Deena Kolb’s Turnkey Bookkeeping Business

Deena Kolb found a way to take what she enjoyed (bookkeeping) and make it into a business that allowed her to make money doing what she loved and help business owners. Listen in and hear her story. Understand what helped her become confident enough to start the business. See what you can do to do this “full-force” and get the clients you deserve. Uniquely she is now ready to retire so the story she tells is from starting to selling her company.

As part of this discussion she shares and brings up:

Deena shares that small business owners have more important things to do than bookkeeping. This is why she provides experienced and dependable bookkeeping services to small businesses. You work with her directly, one-on-one. As a certified Professional Bookkeeper, she takes care of the books so the business owner can get back to the job of running the business and generate profits! She is ready to help business owners succeed and reduce the stress and worries related to bookkeeping.

#1 Getting Started

Session #1 – Your Structured Business Coaching

  • Review questions from initial session email
  • UPDATE in the database the DEMOGRAPHICS Tab
  • Business Name
  • Establish goals
  • Where do they see their business in 6 months, 12 months 2-5 years
  • What are their expectations of the coaching process?
  • Do they have the copy of business license
  • Do they have copies of business cards
  • Complete Demographics in the database
  • Introduction of your role as their coach to get results
  • Importance of open honest communication
  • Introduce them to the “Score Card”
  • No reason to be offended. Sometimes our methods are bold and may come across as abrupt.
  • Importance of keeping scheduled weekly appointments. Cancellation needs to be with a 24 hour notice
  • What has been holding them back?
  • What makes them different from other bookkeepers/accountants/CPA’s? Start to help them realize their worth as a profit and growth expert.
  • Assignment to speak with 5 family members or friends and ask 5 questions about them. Bring those answers back and let’s discuss next week.
  • Read “The Greatest Salesman in the World”
  • Begin writing 30 sec commercial
  • Create a “Friends and Family” list
  • Speak to Cole about setting up their website and getting their contact info

Set appointment for session 2

Small Business Accounting is BIG Business

Accounting Student

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A confident business woman stands ready to change her life.Start a Practice YOU Can Count on:
Your Own Accounting Practice

There are few things in life you can count on, especially when it comes to your career. But if you’ve always wanted to start your own accounting practice, you couldn’t have picked a better path. Within two months you could start your own business, a business you can count on to bring you professional satisfaction and a plush new lifestyle for you and your family.

Accountants: A Service in High-Demand

For over a decade the demand for accountants and bookkeepers has been increasing. Brent Inman of PricewaterhouseCoopers said, “It’s clearly one of the hottest markets (for accountants) that I’ve seen.” Consider the accounting forecast recently released by the US Department of Labor. For years Universal Accounting Center℠ (UAC) has proudly shared prior reports that by 2008 accounting jobs would increase by 20%. That great forecast has been extended to 2014! They predict “Employment of accountants and auditors is expected to grow faster than average for all occupations through the year 2014. As the economy grows, the number of business establishments will increase, requiring more accountants and auditors to set up books, prepare taxes, and provide management advice.” The future is bright for freelance accountants!

A Lucrative Niche Market: Small Businesses

Over 85% of the opportunities in the accounting field are within small businesses. In fact, Universities prepare their students for corporate accounting which doesn’t address small business needs. And more than 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years, and much of that failure can be attributed to lack of accounting expertise. Those small business owners need an accountant who can address their small business accounting needs. Imagine contributing to the success of local small businesses, which will build your own community while providing you with job satisfaction and security. As you focus on small-business accounting you cater to a niche market in great need of your services.

You CAN Start Your Own Accounting Practice

There’s no time like the present to start your own accounting practice. Perhaps you have fantasized about being your own boss, working as little or as much as you’d like, calling the shots, and catapulting you and your family into a new and improved lifestyle. And luckily, you’re zeroing in on a profitable business opportunity. Of all the home business options, a Bookkeeping and Accounting practice is considered by some to be one of the best. In fact, Paul and Sarah Edwards, authors of The Best Home Businesses for the 21st Century, rate a bookkeeping service as the “Best of the Best” home-based businesses.

