#6 Networking


When done properly and with some patience “networking” can be one of the best marketing strategies a students can implement into their marketing efforts. This is because they will be creating a team of people who will be helping them look for potential clients as opposed to doing it on their own. This is one of many forms of “leveraged” marketing.

Here is a list of different types of groups that the students can visit and/or join.

1. Chamber of Commerce

2. BNI

3. LeTip

4. ABA

When joining a group, the student should become involved.  They need to attend the meetings, look for opportunities to be on committees and help chair some of the committees.

When attending any networking meetings or events, the student should:

1. Arrive early and greet everyone

2. Hand everyone a business card

3. Ask for their cards

4. Learn about them

5. Write a memory on the back of the card they gave you to remind you who the person was later on

The “Introductory Presentation” is a guide the student should familiarize themselves with to use as a guide when speaking with people at any networking meeting or event.

Other types of groups they may want to look into participating in are

1. PTA

2. Church groups

3. Trade Organizations

4. Home Owners Associations

UPB Role Play Recommendations

To prepare and best present your services when meeting with a prospective client review the “Presentation Basics” section (UPB Module 2 Section XI) within the Universal Practice Builder program. Take notes and discuss them with your coach. Some highlights are as follows:


  • Great eye contact
  • Asking questions
  • Engaging owner in conversation
  • Tone of voice
  • Incorporating their business into presentation
  • Great explanation of diagrams
  • Great close / ask for sale
  • Confidence
  • Sound very knowledgeable


  • Benefits vs. Services
  • Ask more questions / Too many questions
  • Do not just read from the book
  • More confident in asking for sale
  • Monotone voice
  • Engage owner more in conversation
  • Really listen to what they say
  • Avoid yes/no questions
  • Interested vs. Beneficial
  • Be bold / direct
  • Watch speed
  • Learn to watch body language: engaged, uninterested, etc.
  • Repeat what they have said

Your Introductory Presentation

Introductory Presentation

Building Rapport

The process of relating to and understand another person is key in your marketing efforts. Also known as building a relationship of trust, rapport is needing for the clients to feel comfortable in the relationship.

Talk about your prospects business to determine their needs.

When the conversation turns to what you do, the following can be a guide to set an appointment. You should tailor the presentation to their particular needs, but the pattern should still be the same. This is a good general presentation to memorize until you can give it without thinking. When they ask what you do—the answer is: “I’m a Profit & Growth Expert”

Resonating Questions:
Have you ever felt like you paid more in taxes than you wanted to?
Have you ever wanted to take more money out of your business for your family?

Unique value statement:
That’s what I do, I work with small business owners and managers who want to:
Reduce their taxes
Increase their profits
Make sure they’ve got money in the bank, when they need it, to operate and grow their business.

Bold Claim of results:

I can usually help businesses like yours to: (pick one or two that are most relevant to your prospective client):
– double profits within 60-90 days
– get financials in order within 7-14 days
– cut days receivables in half within 90 days
– reduce costs by at least 10% within 30 days
– (others you can think of yourself based on your strengths, and their needs)

Call to Action:

I don’t know enough about your business to say exactly what I could do for you, but I think it would be important for us to get together to find out. I would be willing to give you 30 minutes of my time this next week. I could give you some time on either ________ or ________, which day is better for you? (Make appointment.)

Great. Just have whatever financial information you have available for us to review, and we’ll explore our options from there.

(If they ask about your rate or fees)—-I don’t charge my clients by the hour, but rather by the amount of work I do for them, so until I get know your needs I’d have a hard time giving you any kind of number—-but—If I can’t save you or make you more than you would pay me, we won’t do business.

Friend / Family Letter

Your Business Letterhead

1100 My Street · My Town, USA 55555

Dear: ______________________:

I am happy to announce that I am opening my own business which will include full-charge bookkeeping, payroll and federal tax preparation, plus the acquisition of business financing, and the creation of small business corporations.Most importantly, I help business owners minimize their taxes, optimize their cash flow and maximize their profits.

Any referrals that can be turned my way are sincerely appreciated and I try to have a nice way of saying THANK YOU!There is no charge for any initial consultation.

The business systems I use are for manual and computerized accounting and are directly designed for each individual business.The cost to clients is so small that it even amazes me.Keep me in mind.

Sincerely Yours,

John Smith

P.S. My business name is _______________________________, and my telephone number is (801) 555-1234

Your 30 second commercial

My name is_______________. I’m a profit and growth expert. That may be a term you’re unfamiliar with—let me explain what I do this way, as a business owner, have you ever paid more in taxes than you wanted to? Here’s another question, have you ever wanted to create more profits from your business for you and your family to enjoy? That’s what I do, I work with business owners to increase their profits and equity, reduce taxes and expenses and make sure they have money in the bank when they need it to operate and grow their business. If increasing your profits or decreasing your taxes is something you’re interested in——let’s talk.

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