#8 Signage

Competitive advantage #8


A simple sign on your car is a great way to grab someone’s attention.  Sometimes this subtle suggestion is enough motivation to spark the interest of a small business owner.  Remember the focus of your message should be on the benefits that they will get from your services.  Keep in mind the appearance of your car.  A messy car filled with clutter and junk may give the wrong impression.  However too fancy of a car might also insinuate that you are expensive and therefore out of their price range.

A sign can also be placed in front of your house.  If you are not sure if your city or county allows for signage make sure to check with them first.

Signs can be ordered easily and inexpensively at www.vistaprint.com

#11 Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Yes, we do realize that this strategy is NOT for everyone.  However those who choose to take advantage of this method can gain quick respect as an expert and authority in their area.  Although it can be scary we can offer some suggestions to making this a more enjoyable way to market your services.

Volunteer your services as a public speaker.  There are a variety of different topics that you can choose to speak on.  Below are some examples of possible topics.

  • Why Businesses Fail (lack of understanding of “The Universal Business Model”)
  • Benchmarking Your Business
  • Finding Missing Profit in Your Financial Reports
  • Small Business Tax Issues

If public speaking causes you to break out in hives, or if you would just like to improve upon your skills we suggest joining Toastmasters International.

Toastmasters International is a non profit organization devoted to helping individuals improve their public speaking skills as well as the ability to run a successful meeting.


Declaring to the Universe

Even though you receive many products and services as part of the Master Coaching Program, the greatest value you receive comes from your personal contribution to the program.  Your efforts will compound and multiply what we provide.

To enjoy optimal success, you must do more than just attend your coaching sessions.  You must take the skills, principles and strategies you learn, apply them, and cash them in. Acting on what you learn will get you consistent and continual results, enabling you to build and sustain your marketing machine, long after you complete the Master Coaching program.  From this effort you will gain the most valuable skill in today’s marketplace: the ability to secure your own clients at will. In fact, when it comes to results, what you contribute is much more important than what you receive from us.

This is the concept of Xn.  We are the X, and you are the n.  We are the constant, because we provide a consistent process that we know will work from one Master Coaching student to the next.  You are the n, or the exponent, because your efforts don’t just add to what we do, but they make the Master Coaching program exponentially more powerful.  If you remember your math lessons, the exponent determines MAGNITUDE.  The more you contribute, the more your effort will come back to you in greater magnitudes of success.  When the exponent is 0 (if you do nothing), even our best efforts of to coach you will get you no results.

After conducting hundreds of Master Coaching programs, we have observed many different students and found a consistent correlation for success.  Here are the things that successful students have had in common.

  • An open mind.
  • A willing heart:

−     to make and keep commitments.
−     to be comfortable being uncomfortable, ever expanding their comfort zone.
−     to stand up and speak out.
−     to explore the needs of potential clients.
−     to ask for appointments.
−     to ask for money.
−     to work through resistance.

More specifically they have:

  • Kept their coaching appointments.
  • Completed their assignments on time.
  • Joined and actively worked a Chamber of Commerce or other networking groups.
  • Established several key natural relationships/strategic partnerships.
  • Spoke to several people every week to introduce themselves and set appointments.
  • Worked through resistance from potential clients with their “can do” attitude.
  • Followed up with each prospect as if it represented a $30,000 opportunity.
  • Demonstrated their value using the presentation outline introduced in the UPB.
  • Asked for the money and expected to get paid for their valuable work.
  • Used the flat fee pricing strategy and arranged for automatic payment.

These are the things you will do to succeed.  Many of them may not sound comfortable to you now.  You may even doubt that you can do them at this point.  That is why the coaching process is so important.  You will become proficient in all these areas only if you make a continual effort and work the coaching process to build your skill and confidence in each area. We’ll start where you are most comfortable and expand from there.  If you are open to learning and growth, you are in for an exciting process.

Friend / Family Letter

Your Business Letterhead

1100 My Street · My Town, USA 55555

Dear: ______________________:

I am happy to announce that I am opening my own business which will include full-charge bookkeeping, payroll and federal tax preparation, plus the acquisition of business financing, and the creation of small business corporations.Most importantly, I help business owners minimize their taxes, optimize their cash flow and maximize their profits.

Any referrals that can be turned my way are sincerely appreciated and I try to have a nice way of saying THANK YOU!There is no charge for any initial consultation.

The business systems I use are for manual and computerized accounting and are directly designed for each individual business.The cost to clients is so small that it even amazes me.Keep me in mind.

Sincerely Yours,

John Smith

P.S. My business name is _______________________________, and my telephone number is (801) 555-1234

Your 30 second commercial

My name is_______________. I’m a profit and growth expert. That may be a term you’re unfamiliar with—let me explain what I do this way, as a business owner, have you ever paid more in taxes than you wanted to? Here’s another question, have you ever wanted to create more profits from your business for you and your family to enjoy? That’s what I do, I work with business owners to increase their profits and equity, reduce taxes and expenses and make sure they have money in the bank when they need it to operate and grow their business. If increasing your profits or decreasing your taxes is something you’re interested in——let’s talk.

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