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Do you want to protect, assure and maximize your ROI on your training program?   So do we. That’s why Universal’s Expert Coaching Staff is the keystone of your training program.


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What is a Coach?

Universal Structured Power CoachingA coach is a teacher. 

Let’s face it, when you are learning something new, it’s hard to put it into context or know exactly how it applies in your particular situation. A great coach not only helps you understand the details, but the big picture of what you are learning in the context of what you want to achieve.


Universal Structured Power Coaching, Coach TacticianA coach is a tactician.

A coach has been there, and knows the techniques that make all the difference.  Good form is effective form.  He knows these must become habit, and knows how to practice so that you don’t have to think about what to do when the time comes – you instinctively do what works.


A coach can teach you the strategies that win the dayA coach is a strategist.

There are always unique opposition and obstacles to your game plan.  A coach can teach you the strategies that win the day, to get you over and around your obstacles, neutralize your opposition, and win you allies and supporters.


A coach is a motivatorA coach is a motivator.

A coach motivates you by providing you a perspective beyond your own that challenges you to greatness.  A great coach will give three important benefits that are difficult to provide for yourself:

  • Clarity – they focus and clarify your vision of what you really want.
  • Feedback – they provide input to strengthen your weaknesses and perfect your strengths.
  • Accountability – they provide the motivational kick-in-the-butt to keep you true to your commitments to yourself.

A coach gets you where you want to goA coach gets you where you want to go.

But, most importantly, another definition of a coach is a vehicle,  a means of transportation from point A to point B.

Coaches can provide you the road map, directions, road-side assistance, and GPS to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Coaching is vehicle that gets you from where you are to where you want and need to be by changing your habits of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Why is coaching so critical to success?

We are creatures of habit.  We are captives of our own inertia.  We want to change.  We may even feel like we NEED to change.  We set New Year’s resolutions to change and by January 10th we are captive again to our habits.

Change may begin with a change of thought.  But to change your life, you must change your behavior.  Life is about DOING.  To change your life from where you are to where you want to be, you must DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY.

We may start to change, but it’s not long until our habits of thinking lure us contentedly back down to our comfort zone as we let ourselves off the hook.

This is why such a small percentage of our INTENTIONS translate to NEW HABITS and POWERFUL BEHAVIORS.

The Inertia of Habit that holds us captive can best be changed by an OUTSIDE FORCE.    Coaching is that outside force that holds you accountable and empowers you to change your habits – of thinking, of feeling, of doing!

Head Heart Hands

It’s a good experience to go through a course.  It’s a much more powerful experience to have the course go through you!

Why is Universal Power Coaching so effective?

Simple.  Our depth of our coaching staff.  With Universal Accounting Center, YOU’VE GOT PEOPLE!

Meet our experts:

Roger Knecht, President, Universal Accounting Center width=Roger Knecht
President, Universal Accounting Center

Roger Knecht can help you develop a team of committed individuals for success and profits using a proven system.  Using an interactive process he enables attendees to specifically learn how.  Each attendee will leave with actionable goals that will improve communication in the company, customer satisfaction and bottom line profits.

As President of Universal Accounting Center® (UAC) Mr. Knecht is a favorite presenter at Universal’s seminars, combining wit and wisdom in sharing the principles of business success. Mr. Knecht has extensive experience in marketing and management with corporations of all sizes and has successfully implemented the principles of growth he speaks about.

Allen Bostrom, former President of UAC, says, “Roger’s professional abilities and enthusiasm for Universal Accounting have been critical to the growth of the company during the past dozen years. Had it not been for Roger’s contributions, we would not be where we are as a company today.”

Scott McKinley, Structured Power Coaching for Professional Bookkeeper, Professional Tax Preparer, Universal Practice Builder & Value Builder. width=Scott McKinley
Structured Power Coaching for Professional Bookkeeper, Professional Tax Preparer, Universal Practice Builder & Value Builder.

Scott McKinley has spent a decade working with students and graduates of Universal Accounting Center as the senior marketing coach.  He has personally assisted hundreds of individuals in the development and growth of their own bookkeeping and tax practices.  Scott is highly sought after as a presenter for Universal and has helped students in their own market as a facilitator at their own successful business improvement seminars.  With his passion for helping others and his unique and humorous presenting style, he speaks and shares his expertise as a marketing coach, weekly in classes taught all across North America.

