What Successful Business Owners Believe

I think we would all agree that your beliefs influence your actions.  If you believe that your business will succeed if you work hard enough, than chances are you’ll work hard enough to see the success of your business.  We’d like to take that thought a bit further and say that your beliefs not only influence your actions, but they also influence your experience.  If you believe that people generally treat each other well, than chances are you’ll not only treat others well but you’ll experience others treating you well.

So what do successful business owners believe?  We’re guessing that their beliefs influence their actions, their experiences, and their success.  Who knows?  Your beliefs may be your ticket to a more profitable business.

Here are five beliefs that are common among successful business owners:

1. Success is a given. Successful business owners don’t waste energy worrying about failure.  They expect to succeed.  They believe that their actions will lead to success and trust that every roadblock is simply a part of that journey.

2. Every situation presents an opportunity. Successful business owners view every trial, struggle, difficulty, and triumph as an opportunity to move forward.  Perhaps they see the situation as an opportunity to learn more in order to grow their business.  Or perhaps it’s the opportunity to change their course of direction.  Regardless of how challenging the situation may be, the successful business owner never views it as an obstacle, only a stepping stone.

3. A mission statement isn’t fluff; it’s reality. Once they’ve crafted a mission statement, the successful business owner begins to live it, imagining that it’s not just a statement, but a reality.  This enables them to press forward to accomplish their objectives and achieve more and more success.

4. A failure is an experience, not a forecast. It can be so easy to let failure deflate you.  But remember, failure is simply an experience, not a forecast.  If you step back and view it as a teaching moment, there’s a lot the failure might teach you.  In fact, many successful business owners attribute their success to one pivotal failure they experienced.

5. If you build it (and market really well) they will come. Whatever the business might be—a tax practice, an accounting business, a full financial service—the successful business owner recognizes its value and believes that as long as potential clients are aware that it exists, they will come.  They view marketing as a process, not an event, and are sure to get the word out so that people have the opportunity to benefit from their services.

In the Black

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