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Michel Fogel

Enrollment Director

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Meet Michel, a dedicated professional with a passion for education and a wealth of real-world experience. Born and raised in Las Vegas, coming from an entrepreneurial family, Michel was just 15 when she took an active role in helping out with the family business. Then as a new mom founded a successful carpet cleaning business. She then transitioned into the insurance industry, focusing on sales and marketing, particularly in the realm of commercial insurance.

At the core of Michel’s professional journey is an unwavering thirst for knowledge. She firmly believes that learning is a lifelong journey, a philosophy that aligns perfectly with the values of Universal Accounting. Her commitment to continuous growth not only keeps her skills sharp but also inspires those around her to embrace education as an ongoing pursuit.

As a National Enrollment Director at Universal Accounting, Michel brings a unique blend of hands-on experience, business acumen, and a genuine passion for education. She is dedicated to guiding individuals to the path that will allow them to achieve their goals and live their dreams, helping them discover the transformative power of a premiere accounting business.

We invite you to connect with Michel and explore the possibilities that await you at Universal Accounting. Her journey from a young entrepreneur to an accomplished professional mirrors the path we encourage our participants to take – one of determination, growth, and the pursuit of making dreams a reality.

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