“Scott is a knowledgeable professional who possesses a great deal of marketing expertise that is specific to helping accounting professionals to exceed.  He helped me prepare for presentations, respond to job ads and offered a number of other proven methods to seek out potential new clients.  He also helped me to turn my meetings into more productive discussions.  His energy and motivation were inspirational to me!” – Jennifer Foody

“As a friend and colleague I’ve seen Scott evolve into the man that he is today applying the very tools and principles he teaches.  He has excelled professionally, as a husband and father while also helping others to become their best in business and personally.  I always recommend people work with Scott without hesitation.  He is an excellent business and life coach.” – Roger Knecht, President Universal Accounting Center

Rick Howard, Structured Power Coaching for Professional Bookkeeper, Professional Tax Preparer, Universal Practice Builder & Value Builder.Rick Howard
Structured Power Coaching for Professional Bookkeeper, Professional Tax Preparer, Universal Practice Builder & Value Builder.

Rick has been instrumental in the development of our structured coaching program for students, working with Universal Accounting to develop the Universal Practice Builder Program, and directly with students to field test the principles and practices for attracting and converting clients by becoming a profit and growth expert.  Rick has presented to accounting professionals throughout the United States and Canada on how to start and grow their own successful accounting practices.

“All I have to say, Rick Howard is awesome, if it weren’t for Rick I still would be in Module One.  He empowers, and motivate which is what I need it to complete the Bookkeeping course at Universal Accounting Online school.” – Ana Rodriguez

“When I first started with Rick I was not very confident in talking about my business and not really sure how to market myself.  We discussed strategies and ways to market my business and really how to get the word out.  Since then, I have acquired 6 new clients, and I am striving to acquire 4 more by year end. Rick was instrumental in helping me gain the confidence and to really pinpoint what my business is and how I want to sell it to potential clients.”  – Adam Syvock

“My coach Rick was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. His suggestions were realistic and easy to execute. Sure, some tasks were a bit challenging but that did force me to grow. I appreciate the training and feel that I will continue to benefit from the marketing suggestions that we discussed as my business grows.” – Heidi Harris

“Prior to starting the Coaching session, I was still left with many unanswered questions and self doubt. The marketing program has been a great asset to me as I move forward into a new business venture. This program has allowed me to acquire two business clients within a 10 week session. My hats off to a great marketing coach, Rick Howard.  I thank you for your expertise in the field. I will ever be so grateful for the inspiration and for the assignments that would push me in the right direction. I feel confident that I will have a successful business for years to come.” – Trina Trevino, Profit & Growth Expert

Courtney Sellers, Orientation Coach, Testing Center, Certification, UACourses.com Technical SupportCourtney Sellers
Orientation Coach, Testing Center, Certification, UACourses.com Technical Support

Courtney is a home-grown rock star for Universal Accounting Center.  Having started with Universal in 2004 as an intern out of high school, Courtney has excelled in every responsibility she has been given.  She has served as our Orientation Coach for over 7 years with enthusiasm and a passion to delight and serve our students.  She helps new students set goals and schedules for course completion and certification in that crucial first 30-45 days of enrollment, and with their testing and certifications as they finish their courses.  Courtney has an extensive knowledge of the academic systems behind our student portal, www.uacourses.com.   She has recently been promoted to the position of ‘mother,’ the ultimate customer service position!

Mark Robilliard, FCA Academic Coach, Color Accounting (CA) program Mark Robilliard, FCA
Academic Coach, Color Accounting (CA) program.

Mark Robilliard is a Co-founder and CEO Americas of Color Accounting International, an education and publishing firm headquartered in Washington DC. He’s an Aussie who lives in the US and travels widely, leading seminars in financial statement and business acumen skills, for lawyers, bankers and business people. Some of his teaching for senior execs is done in secret.

He is a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand and was the National Training Manager for KPMG Australia. He has also managed the Human Resources Department for the largest insurer in Australia. He is on the adjunct faculty of American University and has taught at other secondary, tertiary and post-grad institutions in the US and Australia. He has co-authored a number of books, including Accounting Comes Alive: The Color Accounting Parable, and Color Accounting: The New Graphical System That Makes Learning Accounting Easy And Quick. He believes that Accounting Literacy is the under-appreciated foundation upon which all Financial Literacy and Business Acumen should be built.

 Adam Syvock, Academic & Firm Coach, Professional Bookkeeper (PB) program. Adam Syvock
Academic & Firm Coach, Professional Bookkeeper (PB) program.

