Paul Hill

I think I’m becoming one of your success stories. Getting your set of training was one of the most important steps to starting a new career.

I do some subcontracting work with a CPA and he complimented me on starting a new career. After being laid off from a large temporary services company I purchased the self study materials. Then I fromed my company and I’m still in business and growing.

I was up to 5 clients in January and have been above that since then. I just hired a part-time bookkeeper to help me keep up. Now I’m preparing plans to move from the spare bedroom to an office and am hiring an additional full-time person to help.

Yesturday, I was mentioning Universal’s training to a CPA who subcontracts to me about how I learned the basics of double entry accounting from universal’s self-study training materials and how it taught me the accounting basics that go on behind the scenes in QuickBooks and Peachtree.