Becoming a Leader with a Solid Following

You want to be seen as an expert in your field.  The process of becoming a respected expert will secure you something that’s invaluable to business owners—renown, respect and referrals. 

Most people want their money managed by someone with noted expertise, and you may be surprised to discover that it doesn’t take much to acquire it.  In a recent article, author Susan Payton shares “5 Strategies Thought Leaders Use to Get Followers.”  Here we share 3 of her tips:

1. Be visible on multiple platforms.  Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.  There definitely isn’t a shortage of social networking sites available.  When you have a presence on multiple platforms, you extend your influence and reach.  However, avoid overextending yourself.  Remember that logging billable hours is still pivotal in ensuring steady revenue.  Decide, now, how much time and energy you can dedicate to this free form of e-promotion.

2. Produce quality content.  In order to be valuable to others, you must provide them with information applicable to their particular needs and situation.  And it doesn’t have to be your information; consider sharing valuable data you’ve gotten from other sources! However, in order for your information to be valuable, you must know your target market well and understand their most pressing concerns.  Whether it be distributed through a business website, your Facebook profile, or your Twitter account, you must provide followers with valuable information.  When you can address those, your tweets, posts, and pins becomes a valuable resource to their business.

3. Keep learning.  As Payton explains, “The thing about being an expert is—you never reach the pinnacle of knowing it all.  There’s always more to learn and other ways to grow.  Be humble and open to learning.”  This requires you to reach outside yourself for information, advice and training.  Often this can be best accomplished by scheduling time every day for professional development.

When you can establish yourself as the leading accounting expert in your area, you will not only secure more clients but increase your bottom line.  Take time to advance your brand by establishing yourself as a leading expert in your field.

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Payton, Susan.  “5 Strategies Thought Leaders Use to Get Followers.” 4 July 2013