people dread meetings because they are not run effectively.  When meetings don’t start on time, they usually don’t end on time either, and that can throw off a professional’s entire day.  Ensuring that your meetings always start when they’re supposed to demonstrates respect for everyone’s time.

3. Make sure the right people are in the right meetings.  Sometimes meetings become drawn out when too many individuals have been invited.  Suddenly you have a handful of people submitting input and feedback when it’s not their place.  Only invite those who are crucial to the agenda, and send a follow-up memo to everyone that should remain in the information loop.

4. Meetings should be the right length.  Concotta suggests, “I have always felt that a great meeting should be as long or as short as it needs to be.  If you are good about setting an agenda with clear outcomes you will know when a meeting needs to end.  If you can get done in 28 minutes when you thought you needed 60 minutes, fantastic.”

Meetings can be a valuable resource that provides you with crucial information that can propel your practice forward.  However, that can only happen when your meetings are effective.  Applying the above tips will enable you to cut back on unnecessary meetings while ensuring that those meetings that remain are more productive.

UAC’s QuickBooks Training Program

Earning a Professional Designation is Good for Your Professional Reputation

Whether it’s enhancing your skill-set with a current employer or distinguishing yourself by building credibility with your own clients, the QS designation will stand as proof of your expertise.  To earn this QuickBooks designation you must complete the Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks (PBG) and pass the final exam with a score of 90% or higher.  And just like that, you receive professional certification!

Additional Benefits

In addition to the skills you acquire in completing the PBG, you will also receive the following:

  • Thorough and complete training on the latest and greatest version of QuickBooks Pro
  • 6 months’ worth of access to our experienced, qualified QuickBooks professional accountants and CPAs to answer your questions
  • Accounting 101 Review
  • 30 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) in most states
  • A 100% money-back guarantee
  • A valuable addition to your reference library

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Cincotta, Craig.  “6 Ways to Make Sure Every Meeting is a Productive One.” 11 February 2015  Entrepreneur.com

Tips for Entrepreneurial Success

follow-upLaunching your own business can be tricky, and sometimes it may feel like you’re stumbling through the dark.  That’s where free advice can be helpful, especially when it can help ensure your fledging business is a success.

In a recent Entrepreneur.com article, author and entrepreneur Timothy Sykes shares “6 Timeless Strategies to Drive Entrepreneurship Success.”  Here we share three of his tips:

  1. Study the Competition.  How many accountants are currently in your area?  Can the market sustain another independent contract accountant?  Who would your target market even be?  What services are currently being offered and how can you capture the market by enhancing yours to beat out the competition?  Is there a niche that’s currently being neglected that you could take advantage of?  You can improve on your research by actually talking with other accountants, potential customers, and professionals you respect and admire, providing you with valuable feedback that can inform the way you manage your practice.
  2. Conserve Cash.  As Sykes explains, “Entrepreneurs should be as conservative with their money as possible to be able to deal with any rough patch that arises. Conserving several months’ worth of operating expenses in the bank will help you survive most unforeseen circumstances.”
  3. Listen to Customer feedback and adapt. You must take the time to gather feedback regarding your customer service and your service offerings, both before you launch your practice and after you’ve been in business for a while.  They can best inform you on how to improve your approach so that your business can become the premier accounting service in the area!

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  • Tactical goal planning and setting
  • The generation of 15 to 25 qualified leads per month
  • Phone marketing instruction and training
  • Training in the benefits of newsletters and websites
  • 12 proven marketing strategies
  • Financing options

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Sykes, Timothy.  “6 Timeless Strategies to Drive Entrepreneurship Success.”  4 February 2015  Entrepreneur.com

6 Cost-Effective Marketing Tips

 marketing-budgetIf you’re like most small business owners, marketing doesn’t come easily.  Your talents reside in providing bookkeeping and other financial services, and trying to figure out how to better promote your practice may be giving you’re a headache.

It doesn’t have to be that difficult or that expensive.  Here are 6 quick, inexpensive, and effective marketing strategies that will help you increase your clientele while still getting a good-night’s rest:

1. Network. Anyone can be a potential client; anyone can refer your services to friends and family.  Anywhere you go, including the grocery store and the local daycare, can provide a networking opportunity. And don’t forget your local chamber of commerce and small-business associations. The more you reach out, the greater your prospective client pool becomes.

