Mike Houy

Hey Rick,

Here are some thoughts to address your talking points:

1) I was having a problem finding the first couple of clients and how the best way was to break the ice.

2) Having been in sales for many years, it was a good experience to revisit several ways to market my services. I think the coaching helped remind me there is more than one way to do things and helped me get out of the rut I was in.

3) The coaching sessions actually changed my goals that I had set. I originally was so frustrated about getting my first client that I had set me goals much too low. During the coaching sessions, I got three clients to sign up and consequently I needed to raise my goals to be more of a challenge.

4) My confidence has always been high. I believe in myself and my abilities. I think the coaching sessions made me realize this fact and that I also have confidence in the product and what I can do for a client.

5) During the sessions, I used several ways of marketing my services including letters to friends and local businesses, the local Chamber of Commerce, joined a BNI group (this was probably the best thing that I did) and I talk to everyone I come in contact with about how I can help them reduce their taxes, increase their profits and better manage their cash flow.

6) I have set-up three clients who I will do everyday accounting, consulting and taxes for. I just got back my first Business Assessment and am extremely pleased with the information within the reports and how it can sustain relationships with clients.

7) I think that informational discussions, new ideas, homework and anything of substance to the coaching session should be written and sent to the person being coached so that it can be used as a study for future use as well as making sure that they get an accurate depiction of what transpired in the session.

8) It was a good reminder of how to’s, variations on existing ways of doing things and a great reminder of the difference between marketing and sales.

I hope these answers will help in tweaking or fine tuning points in the coaching sessions. They are my opinions and I believe I got my money’s worth out of the sessions.

Thank you for your coaching knowledge and being able to relate it so easily. I know it will help me become more successful in the business.

Best Regards,
Mike Houy