Adam works with Universal Accounting’s PB students regarding questions about curriculum and real-world accounting situations.  Adam is a graduate of Universal Accounting’s PB program himself,  and also holds a bachelors degree in accounting from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  In addition, Adam also uses his skills as a profit and growth expert to run his own accounting practice.  He is also QuickBooks Certified and is working towards his Enrolled Agent (EA) designation to be able to help small businesses with accounting and tax.

Ken Bostrom, Academic Coach – Professional Bookkeeper (PB) programKen Bostrom, Color Accounting Expert
Academic Coach – Professional Bookkeeper (PB) program

Ken Bostrom has been an instructor, coach, and officer of Universal sector for nearly three decades.  He has seen Universal Accounting Center grow from a small local brick-and-mortar accounting training school to an international provider of cutting edge, on-line certification training for accounting professionals to start and grow their own bookkeeping, accounting, and tax practice.   Ken is the author behind our Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks, as well as it’s annual updates.  You could say Ken wrote the book on how to use QuickBooks to get more done in less time, and to become a Profit and Growth Expert.   He is a certified QuickBooks Specialist and a QuickBooks Pro Advisor.

Trevor Eckman, Academic & Firm Coach – Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks (QS)Trevor Eckman
Academic & Firm Coach – Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks (QS)

Trevor started in accounting in his teens with QuickBooks and has loved it ever since. He was the bookkeeper and assistant to the CEO for a large medical clinic. He has been working with his own clients at UAS since 2010 and has recently taken the position of Controller with a local firm as well. He is a certified QuickBooks Specialist with over 12 years of practical experience to draw from in a wide array of industries. He has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Economics.

Steve Eckman, Academic & Firm Coach – Professional Tax Preparer (PTP)Steve Eckman
Academic & Firm Coach – Professional Tax Preparer (PTP)

Steve is a graduate of the University of Utah and was a medical laboratory entrepreneur for 13 years and an accountant, tax preparation and business growth expert for over 30 years, working with over 1100 small business owners and professionals in 11 states.  He has been working with Universal Accounting for the past 7, and has grown his own successful bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation business.   Steve finds his real purpose in his family, has been married for over 45 years, and has  5 children, and 11 grandchildren.   He enjoys working with his son, Trevor.

Bill Brough, MBA, EA, Academic & Firm Coach – Professional Tax Preparer (PTP)Bill Brough, MBA, EA
Academic & Firm Coach – Professional Tax Preparer (PTP)

Bill came to the world of ledgers and tax returns by an unlikely route. He majored in music, and spent time as a songwriter in Los Angeles, even landing a spot on a production team for a Stevie Wonder spin-off called Writer’s Quarters West. To help make ends meet for his young family, Bill started a small business in 1988, part time, while still keeping a foot in the music industry. But it quickly consumed all his time and energy, and he discovered that he actually enjoyed running a business, which required learning how to keep the books, which led to an MBA in finance and accounting. Eventually, Bill was hired by Universal Accounting Center in Salt Lake City to teach their unique bookkeeping and tax preparation courses to students from all over the country. He has been a lead writer and editor for Universal Accounting’s Professional Tax Preparer course. He also worked several seasons as a tax professional for H&R Block. Having worked several seasons as a tax professional for H&R Block, Bill currently runs his own thriving bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation business.

Scott Stephenson, Profit and Growth Coach – In the Black/Red to BlackScott Stephenson
Profit and Growth Coach – In the Black/Red to Black

John Scott Stephenson has over 20 years of consulting experience in training design, implementation, facilitation, change management, customer loyalty, leadership development, and sales and marketing. He has designed and implemented management systems to support major change initiatives for numerous organizations throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. His goal is to help organizations be more profitable and people more effective.

Scott’s clients are in the public, private and non-profit sectors, which have given him broad experience in understanding critical organizational issues.  His clients include the Center for Disease Control, Phillip Morris, DeVry University, and KPMG Peat Marwick.  He has an MBA and Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.

