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Is this you? Have you undergone years of experience in business, both good and bad, learned many lessons, and now want to share that knowledge? You can. But not just as any generic “business coach” – as a Certified Value Builder you become for your clients their Profit & Growth Expert. This is a very recognized & reputable title that sets you apart from all other coaches & consultants. You will be able to combine your knowledge with that of the Value Builder System™ to both gain recurring clients and grow their business.

How does it work? Because the Value Builder System is a proven “just-add-water” system to increase business value by up to 71%, many businesses seek to take our free evaluation.

  1. It starts with inviting business owners to complete The Value Builder Questionnaire. Their Value Builder Score will be calculated by analyzing their performance on the eight factors that have been statistically linked to the value of a business.
  2. Next, you offer the Value Builder Assessment, during which you will reveal how the owner scored on the eight key drivers of business value and then provide your own recommendations. While you will be paid for your time to deliver the Value Builder Assessment, most advisors find many other opportunities to add value during this focused time with the business owner. On top of this, of those business owners who complete the Value Builder Assessment, 33% go on to become new Value Builder Engagement clients (that means, they continue to work with you).
  3. Finally, you can create a predictable recurring revenue stream for your practice by offering the Value Builder Engagement, a 12-month coach program statistically proven to increase the value of your client’s business by up to 71%.



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the-bookAccountants and Consultants: Help turn failing companies around and achieve true success and profitability. As a contract business coach, accountant, bookkeeper, and/or tax preparer, you’ll find this knowledge increases your expertise and appeal exponentially.

BizBenchBenchmark your clients’ actual results and forecasts against industry standards in 51 Key Performance Indicators to guide your clients into the top 10%, while attracting more clients, more easily, to maximize your consulting income!

After analyzing more than 17,000 businesses, we discovered those companies with a Value Builder Score of 80 or more received offers that are 71% higher than the average business. circle-gaugeWorking side-by-side, we’ll help you improve the value of the companies you work with. Whether they want to sell the business for a premium now, or simply know that they could, The Value Builder System™ will help you dramatically increase the value of the company.

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