Digital Detox

productiveIf you told me 15 years ago that I could someday watch a movie from my phone while waiting to board a flight, I would have thought you were crazy.  I would have said the same about the idea of being able to access email from anywhere, send photos instantaneously, deposit checks from my kitchen, and attend a meeting in a conference room two states away. 

Technology has afforded us many great conveniences.  But what has blessed us with such marvelous advances has also stolen our attention.  And if you’re one of those professionals glued to his or her device, you need to routinely unplug and ground yourself in the immediate world.

In a recent article, author Stephanie Vozza helps professionals do that with “A Realistic Digital Detox in 5 Easy Steps.”  Here we share three of her five suggestions:

1. Go device-free at meals. Whether at home or in your office, it’s important that you focus on the meal and the people you may be enjoying it with.  Some things should be kept sacred, and mealtime is the perfect opportunity to unplug.

2. Disable all push notifications.  Your phone probably beeps at you enough between phone calls and scheduling reminders without it also interrupting you with every Facebook, Twitter, email or even game notification.

3. Welcome quiet time.  When you can be present and unplugged in quiet moments, you are more open to creative, innovative ideas that could enhance your business.  But that won’t happen unless you intentionally unplug to enjoy the silence.

Levi Felix, founder of The Digital Detox in Oakland, CA, says, “Technology can be disrupting your life if you feel a need to check it compulsively.  The first step is to become aware, and the next step is to do something.”  If you find this statement describes you, try applying these three suggestions today!

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Vozza, Stephanie.  “A Realistic Digital Detox in 5 Easy Steps.” 12 November 2013