Your Hiring Checklist

Hiring your first employee can be daunting.  You want to ensure that you follow the proper procedures and select the best applicant.   To help you navigate this new experience, we’ve provided you with a checklist of items you can work through in order to find, select and hire the best candidate for your practice:

  1. Determine employee sustainability.  Is your business hearty enough to sustain an employee?  This article poses three key questions to help you determine whether or not your practice is ready.
  2. Determine the type of candidate you’re looking for.  Obviously they must possess a certain skillset, but what traits are important to you?  This article lists characteristics you might consider.
  3. Consider how to select team members for your practice.  If you’re hiring more than one individual, or if the person you want to hire now will be a welcome addition to a current team of employees, you must consider who would best complement that group.  This article provides you with three guidelines in selecting employees that will build a solid team.
  4. Prepare for the “opening.”  You must get the word out about the new position, but first you must compose a job description.
  5. Prepare for job interviews.  Before you compose a list of questions to ask applicants, you must prepare for the job interview itself.
  6. Run effective job interviews.   This article will not only help you break the ice, but it also provides lists of questions that will enable you to 1. learn of past performance and problem-solving ability, 2. determine work preferences, and 3. consider the applicant’s future career goals.
  7. Comply with federal and state regulations.  The Small Business Administration provides you with 10 steps in ensuring that you’ve fulfilled all legal obligations when hiring your first employee.
  8. Comply with IRS Hiring Regulations.  You are required by law to collect and file key documents for tax purposes.
  9. Retain good employees, parts one and two.  The work doesn’t stop once you’ve hired good employees; you must also take measures to ensure they stay with you.  We’ve published two articles on boosting employee morale which enable you to retain the best of the best.
  10. Know when and how to fire employees, parts one and two.  While we’re not asking you to prepare for the worst, it’s important to at least have a plan in place if things go south.  These articles will provide you with nine steps in properly terminating employees.

We hope this list provides you with everything you need to hire employees that will enhance your practice, enabling you to continue on a trajectory of business success and profitability.

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