2. Cross Promote. Perhaps you’ve networked with someone who offers services that complement but don’t compete with yours (for example loan officers, insurance providers and financial planners).  You could partner with such individuals to cross promote one another’s services.  Agree to display their business cards and flyers if they do the same for you.  For no cost, you’re exposing your services to a solid pool of prospective clients.

3. Hold free seminars. You could acquire as many as 10 qualified clients each month in only a few hours of your time.  When you hold quality educational seminars providing free QuickBooks advice or accounting tips, you use a leveraged marketing strategy that enables you to promote your business more with less time.  With an average attendance of 20 to 25 people, you accomplish more in two hours than you would spending 8 hours on other less effective marketing techniques.

4. Become the main event. Consider presenting at conferences, creating a booth for local events, or teaching community classes in bookkeeping.  All will give you great exposure, circulate your business card, and build your reputation as a qualified financial professional.  Be sure to have a pamphlet or brochure on hand that describes your services and provides free and useful business tips.

5. Donate your services to charity auctions and raffles. Chances are those who can afford to bid on such items could also provide you with good referrals, not to mention participating in such events is a great way to promote your practice and display your contact information.

6. Offer current clients incentive for providing referrals. Jim Rohn said, “One customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.”  If your current clients can refer more clients your way, imagine all that you’re saving in advertising costs.  These valuable referrals are worth far more than the discount or complimentary services you can offer in return.  Consider providing a free service or giving them a significant discount on future services.  This not only provides incentive to refer friends and family your way, but it gives these clients just another good reason to stay with you.

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Sharing Your Businesses Story

A woman try to whisper or screamingStories are engaging.  They draw people in and make you more relatable.  That’s why it’s important that you share your business’s story with current and prospective clients.

In a recent Entrepreneur.com article, author and advertiser, Daniel Young, shares “7 Ways to Tell Your Small Business’ Story Online.”  Here we share four of his suggestions:

1. Create an engaging ‘About Us’ page.  Website visitors are curious about your business—how it got started and why.  A successful ‘About Us’ page will create a bond with your clientele and make your practice more appealing for prospective clients.  Be sure to fine-tune the information so that it’s succinct, interesting, and relevant.  Young suggests that you “Play around with different ways to present the information like in an infographic or photo story to make it stand out.”

2. Manage an interesting company blog.  A blog can be an effective marketing tool, especially when used in conjunction with your business website.  You can share helpful and free information that demonstrates your professional expertise, sharing the links via social media sites.  But more than that it can continue to brand your business, creating “a ‘personality for your business that customers can connect to.”

3. Add email marketing to the mix.  Email is a great way to regularly engage your clientele.  This can be accomplished through newsletters which can market your business without being invasive.  Here you can continue to brand your business while sharing valuable (and free!) information that demonstrates your expertise while maintaining that business ‘personality.’

4. Let your customers speak for you!  Let your satisfied customers do some marketing for you.  Testimonials go a long way in creating a lasting impression on prospective clients.  They are memorable, versatile, reusable, and give you a competitive edge, not to mention that they build your credibility as an accountant.  Every time a client compliments you on your services, request a testimonial that you can add to your website and other promotional materials.

Create a Customized Professional Website

If you don’t have one already, now is the time to create a professional website that promotes yourself or your business.

Universal Accounting Center (UAC) offers you Account web, a website development tool, available exclusively for financial professionals.  Within a number of business days, you can create a personalized professional website.

To see a sample website developed from the Universal Account web platform, go to http://www.accountableaccountingfirm.com/.

Whether you run a full-time practice or perform financial services on the side, you need a website that tells prospective clients about your business even when you are unable to.  If you haven’t yet developed a website for your business, or if your current site is in need of reform, today is the day!  Order your subscription now—your website will be up and running by the following business week.  And if you are a Universal Accounting student you will receive a free six-month trial!


Young, Daniel.  “7 Ways to Tell Your Small Business’ Story Online.”  30 September 2014 Entrepreneur.com

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