There are many reasons why an accounting practice makes so much sense. Here’s a list of some of those reasons:

  • Every business is required by law to keep books
  • You can earn a good living (the average client will bring in about $300 per month)
  • It’s an inexpensive business to start (you probably have most of what is required right now)
  • No expensive equipment is required
  • You can make money doing what you enjoy
  • You can work anytime, any place
  • Rented office space is not required
  • Inventory is not required

A Four-Year Degree is NOT required

But I don’t want to put my life on hold while I take four years to get a university degree. Is that the thought running through your mind? While performing accounting and bookkeeping tasks do require specialized training, accounting instruction does not have to take place on a university campus. Nor does it require a degree. You can learn all you need to know about small-business accounting in less than 60 hours with Universal Accounting Center℠’s (UAC) Professional Bookkeeper™ (PB) Program.

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Universal’s PB Program Will Help You Start Your Own Accounting Practice

A laptop sits on a dining room table.This accounting course has evolved over the last 25 years into a comprehensive program in doing the day-to-day bookkeeping of a small business. The principles also apply exceptionally well to larger companies as our graduates have found. You not only get the theory taught in college, but you are taught by practical examples of real-world companies. From a bakery to a car lot, you will do books for 9 businesses and see how they are similar and how they differ. Our focus on small business accounting will give you the practical background you need to perform accounting for the majority of companies out there where few have the skills and training that you will acquire from the Professional Bookkeeper™ Program. Add to that the fact that you can complete the course on your own time and at your own pace and you have an ideal training program.

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Why Train with Universal Accounting Center℠

In 1979, Universal Accounting Center℠ was created to provide training in real world situations. We devised a method of teaching small business accounting unlike anything else available. We have taught thousands of students how to work with small businesses, how to create systems of accounting for different types of businesses, and how to develop and market their own accounting service. We have also added a few basic concepts that can instruct anyone, with little or NO experience in the complete methods of accounting and bookkeeping.

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The PB Program Will Also Help Your Promote Your Practice

At Universal Accounting Center℠ we are aware that most financial professionals, while at ease with numbers, are not as comfortable promoting their services. The entire fourth module of this program is dedicated to helping you market your practice so you can get and retain those high-quality clients your business needs. In that module you’ll learn how to promote your unique services in such a way that you edge out the competition and become the premier accounting practice in your area.

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What Graduates Are Saying

But please, don’t just take our word for it. Read what other graduates are saying about the Professional Bookkeeper™ Program:

Just LOOK At What All These Students are Saying About Our Course and Newsletter!

“Taking the small business accounting course has been a great experience. I am starting my own business and they have also given me great information on getting clients and overcoming the anxiety that goes along with entrepreneurship. It’s nice to know they are here to help even when the class is over. “

Becci Williamson

“The best part was that it gave me the courage and confidence to start my own business, which has been a dream of mine for years. I quit a good paying job and already have 3 clients.”

Carole Christensen

“It was only a few months ago when I was wishing I had the expertise to start a small business and now, due to your training, I am seeing my wish fulfilled.”

Nathan Lee

“Now I do the accounting and tax work for about 25 companies and have more than doubled my earnings.”

Scott A. Ivins

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Allen's Signature

Allen Bostrom


Avoiding Sales Mistakes

In our exuberance to sell services, sometimes we make some unwitting mistakes.   In a recent article, Geoffrey James lists “10 Dumb Sales Tactics to Avoid.”  Are you guilty of implementing some?  We share four common sales mistakes here:

  1. Answering objections the customer hasn’t surfaced.  Why prepare prospective clients for concerns they may never have?  While anticipating problems can be good, when you begin resolving them for individuals who never thought of them in the first place, you introduce doubts that may ultimately lose you their business.
  2. Leaving the ‘Next Step’ to the customer.  Sending sales letters in which you ask the prospective client to contact you are rarely successful.  Why?  Because you’re asking them to do all the work.  James suggests you “keep the ball in your own court.  Try substituting a closer like this: ‘I will call you next week to discuss whether it makes sense to discuss this matter further.’”
  3. Talking more than listening.  There is a time and a place for the sales pitch, and it shouldn’t happen before you’re learned about a prospective client’s business needs and concerns.  And you will learn more about your prospective client’s needs and concerns by listening to them than you will by sharing a pitch.
  4. Failing to follow through.  What?  You mean that there are professionals who don’t do what they say they will do when they say they will do it?  Yes.  And you can’t be one of them.  James explains, “Drop the ball, even once, and you’re probably out of the game.”   Create a To-Do-or-Die List that includes scheduled times for follow through.

