Tax Preparation

The Professional Tax Preparer:

The Occupation as Certain as Death and Taxes

“Nothing is certain but death and taxes.” We’ve all laughed at that axiom before, right? The saying is intended to emphasize the inevitability of taxes. You can’t run from the IRS, just like you can’t run from death. But did you know that even if you die on April 14th, your taxes are still due on the 15th? And even Elvis still pays taxes. So you can’t escape taxes, even in death.

So where’s the good news in that, you ask? If every adult, dead or alive, must pay taxes, tax preparers not only have the largest potential client base of any profession around, they also enjoy serious job security. Add to that the potential to make $100+ an hour and you have an appealing line of work.

Countless Opportunities Becoming a tax preparer opens up countless career options. You could supplement your current income with part-time work in the evenings or on the weekends. You could turn your accounting/bookkeeping practice into a one-stop financial shop by adding tax preparation to your services. You could replace your full-time income by becoming a Professional Tax Preparer. Or you could build a successful tax firm. Whichever option appeals to you, the training necessary to become a tax preparer isn’t as long and painful as you might expect. Universal Accounting Center has made easy.

A Profitable Designation Others like you have earned the Professional Tax Preparation Certification with great success. Graduates have prepared tax forms for up to 50 individuals in their first year. At an average of $150 each, they made $7,500 working just the 45 days before April 15. For many people, this represents 3 months of salary. If you are the kind of individual that likes to work hard for a concentrated period of time and then have time to relax, preparing income tax forms could be perfect for you.

Once your business gets off the ground and you have clients and referrals coming in, your second year could be 3-4 times that number, or $22,500 to $30,000, working only a few months out of the year! For many, this represents what they make the entire year at a full-time job! We show you the ways to help grow your practice with proven strategies and tactics. Leave nothing to chance!

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Additional Revenue Stream for Accounting and Bookkeeping BusinessesIf you already have an accounting or bookkeeping business, preparing taxes will be a natural fit for you. While the training for tax and accounting are different, they complement one another. If you are already good at preparing books, you have the types of abilities that you will need to prepare taxes. The accuracy, meticulous record-keeping, and patience that you rely on in your accounting or bookkeeping business will serve you well when preparing tax statements. Combine tax preparation and accounting/bookkeeping services, and you earn a terrific income all year long. It is easy to cross-sell from one service to another, making it easier to find clients, since you often will service the same client for both tasks.