Clay Neves, BizBench Implementation CoachClay Neves
BizBench Implementation Coach

Clay Neves is an 12 year veteran with Universal Accounting Center and has worked with students throughout the United States and Canada to grow their practices.  He oversaw growth of Universal’s seminar channel nearly ten-fold, and oversaw the enrollment call center before taking on the implementation of BizBench as a new product, as well as webinars, virtual conferences, and other R&D projects. He has been involved at the executive level in using key performance indicators to identify trends, problems, opportunities and business solutions.  He is a past Chamber of Commerce executive and knows how to help small business.  With over 30 years of sales and marketing management experience, he can help you implement business assessment and evaluation, as well as coach you on how to attract new clients, increase retention, and expand your consulting income.

Ron Saharyan, Profit First Professional Implementation CoachRon Saharyan
Profit First Professional Implementation Coach

Ron and Mike Michalowicz debated how to help businesses that were seeking financial fortitude. Mike had the fix: Profit First. Ron had the plan: Profit First Professionals. After their twelve minute discussion the decision was clear, the Profit First Professionals organization was to be created. Having built multiple companies in the staffing industry, Ron leads our membership of world class accountants, bookkeepers and business coaches who guide entrepreneurs to the highest degrees of profitability.

Ron has over 15 years experience in managing organizational growth, is a thought leader in business cash flow management and is a popular speaker on the topic of, you guessed it, profit.

Profit First Professional Implementation CoachBillie Anne Grigg, PB, PFP
Profit First Professional Implementation Coach

Billie Anne Grigg has been a bookkeeper since before the turn of the century (yes, this one.) She is a Universal Accounting Center graduate of the Professional Bookkeeper (PB) program as well as a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, LivePlan Expert Advisor, and a Mastery Certified Profit First Professional. Billie Anne started Pocket Protector Bookkeeping in 2012 to provide an excellent virtual bookkeeping and managerial accounting solution for small businesses that cannot yet justify employing a full-time, in-house bookkeeping staff. In August, 2017, Billie Anne joined the Profit First Professionals team as the Senior Strategic guide.

When not keeping books, Billie Anne can usually be found with her nose stuck in one or at least reading something on her Kindle. She also crochets and knits, has recently rekindled her passion for writing, and enjoys spending her free time with her husband and three children on their farm in northeast Oklahoma.  Hear what advice Billie Anne has for you as you start and build your accounting firm.

Michael Scalice, Profit First Professional Implementation CoachMichael Scalice
Profit First Professional Implementation Coach

Michael Scalice is a seasoned Profit First Coach. He is responsible for training our accountant, bookkeepers and coach members on the intricacies of the Profit First. In addition to guiding members through Profit First implementations, Michael teaches our members how to integrate Profit First into their current service offering. He has worked, first hand, in moving businesses across the globe from overwhelmed and struggling to profitable and thriving.

He is continuing his education at Seton Hall University, hoping to use his passion for investing and money management to help increase the success rate of small
businesses around the world.

Brandon Hood, Profit First Professional Implementation CoachBrandon Hood
Profit First Professional Implementation Coach

Brandon Hood is a Profit First coach, hailing from Dallas Texas. A graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University, he concluded his college career by studying abroad in London. Working at Profit First Professionals, he applies his enthusiasm and passion for people by helping them understand how money can change the way you live and experience life. His passion for teaching is evident as he uses the Profit First method to give our members (and their clients) a different perspective into the health of businesses every day.

He hopes to one day become a teacher and to own a production company.

Erin Moger, Profit First Professional Implementation CoachErin Moger
Profit First Professional Implementation Coach

Erin Moger supports the implementation of Profit First with over twenty-five member accountants, bookkeepers, or coaches…every week. A specialist in the Profit First proprietary cash flow tools, branding and marketing materials, and its constantly expanding set of resources, Erin is the “go to” expert on the Profit First team when it comes to giving our members the advantage over the competition.

Erin has been with Profit First Professionals for the entirety of her professional career (and we hope to keep it that way). Erin has degrees in marketing and accounting. Her passion is to help small businesses succeed because good money management can and will change your life!

Profit First Professional Implementation CoachAmie Bilewicz
Value Builder Customer Success Specialist

On hand to help you with any of your immediate and timely needs, questions or concerns. Amie leads the support team in getting new Advisors set up on their license.

  • Technical questions or issues
  • If you are trying to locate material in the portal and cannot find it
  • If you need a quick refresher on how to do something

Amie is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario’s Media, Information and Technoculture program as well holds a degree in Education. Having only recently started with The Value Builder System™, Amie has excelled in every responsibility she has been given. Amie has extensive knowledge of the portal and is an additional resource on the Customer Success team to help with any technical support, training questions or needs that clients have regarding the platform.

