A QuickBooks Specialist, QS

What You'll Learn

Becoming a QuickBooks Specialist™ certifies your expertise with QuickBooks. It also demonstrates your commitment to being the best.

For many, if not most, small businesses’ software of choice is QuickBooks. When certified as a QuickBooks Specialist, QS, you are able to confidently set-up, train, troubleshoot and support clients. Get the skills, have the confidence to work with small businesses as their qualified QuickBooks Specialist, QS.

With millions of small businesses already using QuickBooks and the majority of accounting positions with small businesses requiring expertise in QuickBooks, this designation can give you a competitive advantage. QuickBooks is the leading software in the small business accounting industry. Presently, the majority of the small businesses using accounting software have chosen QuickBooks as their preference, and it is the preferred software for most small business accountants.

If Universal Accounting Center offers an Advanced Quickbooks Specialist program in the future, then please let me know immediately.  I really learned a lot from the QuickBooks Specials Program even after obtaining Intuit’s QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Enterprise Certifications.  I am certified in QBO, but I think it lacks many features, eg. Job Costing, Sales Orders, Progress Invoicing, Advanced Inventory capability, & etc.  QBO reminds me of the accounting software I used in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  Your QuickBooks Specialist Program is superior and more comprehensive than Intuit’s standard QuickBooks Desktop Certification.  I have taken and passed both with 90% or higher score. – Ray Mayer

The QuickBooks Specialist™ (QS) Designation

A QuickBooks SpecialistQuickBooks Specialist Accounting software to the accountant is like golf clubs to Tiger Woods — the key is not so much in the tool itself, but in how expertly it is used. The professional bookkeeper can only be as good as his/her ability to use the software available.

Over the past few years, Inuit has acquired the largest market share as the choice of small business accounting software. Regardless of business, employment, or client service interests, Universal applies the principles of the Professional Bookkeeper™ program to the QuickBooks accounting software. In our effort to integrate the most popular accounting software, we have developed The Professional Bookkeepers™ Guide to QuickBooks Pro.

Many accountants describe the affordable accounting software that came out years ago as a revolutionary beginning in the availability of accounting services. Not only did it allow many certified public accountants, CPA’s, accountants and bookkeepers to earn a living offering quality services, but it allowed many to enter the world of freelance.

Used as either as a training tool or a reference guide, the Professional Bookkeepers Guide to QuickBooks Pro program was created to help you become a “QuickBooks Specialist.”

Whether you need someone to start your QuickBooks files from scratch or are just interested in working with a QuickBooks consultant, you should secure a professional who has earned the QuickBooks Specialist™ (QS) designation.

This designation distinguishes Universal Accounting Center℠ (UAC) graduates as proficient in setting up new businesses, working with company files, running valuable financial reports and consulting in QuickBooks Pro capabilities and issues. These individuals have done more than just dabbled in the QuickBooks software; they have mastered it.

Learn Business Accounting Basics

The language of business is accounting! When measuring the effects of key indicators on the financial health of a company, these are defined in terms of accounting. Gross margin, cost of goods sold, accrual – accounting and bookkeeping processes measure these vital signs of your company’s financial stability and health.
Make Sense of Your Financial Reports

Knowing QuickBooks is not enough to use your financial data effectively. You need to know what the data reveals in reports you run really mean to your business. Typically, your bookkeeper will record transactions and compile reports. Often, businesses only really take stock of their financial position at tax time. Even then, a page of numbers that you don’t know the effect of upon your company will not give suggestions as to actions to take based on those items to cut costs and increase profit.

When you know accounting basics, you can finally make sense of what the general ledger and other reports are telling you about your company’s financial health. You will be able not only to see what is happening up the present, but you will have the knowledge and tools to detect trends and to plan the future direction of your company based on reported facts, rather than gut feeling.

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