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Our mission at Universal Accounting Center is to provide you the training, skills, and certifications to become the premier accounting firm in your area.  Since 1979, UAC has helped accounting professionals achieve their goals.  

Don’t leave your success to chance. Whatever your accounting career objectives are, Universal can help you get there. Our courses are concise, practical, and backed by our personal career coaching and support. We provide our students with a turnkey process for starting and building a successful accounting business. It’s all about MAPPING your business.


Finding and Engaging Clients


The Accounting Services you offer


Standard Operating Procedures

Let’s Design Your Perfect Program

To start, we need to determine which area of your business that presents the biggest opportunity or challenge that, when addressed, will take your business to the next level. Do you need more clients, do you need to offer more or better services to increase revenue, or are you too busy and need to streamline your workflow to become more profitable? Each is a unique situation with its own focus.

Get more clients

  • I want to work part-time from home for my own clients
  • I am an established experience accountant, but need more clients
  • I lost my job and want to rebuild my income quickly
  • I want to start part-time and lay a solid foundation to go full-time
  • I want to supplement my current job with extra income on the side 


Find and engage new clients

Increase Revenue Streams

  • I would like to offer more services to increase revenue streams

  • I feel I could be doing more with my current clients to increase my average revenue per client


The accounting services you offer

Work More Efficiently

  • I have plenty of clients and am comfortable with the services I offer, but I need to work more efficiently to be profitable

  • I’m too involved in the day-to-day operations of the business

  • I’m too busy and I need to work smarter in order to free up some time


Standard operating procedures

Get Started Today

If your situation fits one of the above, or if your situation is more unique, let’s talk.  We have the perfect program to fit your specific educational, timing, and budgetary needs. Call us at 877-833-7909 or schedule a time to speak to a representative on the calendar below.  We’d love to find out more about you, your background, and goals so that we can help advise and point you in the right direction.