Advanced Business Coaching

What You'll Learn

Be in business for yourself but not by yourself

As challenges may arise when working ON the business there is no reason to face them alone when working with Universal Accounting Center.  After committing to build your business offering quality accounting services you may find that life has a frustrating habit of getting in the way of success.  You may of heard of:

  • The Many Hats – what to prioritize
  • It’s related friend, Procrastination
  • Have you ever met Self Doubt, or it’s twin Self Confidence
  • And then there’s the one we try to avoid, Impostor syndrome

Don’t leave your success to chance.  Follow the proven Turnkey Business Plan for accounting professionals and receive the support you need and deserve with the Accountability & Advanced Business Coaching Membership.

Course Description

Monthly benefits include:

  • Personal pre-scheduled 30-minute coaching sessions with a certified Life Coach (2 per month for 3 months)
  • Weekly group instruction & coaching lead by a certified Life Coach (for 3 months)
  • Monthly Group Conference Calls (12+ months)
  • Training videos teaching simple & effective tools to manage your thoughts & solve problems
  • Access to a unique closed Facebook group with interaction, continued support, and Q&A session with additional resources and training units


Marketing Engagement (4+ months) This will include:

  • Engage & Manifest with an emphasis in Marketing – Vision & Growth Plan with identified metrics to track and record.
  • The focus will be on the following Value Builder Drivers
    • Automatic Customer – Recurring Revenue
    • Your Growth Quadrant – Growth Potential & Geometric Marketing
    • Training in “Cut to the Chase”

Accounting Engagement (4+ months) This will include:

  • Focus on the following Value Builder Drivers
    • Financial Performance
    • Switzerland Structure
    • Valuation Teeter Totter
    • Envelope Test
    • List Builder

Production Engagement (4+ months) This will include:

  • Focus on the following Value Builder Drivers
    • Scalability Finder
    • Customer Score
    • Monopoly Control
    • Hub & Spoke


Business & Life Coaching

This is a 12+ month engagement working with a business coach to help you work ON you and your business.  This is specifically designed to help you have the premier accounting business offering quality accounting services with confidence to get paid what you are worth.  Within this program you’ll experience both individual and group coaching.

• Individual Coaching Sessions
• Group Coaching Sessions
• Monthly Group Conference Calls
• Inclusion in a closed Facebook group community
• bonus content delivered within the closed Facebook Group

Meet Your Instructors

Roger Knecht, President of Universal Accounting Center, helps accounting professionals have the premier accounting firm in their area offering quality value added services with confidence and competence.

Roger is a strategic business development leader helping business owners establish short & long-range goals, strategies, plans and policies to increase sales, improve profits and build the value of the business. He enjoys working with business owners to increase the financial value of the company using proven strategies, processes and procedures to:
* Engage & Manifest – Becoming the leader the business needs
* Understand Accounting – Timely information to intelligently run the business
* Increase Sales – Follow a proven sales process
* Improve Profit – Nine Principles for Profitability putting Profit First
* Build the Value of the Business – 8 Key Drivers in Business

Robyn Mons is a certified Life Coach, aka “the mind ninja” to her kids, helps business professionals learn how to manage their brains so they can create desired results in their lives and in their businesses.  As an entrepreneur herself, she understands the challenges that come with balancing work and life and the mental blocks that keep you from taking action.  Robyn believes that your brain is the most powerful tool you have on the planet and that learning how to manage your brain is the most important thing you can do to create the lasting results you want in your life, including your business. Using the latest, cutting edge tools in the industry combined with her ability to connect and lead with compassion, she has helped many people succeed in achieving goals beyond what they thought possible.  Her greatest joy is to watch her clients blow their own minds and fulfill their potential.

In 1997 Curtis Swenson read a book called “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. That was the beginning of his transformation. Louise Hay philosophy was very different from the things he learned growing up. Applying the principles that she taught brought powerful changes to his life. He wanted more so he attended training in San Diego to certify as a Louise Hay Teacher and Coach. The things he learned there have been more useful to him than his undergraduate degree in Psychology. He immediately began building a coaching clientele and leading workshops to show others how to love themselves.


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