Aja Jadama

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Enrollment Director

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For nearly a decade Aja has helped accounting professionals move forward as they work towards their career goals in accounting.

“Aja made me feel comfortable and help walk me through the process as this is a new adventure for me to start my own business. She is friendly and very helpful and has great business insights She is amazing I am so excited to start my courses and jumpstart my own business I am enrolled with the 3 basic book keeping, QuickBooks and Tax Preparations.Thanks A bunch” – Kiki S.

“Aja is amazing!! She guided me through what courses is appropriate and made sense to jumpstart my own business. She helped me feel comfortable and confident about my decision. I am so excited to start the courses and get my business going! I enrolled in the 3 basics bookkeeping, QuickBooks, and Tax Preparation. Thank you Aja!!!” – NokNoy V.

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