Sheila Thomas

I immediately began telling friends and acquaintenances I was an accountant. While talking on the phone with a friend, she said, “That’s just what I need! I need help getting my painting business in order.” So that’s how I got my first client….that easy. A few weeks later my first client’s friend opened an Italian restaurant up the road from her. My friend arranged for us to meet, and the lady was in desperate need of help. She was impressed with the services I could offer. I followed the billing calculation sheet exactly to figure the fee. Client #2! The lady who owns the restaurant has a brother who just opened his own business. I called the company, set an appointment to meet, and there you go…client #3! My fourth client came directly as a reference from a former classmate. As an average for each client I am making about $30-35 an hour. I’ve been able to quit my full time job. Thanks again to everyone at Universal Accounting Center! It has created for me a brighter outlook financially, as well as more free time in my personal life. And, I didn’t have to go to college for years and pay thousands of dollars for an education!