GrowCon LIVE Event 2022

What You'll Learn

GrowCon – The Accountrepreneur’s Conference & LIVE Launch Event

Work ON your business applying the principles of MAP!  The agenda will target the following areas as they related to your business:

  • Marketing – Finding the Ideal Clients
    • Sales – Nurturing them to see you as the expert you are to pay you for your services
  • Accounting – going beyond accounting, becoming for your clients that trusted strategic advisor they need
  • Production – on-boarding your clients with ease, working efficiently and offering value to retain your clients with confidence
  • and MORE!

Course Description

GrowCon Accountrepreneur’s Forum LIVE Event

CALL TODAY (801-265-3777) for more info & REGISTER To Attend Our LIVE 2 Day Intensive Event

Prior to your arrival you will work with your personal coach and mentor to prepare for the training.  (Additional tickets for a partner are available at a discount (only $285 each) to cover food, supplies and entertainment)


Pre-Conference – May 14th & 15th (for an additional fee)

  • Saturday (May 14th from noon until 8pm)
    • Activities on the ranch to relax and retreat as you make new friends with peers and your coaches
    • Lunch and Dinner included
  • Sunday evening (May 15th from 3pm to 8pm)
    • Team Building Activities
    • Dinner & Activities

Grow Conference & Workshop

  • Monday & Tuesday (May 16th & 17th)
    • Monday from 8 am to 9 pm
    • Tuesday from 8am to 5 pm
    • Meals included with your ticket
      • Monday – light breakfast and full lunch & dinner
      •  Tuesday – light breakfast and full lunch
    • Short Term
      • Nothing Happens Until You Make A Sale
      • Cash Flow, Cash Flow, Cash Flow
      • Pour On The Communication
    • Mid Term
      • A deal is only a good deal when it’s a good deal for both parties
      • Know your business (your key performance indicators)
      • Improve your internal processes
    • Long Term
      • Grow your business geometrically
      • Plan for tomorrow
      • Take what you have and make it better

With your attendance we’ll address three main themes:

Marketing Engagement – This will include:

  • Engage & Manifest with an emphasis in Marketing – Vision & Growth Plan with identified metrics to track and record.
    • Nothing Happens Until You Make A Sale
      • Marketing principles to find new clients
      • Sales processes to nurture and engage with new clients
    • Automatic Customer – Recurring Revenue
    • Your Growth Quadrant – Growth Potential & Geometric Marketing
    • Training in “Cut to the Chase”

Accounting Engagement – This will include:

  • Providing quality traditional accounting services
  • Expanding to provide exceptional advisory services
  • Focus on the following Value Builder Drivers
    • Financial Performance
    • Switzerland Structure
    • Valuation Teeter Totter
    • Envelope Test
    • List Builder

Production Engagement – This will include:

  • Working efficiently and profitably
    • On-boarding new clients
    • Monthly working procedures
    • Client relations and retention
  • Focus on the following Value Builder Drivers
    • Scalability Finder
    • Customer Score
    • Monopoly Control
    • Hub & Spoke

This is your opportunity to build the premier accounting firm in your area!

  • Become engaged with a community of 1000’s of successful peers running their accounting businesses giving your knowledge, support.
  • Participate in the most advance training, making you the leading industry expert as an Accountrepreneur.
  • Leverage the #1 brand in the world as a certified accounting professional, giving you instant authority.
  • Learn how to best us the “done-for-you” marketing and revenue tools, making you stand out and get paid what you are worth.

As part of your training, you’ll have the opportunity to meet our team, your peers and work ON your business.  It’s time to become an Accountrepreneur!

Business Workshop – Accounting Forum

GrowCon is a LIVE training conference event for accounting, bookkeeping, and tax professionals to build the premier accounting firm in their area.

Attend this 2-day event (4 day with PreCon) to GROW personally and professionally.  It is here you’ll find the strength to step outside your comfort zone and build the business you want to be paid what you are worth.  Here you’ll better understand marketing and sales, how to integrate traditional accounting services with value added consultative offerings to your clients, doing so efficiently and profitably.  (your personal travel arrangements & accommodations are separate)

• 2-day Pre Conference social and activities (May 14th & 15th 2022)
• 2-day Grow Conference & Workshop (May 16th & 17th 2022)
• Group Activities
• Meet Your Coaches
• Inclusion in a closed Facebook group community
• bonus content delivered within the closed Facebook Group

Meet Your Instructors

Roger Knecht, President of Universal Accounting Center, helps accounting professionals build the premier accounting firm in their area offering quality value added services with confidence and competence.

Roger is a strategic business development leader helping business owners establish short & long-range goals, strategies, plans and policies to increase sales, improve profits and build the value of the business. He enjoys working with business owners to increase the financial value of the company using proven strategies, processes and procedures to:

  • Engage & Manifest – Becoming the leader the business needs
  • Understand Accounting – Timely information to intelligently run the business
  • Increase Sales – Follow a proven sales process
  • Improve Profit – Nine Principles for Profitability putting Profit First
  • Build the Value of the Business – 8 Key Drivers in Business


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