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As your business grows and expands its service offerings, you need employees who can meet the demands of your clients. But finding the time to train those employees on new responsibilities can be near impossible for many entrepreneurs.

We at Universal Accounting Center know how difficult that can be. That’s why we offer comprehensive training programs for individuals to become certified as Professional Bookkeepers, Professional Tax Preparers, QuickBooks Specialists, and Profit and Growth Experts (advisory services).

Our training programs ensure that your employees will all be on the same page for the operations of the business – so that they speak the same language and can collaborate effectively. They also won’t have to come to you with every question they have as they’ll be able to rely on our academic coach to guide them through the programs.

Universal Accounting Center has been training accounting professionals to start their own Bookkeeping, Tax Preparation and Advisory Business since 1979, and a crucial part of that process is training staff.

Train Your Staff - Universal Accounting

Whether you are looking for a way to train up new employees that need to be certified or existing staff that have proven their loyalty and are ready for more, Universal Accounting Center’s training courses and mentorship will ensure they learn key concepts at the fundamental level with practical examples that will easily translate to the work environment.

Plus, they need to verify their abilities by passing a certification exam at the end of the course. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your employees are learning from proven coaches and veterans of the industry.

Your Solution for Staffing Struggles

Staffing is one of the most fundamental issues our industry faces, and if you have started an accounting business, you’re probably intimately familiar with it. Finding qualified employees is difficult in the first place, and then once you do, they’re probably going to be overworked and overwhelmed.

There is a solution! We will train individuals who may be lacking experience in your workplace to have the confidence and skills to get the work done that you need.

This starts by contacting us at Universal Accounting Center to find the best training method for your employees. There’s three different models through which we deliver instruction:

  1. You are the instructor. We give you the curriculum – including manuals, practical examples and more – and you meet regularly with your employees to teach them the material. You can use our manuals and customize the instruction to fit your company’s operations as the expert trainer yourself.
  2. Weekly Online Training. This is a hybrid model of our other instructional approaches. We’ll provide your employees with the online courses for them to complete on their own, and then you can meet with them weekly to review the assignments and readings they completed.
  3. You are not involved. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Our team of expert coaches will track the progress and performance of your employees through the training programs, and notify you of the final results.

No matter which model you think could be the best fit for your business, following our training programs will give your staff more confidence to carry out the tasks you need them to complete. This will also help you market your company and stand out from the competition with a team of qualified, certified professionals.

Train the Trainer

Starting a tax business or a bookkeeping business means you’re going to have to stay on the cutting edge of the accounting industry. The IRS is constantly making updates to tax law and the landscape of what your clients need from you is ever changing.

As a way to stay ahead of the curve (especially when it comes to tax preparation), many firms take time in the fall to offer a tax preparation training course in their community as a way of drawing out people they may want to hire for the next tax season. It’s a great way to build out your staff and make face-to-face connections with potential employees.

We at Universal Accounting Center have seen the massive value these courses can bring to firms, and have developed a model for you to use to offer a tax preparation course of your own. This is a great way to find accounting professionals in your community, or people who have the potential to become valuable assets to your firm.

Just like with our training programs for employees, there are three different ways you can offer a tax preparation course in your community:

  1. Be the expert. Use our curriculum as the backbone of what you teach to these community members but without mentioning Universal Accounting Center. This positions you as the expert to lean on as questions arise.

  2. Online training/weekly meetings. In this model, you may have someone in your firm do a weekly review of the curriculum, but the bulk of the learning happens online. People watch the videos, read the manuals and complete assignments, and meet with you or someone at the firm weekly to review what they have learned.

  3. UAC Academic Coach. Let us do the heavy lifting of providing training, tracking progress and the like by relying on a UAC academic coach to answer questions from people in your course. Our academic coach will push them toward certifying their skills and expertly navigate any problems they may encounter.

This process is a great way to identify and train potential employees for your firm, even as staffing persists as one of the most difficult challenges in the industry.

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