#8 Signage

Competitive advantage #8


A simple sign on your car is a great way to grab someone’s attention.  Sometimes this subtle suggestion is enough motivation to spark the interest of a small business owner.  Remember the focus of your message should be on the benefits that they will get from your services.  Keep in mind the appearance of your car.  A messy car filled with clutter and junk may give the wrong impression.  However too fancy of a car might also insinuate that you are expensive and therefore out of their price range.

A sign can also be placed in front of your house.  If you are not sure if your city or county allows for signage make sure to check with them first.

Signs can be ordered easily and inexpensively at www.vistaprint.com

#3 Networking

Session #3

  • Recap assignments from session 2
  • Review score card
  • How many businesses did they speak to?
  • How many appointments did they set?
  • How many presentations did they give?
  • How many new clients do they have?
  • Analyze the results with them and coach on any weaknesses found

Assignments this week would be to find a networking event to attend.Focus with them on the importance of going early and staying late.

Review the “Introductory Presentation” with them in preparation for the networking event.Have them practice role playing it before they attend.

Focus again on the score card.The purpose of the networking event isn’t just to attend the networking event.It is to make appointments to give presentations.Not just to have conversations.

Set appointment for session 4

#13 Searching Online

Search Online Classifieds, Craigslist & Kijiji for Businesses Hiring a Bookkeeper

Opportunity for bookkeeping work is certainly out there.  Unfortunately they are disguised as part time bookkeeping positions in small businesses.  The majority of us don’t want to be an employee working for an employer.  Don’t worry; this is not what we want you to do either.  Remember, you are a Successful Business Owner and you are currently accepting new CLIENTS.   You can offer your services and savings to these employers as an outsourced bookkeeper, but you have to know how to speak with them about the position.  If this is done correctly you will be able to introduce your service, talk about the benefits of accounting and explain to them why outsourcing is better than hiring an employee.  Let’s look at how we can save these businesses money by outsourcing the job to you.  Here is an example of a local add on Craigslist.

Bookkeeper (Heber City)


Date: 2012-09-05, 2:50PM MDT
bgpcc-3252432335@job.craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]


Small business looking for a part time bookkeeper about 15 hours per week. Will be doing A/R, A/P, payroll, etc. Must be proficient in QuickBooks.


  • Location: Heber City
  • Compensation: 13.00
  • This is a part-time job.

This business is looking to pay 15 hours a week at $13.00 an hour.  That is $780 a month.  As a student of Universal Accounting you have learned that the average business should take you roughly 8 hours a month to perform the monthly write up, analysis and consultation.  For this you should be making somewhere in the ball park of $350-$400 a month.  Right there we have just saved the business between $380 and $430 a month when they simply outsourcing the position.  This doesn’t even include the benefits that come from working with someone like you, a Profit and Growth Expert.  Let’s see what else we can say to demonstrate how outsourcing can save the business money.


Payroll taxes

    • You are not an employee therefore they are not required to pay these on your behalf.  Instant savings for the business.

Insurance benefits

    • Again, they have no need to pay for these.  As an outsourced bookkeeper this is no longer their responsibility.

Vacation pay

    • Employees expect to earn P.T.O. compensation.  If you go on vacation as an outsourced bookkeeper it is at no expense of the owner.

Sick pay & Call outs

    • These can be costly and disruptive to the business owner if they have to perform the job of an employee who didn’t show up for work.  Having to cover for someone else takes them away from being able to work ON the business.  Opportunity costs add up!


Business owners need to hear that other options are available to them in order to fill the need for bookkeeping in their business. Many owners don’t realize how easy and affordable it can be to outsource rather than hire.Start by responding to their ad by sending them your resume.  If they have a number listed, give them a call.  Explain that you saw their ad and would like to set up a time to meet with them.  In their eyes this would be an interview that they would offer to any candidate seeking to fill the position they are hiring for.  However, when the time comes to sit down and meet with them share what you know about the benefits of outsourcing the position to you, following the recommendations we have just listed above.  Give your presentation found in the “Accounting for Profit and Growth” demo book.  Focus on all of the ways you can save them money.

UPB Pre-work

You Structured Business Coaching sessions

This information will allow you and our Senior Adviser to assess the best way for you to grow your business and develop a solid game plan to make it happen.

1)      How serious are you about growing your own business? (1-10) 10 being most serious and committed to it’s success.

2)      How many hours per week can you devote to the growth of your business?

3)      What obstacles are holding you back or impeding your progress?

4)      Do you have the necessary financial resources to market your business for 2-3 months until a consistent income can be created?

5)      Where do you want your business to be in 1 year’s time? (Number of clients, income, lifestyle etc.)

6)      What strengths do you feel you have that will help you in your marketing?


Re-watch module 4 of the Professional Bookkeepers Program

Re-watch The Universal Practice Builder Program

Your Introductory Presentation

Introductory Presentation

Building Rapport

The process of relating to and understand another person is key in your marketing efforts. Also known as building a relationship of trust, rapport is needing for the clients to feel comfortable in the relationship.

Talk about your prospects business to determine their needs.

When the conversation turns to what you do, the following can be a guide to set an appointment. You should tailor the presentation to their particular needs, but the pattern should still be the same. This is a good general presentation to memorize until you can give it without thinking. When they ask what you do—the answer is: “I’m a Profit & Growth Expert”

Resonating Questions:
Have you ever felt like you paid more in taxes than you wanted to?
Have you ever wanted to take more money out of your business for your family?

Unique value statement:
That’s what I do, I work with small business owners and managers who want to:
Reduce their taxes
Increase their profits
Make sure they’ve got money in the bank, when they need it, to operate and grow their business.

Bold Claim of results:

I can usually help businesses like yours to: (pick one or two that are most relevant to your prospective client):
– double profits within 60-90 days
– get financials in order within 7-14 days
– cut days receivables in half within 90 days
– reduce costs by at least 10% within 30 days
– (others you can think of yourself based on your strengths, and their needs)

Call to Action:

I don’t know enough about your business to say exactly what I could do for you, but I think it would be important for us to get together to find out. I would be willing to give you 30 minutes of my time this next week. I could give you some time on either ________ or ________, which day is better for you? (Make appointment.)

Great. Just have whatever financial information you have available for us to review, and we’ll explore our options from there.

(If they ask about your rate or fees)—-I don’t charge my clients by the hour, but rather by the amount of work I do for them, so until I get know your needs I’d have a hard time giving you any kind of number—-but—If I can’t save you or make you more than you would pay me, we won’t do business.

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