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Offer CFO & Advisory services with confidence following a proven process. Learn how to effectively price, market, sell business coaching services as a Profit & Growth Expert using BizBench to help your clients work ON their business. As a trusted strategic advisor you will provide year long engagements implementing the Universal Business Builder systems.

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Profit & Growth Expert

The Profit & Growth Expert™ designation is unique within the accounting profession as it demonstrates proficient skills necessary to offer quality accounting services. These 3 key areas are:

Profit & Growth Expert


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BizBench Reports benchmark a business against similar businesses in the same NAICS code in 51 key financial metrics using the extensive database that Universal Accounting has compiled over the last 10 years of hundreds of thousands of businesses throughout North America. It organizes, charts, and graphs the data into a meaningful presentation of the analysis, complete with comprehensive recommendations for improvement. All in seconds after you have entered some basic data from the Income Statement and Balance Sheet.



Universal Business Builder

Universal Business Builder

The Universal Business Builder™ (UBB) program is unique within the accounting profession as it outlines the delivery of quality coaching services to business owners with an accounting emphasis. The 5 key areas you will be trained to address are:

The purpose of this program is to help you become for your clients a strategic trusted advisor and coach to help them:

The Universal Business Builder program was created to help accounting professionals confidently deliver quality coaching services in addition to the accounting services provided to become the premier accounting firm in their area.

Universal Business Builder



CFO Project

Offering quality CFO & Advisory Services with your clients can be very rewarding, especially financially. As a certified Profit & Growth Expert™ you are ready to confidently market, price, sell your services implementing the Universal Business Builder engagement. Now you're ready to apply the principles from The CFO Project with your clients and get paid what you are worth.

We show accountants (including bookkeepers, CPAs, and enrolled agents) how to:

CFO Project


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Going Above and Beyond for Your Clients with Online Advisory Training

In today’s economy, small business owners need so much more than typical bookkeeping and tax preparation services. To maximize their business’ potential and increase their earnings, they need a trusted, strategic advisor who they can turn to with their most difficult problems.

Who can an entrepreneur turn to in their life for advice on running their small business? They face difficult problems that they probably don’t want to burden their employees or family members with. With all the stress that they carry, you can become the expert they need to manage their cash flow, tighten up their business plan, and make financially-sound, actionable plans for expansion.

Multiply the experience of that one business owner across the millions of small businesses in America and you can see why there’s a huge demand for CFO/advisory services. Our online business advisory training gives you a portal to access one of the most lucrative revenue streams in the world of accounting.

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In The Black

The road to offering quality CFO & advisory services starts with becoming certified as a Profit & Growth Expert. This course will teach you the fundamentals of business consulting, starting with strategies for businesses who need immediate help as explained by Universal Accounting Center founder Alf Bostrom, CPA, in his book, “Red to Black in 30 Days: A Small Business Accountant’s Guide to Quick Turnarounds.” This is a how-to guide on how to turn around a struggling business into a more sustainable model. Each chapter focuses on a crucial aspect of the turnaround process – from cash flow management to strategies for improving revenue.

Next you’ll learn Bostrom’s proven techniques for building financially stable businesses with “In the Black: Nine Principles to Make Your Business Profitable.” Mastering the three major functions of business (marketing, production and accounting) builds a strong foundation to become a business consultant.

Upon completion of the Profit & Growth Expert certification program, you will be able to price, market and sell your services as an outsourced CFO. You’ll have the skills to deliver services confidently and the ability to retain clients.

Once you can teach your clients how to run sustainable operations, you can use Universal Accounting’s BizBench benchmarking software to compare the businesses you serve with their competitors. BizBench measures your clients in key performance indicators against similar businesses using the NAICS code.

The cherry on top of it all is the access professionals get as Profit & Growth Experts to the Universal Business Builder program. Universal Business Builder outlines the delivery of quality coaching services to business owners with an emphasis on how it applies to accounting.

At Universal Accounting Center, your success is our success. Every aspect of our online advisory courses is designed to set you up for success in real-world interactions with your clients. All of the benefits you’d access as an accounting business owner – including setting your own hours, working from anywhere, and breaking free from limits placed on your salary – are completely yours to enjoy, no strings attached.

All of our courses delivered online, in self-paced modules containing video instruction, manuals, and workbooks to apply the concepts to real-world scenarios. Beyond the instruction, you’ll be paired with a team of coaches focused on helping you achieve your goal of becoming a business advisor. In your corner you’ll have an academic coach, a life coach, a marketing coach and so many more of the expert members of our team.

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