Scott Barhold, from employee to owning a successful accounting firm

Like so many others Scott Barhold needed to start and build his own successful accounting firms offering with confidence his services. Hear him share his story and the lessons learned that will help you be in business for yourself but not for yourself.

Understand why Scott says the secret is having the confidence and the competence to do the work.

Listen to Scott explain why MAPPING the business is the best way to run the business.

In the webinar Scott speaks of the following four keys to his success:

  1. Book “in the BLACK” – get your free copy here
  2. The Universal Practice Builder program
  3. Pricing your services correctly
  4. Having a skilled business coach on your team

Vina Spickler takes the leap to have a successful accounting firm

ike so many Vina felt that after working for company after company in her accounting career the time had come to get paid what she was worth and start her own business. As you can imagine it was a leap of faith but it quickly paid off and then some.

Hear Vina share your story and see what you can also do to start and build your our accounting firm with confidence.

Vina Spickler
Sandpiper Accounting, LLC

As part of this webinar it was offered, a FREE copy of the e-book “in the BLACK” – get your copy now!

Mesheka Turner with bookkeeping she has a purpose, and yes it’s a calling

For Mesheka Turner the work that she does for her clients is more than just a task or service. What Mesheka does gives her purpose. She is passionate about her ability to make a positive difference, helping her clients be profitable.

Listen in and hear her share her story from climbing the corporate ladder in accounting to starting and building a successful accounting firm.

Mesheka will also explain what she is doing to offer her unique value proposition as a certified Profit First Professional.
* See what you can do to also become a certified Profit First Professional (PFP):…

Jennifer Bauldic was bitten by the accounting bug

This is an incredible story we all need to hear. Listen in as Jennifer Bauldic shares her experience of finding accounting to becoming a runner-up to Inuit’s Firm of the Future award. Jennifer and I seem to find each other at the conferences we attend and it’s always nice to find a familiar face. She is fun and genuine join us for this short discussion and hear what advice she has for those interested in growing their firms.

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Tracey Jepsen’s Journey From Bookkeeper to Strategic Advisor

For some their career in accounting is one that is deliberate and intentional. For others it is after a series of life choices and experience. Hear which the situation is for Tracey Jepsen, owner and founder of TLJ Consulting is. Learn what caused her to start her bookkeeping business and why she is now also offering consultative services. She shares why this was the natural evolution for her and her businesses. Tracy also explains the process to become both confident and competent to offer such services as a Profit First Professional. Join us as we discuss the future of accounting and how you can apply this to your business whether you are starting or building your firm today.

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