We are committed to bringing you the highest quality customer support possible. That is why we provide you with access to three different levels of support within our Customer Success Team, who work to ensure your satisfaction and success.

Profit First Professional Implementation CoachLaura Ferguson
Value Builder Customer Success Manager

Laura trains and on-boards Advisors onto the Lead Management platform. She also coaches Advisors on how best to leverage The Value Builder SystemTM in their practice.
Contact your Customer Success Manager for:

  • Best practices on marketing and sales
  • Best practices for using the tools provided
  • Coaches towards integrating The Value Builder System™ into their business model

Laura Ferguson holds a Bachelor of Arts from McMaster University as well as a Certificate in Human Resources.  With a decade of experience in training, onboarding and customer satisfaction, Laura looks forward to helping make your use of The Value Builder System™ a success. Laura’s responsibilities include: training new advisors on our platform, questions about the portal, best practices for sales/marketing and to brainstorm the most effective ways of leveraging The Value Builder System™ in your business.

Profit First Professional Implementation CoachJulie Taylor
Value Builder Account Executive

Your Account Executive is your primary point of contact for your account needs, to provide feedback or for escalation. You’ll be working with Julie:

  • Make changes to your account
  • Expand your license coverage
  • Add a team member
  • Sign on for additional training or coaching

Julie is an energetic, enthusiastic, creative, inquisitive, and highly organized marketing and sales professional with 20+ years of experience in consumer-packaged goods, beverage alcohol, communications and most recently SaaS.  Julie excels in building strategic partnerships, healthy cross-functional relationships and new business development.  She fosters collaboration and has extensive professional experience in sales, trade marketing, consumer marketing, communications, public relations and has dabbled in operations.

Julie has been recognized with business partner awards at the Liquor Control Board of Ontario for Best Value-Added Promotion as well as Global Best Practice Awards for strategic development plans for well known brands in the spirits industry.

As your Strategic Account Executive at the Value Builder System™, Julie will manage the overall relationship with Universal Accounting Center. Julie is your primary point of contact to discuss additional resources and opportunities to expand your business as well as to provide feedback and escalation.

We know it’s crucial to offer you high quality content, events and interactions with your community of Value Builders, so if you’d like to contribute your ideas to how we can grow and improve we would appreciate your feedback. Your success is our success, so please consider us your partners in helping you achieve your goals!

Andrew Argue, Accounting Marketing Implementation CoachAndrew Argue
Accounting Marketing Implementation Coach

Andrew Argue, a CPA from Miami, has worked closely with Universal Accounting to develop a sales and marketing training program specially geared towards helping accountants grow their firms in today’s modern economy. The program, called Next Level Firms, aims to provide the step-by-step process to implementing marketing tactics in today’s digital world, leaving behind the old school tactics of cold calling, networking and direct mail. Andrew has successfully trained over 200+ accounting firm owners in over 5 countries in the art of selling and lead generation.

Client Testimonials

“Andrew is exactly right when he teaches that content and tech are such time killers. I got a new client last
month after starting to implement his modern marketing tactics. Exactly 1 month later they referred their best friend, and they signed up on the spot after a half hour SS. It’s a great twofer. All because of: Focus on getting Strategy Sessions, Nail the Strategy Session, Deliver impeccable service, Repeat, and Get referrals. Thanks – Danny and Meaghan Howes

“When I started working with Andrew, there were a couple of things that had changed. The first was mindset which is key and something that Andrew focused on helping me develop. The second thing that changed was really having a structure around my business, and that’s what really changed. I had a blueprint, or a playbook, of how I could actually find customers, connect with them, and translate that into playing clients.” – Danetha Doe

“Andrew helped me realize I was way under pricing myself. Service provided, complexity, number of transactions, how difficult is the client (personality), all goes into the pricing, but most importantly is what I think the client will pay. Thanks to Andrew for helping me see my value and allowing me to start attracting the clients I want to be working with, and are willing to pay my fee!” – James Rainwater

“Today I met with an old client who agreed to use my CFO services at a very high monthly fee. He had always
been a low paying client before today. All because I was able to show him the value of what the service would
do for his business, he didn’t even question the price! This is a person that ALWAYS haggles on price…I’m
excited because I would not have done this without this program! Thanks Andrew Argue for tirelessly working
to teach us accountants our value and how to focus on bringing in revenue as the goal of our business.” – Jay Moor

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