QS – QuickBooks Specialist™ Certification

Get the Skills to Be a QuickBooks Specialist


The Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks is designed to teach anybody how to use QuickBooks. Whether or not you consider yourself a bookkeeping professional, this course is designed for you.

Over 80% of small businesses use Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software. Mastering QuickBooks can help you enhance your standing with a current employer or enhance your practice by adding setup, consultation, and help services to your menu.

Up-To-Date Small Business Accounting Skills

The Universal Accounting ® QuickBooks Training Course has been designed to be the most up-to-date and most complete on the market. It is also specifically tailored to meet the needs of small businesses. We place special emphasis on training our students to work with small companies effectively.

If Universal Accounting Center offers an Advanced Quickbooks Specialist program in the future, then please let me know immediately.  I really learned a lot from the QuickBooks Specials Program even after obtaining Intuit’s QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Enterprise Certifications.  I am certified in QBO, but I think it lacks many features, eg. Job Costing, Sales Orders, Progress Invoicing, Advanced Inventory capability, & etc.  QBO reminds me of the accounting software I used in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Your QuickBooks Specialist Program is superior and more comprehensive than Intuit’s standard QuickBooks Desktop Certification.  I have taken and passed both with 90% or higher score.- Ray Mayer

Relevant, Real-World Training

As a student in this course, you’ll learn how to set up a company’s accounting books and build its accounting system from scratch, just like you would in real life. All other “how-to” QuickBooks courses begin with an existing company and its accounting data and use that data to teach you the program. In the Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks, you create several company accounts and put in their accounting data from scratch. You then work with this data so you get the complete picture of real-world QuickBooks use.

Quick Tips

The Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks program will become the most valuable resource in your reference library. Whenever you have a question about a QuickBooks function, simply log into the course, and it will lead you to the answer while teaching you tricks and techniques that will make you more proficient in using the program.

Support from Experienced Accounting Professionals

Taking this training gives you access to experienced, qualified QuickBooks professional accountants and CPA’s to answer your questions. Each one of them is qualified to answer even your most complicated questions about using the QuickBooks program.

Work Smarter, Earn More

Ultimately, this course focuses on practical and efficient methods of getting the job done correctly within the QuickBooks program. This program offers QuickBooks tips and shortcuts that save you time and money, enabling you to become more efficient in doing accounting for your clients.

It doesn’t matter if you have 20 years of experience in accounting or if you never worked in the field before. The course is designed to provide practical education to make your business more profitable!

Getting Certified

QS CertificateUniversal Accounting Center®’s Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks includes 4 learning modules:

  1. How QuickBooks Works in Your World
  2. Customers & Sales – The Sales Cycle
  3. Customers & Sales – The Sales Cycle
  4. Mastering Advanced QuickBooks Topics

After completing the four modules, Universal Accounting students feel confident and fully prepared to take the certification exam.

Convenient At-Home Learning: How It Works

The complete Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks is more than 12 hours of training. It typically takes students about 18 hours to complete the course.

The training is comprised mostly of screen movies of the QuickBooks program itself showing you how to actually enter the transactions, create the reports, etc. You see the cursor movements and the transactions as if you were doing them yourself while an instructor narrates the process.

You can choose which sections you want to watch, skip, fast forward or replay. Plus, you have the flexibility to complete the courses on your own time, in a way that fits your life.

“I work from home 80% of the time and make my own schedule, something I’ve always treasured. A few years ago I recommended the courses to my son, Brian, who passed both the Bookkeeper and QuickBooks courses and is now the lead accountant for a construction company. Last June, both my niece and daughter-in-law signed up and are currently working on the QuickBooks course. They both plan to work from home while raising their children.” – Universal Accounting Center Graduate

Our Guarantee

ironclad-guaranteeWe’re so confident in our programs and their ability to provide the instruction, hands-on application and on-going professional guidance it takes to help you succeed, we guarantee it.

If, after completing the course, you feel the course didn’t live up to your expectations, simply return the materials to Universal, for a 100% refund of any monies paid.

BusinessCard-QSIs QuickBooks Specialist™ Certification Right For You?

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