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We believe our courses are only as good as our graduates’ success. For this reason, we take a sincere interest in ensuring students and alumni are supported throughout their journey.

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Understand Accounting

The programs are geared to help you succeed. You're not in this by yourself, you have help.

Sheavon Coggins

UAC Student

Understand Tax

The advice that I would give someone who's wanting to enroll in Universal would be to just do it.

Stacy Mccallum

UAC Student

Do it

If you were considering enrolling in Universal Accounting, I would say to definitely move forward with that.

Sheavon Coggins

UAC Student

I have the confidence to know that I can speak to someone and know what I'm talking about and not just winging it. Working with Universal Accounting has really help further my career and I love it.

Crystal Caldwell

UAC Student

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