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Brian Bowar

Personal Development Specialist

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Brian hails from beautiful southwest Wisconsin, though now he lives in Clinton, Iowa. After receiving degrees in marketing and business management at Loras College, he worked in sales and marketing as an executive account manager.

During his time at Loras, Brian harnessed his competitive energy as a wide receiver on the football team. He says he’s a “very competitive” person.

Brian will work with vendors to collaborate on ways that Universal Accounting Center can help them grow using the Virtual Tradeshow and Toolbox. Brian sees the VTT as a great tool for businesses to put their product in front of accounting business owners, as well as a great resource for Universal Accounting graduates to find tools to make their firms operate more efficiently.

Outside of work, Brian enjoys being in the great outdoors and spending time with his girlfriend and her child. He likes to wakeboard, ski, mountain biking, and pretty much anything else that keeps him active and participating in nature.

Brian said he is “thrilled” to be working on the Virtual Tradeshow and Toolbox and sees this as a great opportunity to use his 20 years of experience to help business owners reach their goals.

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