Roger Knecht

President, UAC

I look forward to speaking with you

Roger is the President and CEO of Universal Accounting Center.

He hosts a celebrated podcast for owners of bookkeeping, accounting and tax businesses called “Building the Premier Accounting Firm”.  Roger also recently published two new books: “Your Strategic Accountant” and “Your Profit & Growth Expert”.

He is a self-proclaimed workaholic and is passionate about what he does at Universal Accounting Center. He considers himself a God fearing family man that is passionate about helping others accomplish their dreams as accounting professionals.  For this Universal Accounting has a “give-back” philosophy were they offer FREE Resources to help individuals personally and professionally. (Check out the many available today)

Outside of work, Roger loves spending time with family and friends. First and foremost he is always ready to travel, especially going on cruises, camping or going to his shack in the woods. Lately, he’s been introduced by some friends to going off-road side-by-side trail biking. Roger also enjoys landscaping, motorbiking, and firearms. In short, Roger loves the outdoors and enjoys God’s creations.

Roger started working with UAC in the late 1990’s as a contractor helping enroll individuals in their local classes. In time he was traveling the state of Utah working with counselors with the Department of Workshop Services, Vocational Rehab Centers, Deseret Industries and others.  Within a few years he was working full-time with UAC teaching classes, working with individuals and very short order traveling the USA. Not only was he visiting campuses around the US, but also teaching classes and seminars around the country. The next challenge was developing a process to offer training to individuals unable to attend the campus training.

 In addition to the business, Roger also works as a business coach for owners of companies eager to:

  • Engage & Manifest their business goals
  • Understand Accounting, to run the business by the numbers
  • Increase Revenue, to grow top line sales
  • Improve Profit, get paid what they are worth
  • Build Value, see their company as a self sustaining entity that has worth

Along with his degree in communications and experience with marketing, sales, business management etc. He’s excited to now give back and help others.


His advice to potential students is to take baby steps. Eventually everyone will know everything, act accordingly. We prefer and can deal with what we know in the end. People make the best choice available to them at the time. Our perspective is not reality, so work with baby steps until you reach your goal.

Why UAC?

With more than 40 years experience, UAC helps accounting professionals take their career to the next level and get paid what they are worth.  With the proper training, certification, coaching and support they can have the premier accounting business in their area.  With Universal Accounting you can have the confidence and competence to be in business offering quality accounting services.


Roger loves UAC because of the people he works with. He says has the privilege to work with individuals that are committed to helping others.  Time and again he’s impressed when they go above and beyond in hours and effort.

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