Matt Remuzzi

I had a general business background but I didn’t specifically know how to do bookkeeping and I realized if I was going to be able to sell my services to small business owners I would have to be both confident that I could discuss their needs and offer solutions and competent enough to follow through on my promises. I enrolled in the courses last November and finished in about a month. I officially launched my business at the beginning of the year. I was able to get my first client within a week of starting- they are still with me, by the way- I have not had a single client leave- and since then I am now up to 16 monthly clients with several more starting soon and I have also done quite a bit of one off project work each month. I am now at the point where I have had to turn down some work and I am about to sign a lease for a small office and start looking for my first employee so I can continue to go out and pull in new clients and have someone to take over a portion of the work. I can definitely say that taking these courses was what enabled me to have the ability to go out and make this happen.