The economy’s tight and it can be harder to close a sale than it used to be.  However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.  Ensuring that you avoid the most common sales mistakes is a great place to start.

The Universal Practice Builder Program

Universal Accounting Center is in the business of helping build stronger, more profitable businesses, and we can help you better market your services, enabling you to effectively launch and maintain a successful practice.  Through our Universal Practice Builder (UPB) program, you can attract and retain more clients.

Here’s just a sampling of what you will gain from enrolling in this phenomenal program:

  • A guarantee of $30,000 in new annualized billings in only 12 months
  • The skills to become a Profit Expert for each of your clients
  • 12 marketing strategies that you can implement immediately
  • A process which can produce 15 to 25 qualified leads per month
  • 3 months of coaching via telephone and Internet
  • Training to use QuickBooks to attract more clients
  • Access to a plan proven to help retain clients
  • 5 business assessments
  • A customized business website
  • An iron-clad guarantee

Master proven marketing techniques that will significantly grow your practice!  Allow us to show you how.  Call 1-877-833-7909 now to enroll in the Universal Practice Builder Program today.


James, Geoffrey.  “Dumb Sales Tactics to Avoid.”  7 September 2012

Guest Blogging

Increasing Traffic to Your Website

A blog can be an effective marketing tool, especially when used in conjunction with your business website.  However, once you’ve established your blog it can be difficult to increase traffic.  Here we suggest 3 tips to build your brand and your readership by guest blogging:

1. Build relationships with fellow bloggers and post to one another’s blogs.  The world of blogging can become a powerful network.  Building relationships with fellow bloggers will give you access to a whole new audience that’s unfamiliar with your services and expertise.  Do a local search to determine who’s blogging, then consider whether or not your skillset would prove beneficial to their readership, and visa versa. 

2. Ask members of your strategic partnership to guest post.  Also called “natural business relationships,” strategic partners are professionals with complementary skillsets that can share referrals, information, and advice regarding critical business issues.  Whether your strategic partnership includes lawyers, financial planners, insurance reps, or loan officers, they become potential guests to your blog, and you to theirs.  Again, information from a leading expert in another field can prove valuable to your readers.  And being given the opportunity to guest post on their blogs will expose you to more potential readers in need of your specific skills. 

3. Submit posts to industry websites.  The internet can enable you to secure clients outside your current location.  When you post informative article to websites offering financial information to prospective clients, you not only build your professional reputation, you widen the boundaries of individuals you can serve.  Look for websites prospective clients would frequent and see what they require from guest bloggers/writers.

Small-business blogging is a popular method of marketing.  For little money, you can have your own blog up and running in no time.  Most blogging publishing sites require no software installation, and maintaining a blog requires no help from tech support—creating a blog and adding posts is just about as easy as sending email.  That’s why there are literarily countless blogs out in cyberspace.  But the point is not just to get a blog out there; the point is to have it rise to the top of competing blogs.  By following some of these suggestions, you might do just that.

UAC Can Help You Create a Custom Website for Your Practice that Includes a Blog!

If well developed, a business website can act as an inexpensive marketing tool and a good point of contact.  If you don’t yet have a business website or a blog, Let Universal Accounting Center (UAC) help you build a strong web presence without expending much time, energy or money.

UAC offers AccountWeb, a website development tool, exclusively for financial professionals.  Within a week you can create a personalized website for your practice, enabling potential clients to access your business even after your office closes.  And if you become an Advanced User, your package will include a blog.  To see a sample of a website developed from the Universal Accountweb platform, go to

Whether you run a full-time practice or perform financial services on the side, you need a website that tells potential clients about your business even when you are unable to.  If you haven’t yet developed a website for your business, today is the day! Order your subscription now, and your website will be up and running by the following business week.  And if you are a Universal Accounting student you will receive a free six-month trial!


Demers, Jayson.  “Increasing Website Traffic: 6 Steps to Guest Blogging.”  3 April 2013

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