Meet Madisyn Martell

Madisyn was born and raised in Draper, UT. She is the youngest child in her family, with one older sister. Madisyn is a current student at the University of Utah. When not at work, she loves to go hiking, swimming, cycling, and any other activity where she’s outside. She also loves to travel, listen to music, and spend time with her family and friends.  Madi started at UAC in early 2021 as a Social Media Marketing & Customer Service Coordinator. For potential clients, she believes the best advice is to be tenacious and ambitious in your life goals. You only see the results of your own efforts, so make it count and mean something! Madisyn firmly believes that UAC is the best place for those who are eager to learn, as they give you the tools you need to succeed long-term. She enjoys working at UAC because it is a warm and welcoming place for all, and they care about you and your goals, which immediately sets them apart from all the others when it comes to bookkeeping, Accounting and Tax Preparation.