Pure Bookkeeping

The Guaranteed System & Support To Grow a 6 Figure Bookkeeping Business & Beyond with Confidence.

Since 1979 Universal Accounting Center has worked with accounting professionals to help them start and build successful accounting firms, bookkeeping services and tax practices.  After interacting with Michael Palmer, Pure Bookkeeping Canada President at various bookkeeping conferences we are excited to collaborate & bring this program to the accounting community (UAC & Pure Press Release).

The Pure Bookkeeping “Successful Practice” System – The Guaranteed System & Support To Grow a 6 Figure Bookkeeping Business & Beyond with Confidence.

Introducing the Pure Bookkeeping: the system that business coach and entrepreneur Peter Cook and bookkeeper Debbie Roberts created over a decade in her bookkeeping business. The System that took her from a sole practitioner to having a successful business and a team of twelve bookkeepers. The System that is now available to help bookkeepers like you transform your business. Pure Bookkeeping fills the need of every owner of a bookkeeping firm to know how to run the back office efficiently and profitably.

Hear more what Roger Knecht, President of Universal Accounting Center has to say in this recent “the Successful Bookkeeper” podcast interview Episode 88, How to Increase the Value of Your Bookkeeping Business & Episode 100, How To Make Your Bookkeeping Business More Profitable

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Roger Knecht, President of Universal Accounting Center said, “every business is made up of 3 specific parts – Marketing, Accounting, Production – and Pure Bookkeeping fills the need of every owner of an accounting firm to know how to run the back office efficiently and profitably.”
Consider these 3 areas of the business when starting & building the premier accounting firm:
  • Marketing – The confidence to look a business owner in the eyes and explain what you can do to help them run their business more intelligently using the financial information they can provide as their Profit & Growth Expert
  • Accounting – The skills and certifications to do the work efficiently and profitably.
  • Production – Offering the services needed with a qualified team doing the work for the client confidently and competently.

Building a profitable bookkeeping business is attainable by any bookkeeper. However, there are deliberate actions required to ensure success and avoid failure.  The Pure Bookkeeping “Successful Practice” System represents over a decade of blood sweat and tears from Debbie Roberts in her business, with Pete Cook’s constant guidance.  So if you want to build a successful bookkeeping practice or business and are serious about growing, we’d love to give you the tools.

A Case Study

“I started using the Pure Bookkeeping System at the start of FY12 and I’m thrilled with the system!  As a new business, I needed a system to keep my business efficient throughout and when I was introduced to Pure Bookkeeping System I signed up immediately. I viewed the market­ing and HR tools as bonuses, but they are the tools that have taken me further and at a faster pace too.  I’ve more than quadrupled my turnover in ten short months!  And now that I’m at White Belt (turning over $100,000) I’m relieved that I’m not doing it on my own. The emails I get from Deb every week are invaluable and she’s always there to answer my questions. The Pure Bookkeeping System is worth its weight in gold.” – Veronica Trethewey

We Help Great Bookkeepers Grow Their Businesses

Our many PURE members work fewer hours, with clients they love, at higher hourly rates and with better work/life balance. You should too.

Debbie’s journey

When it comes to running a successful bookkeeping business, bookkeeping is the easy part! Many bookkeepers have faced the challenges of marketing and finding great clients. And those of us that manage to jump that hurdle then find we’re facing a whole new set of challenges: long hours, ever-dwindling time for friends and family, and how to earn the rates we deserve.

I’m Debbie Roberts, a fellow bookkeeper. I’ve been in your shoes. Back in 2001, I was facing all those challenges. “BAS-ON” (as my husband calls it) was crazy. I didn’t see my family, I was working long hours but I still wasn’t getting the financial rewards I deserved. Then I started working with business coach Peter Cook. As a result, I made a series of important changes. Some were easy to make. Others were more difficult. However, I successfully made the changes I needed to make. The result? By 2010, I had a successful team of 12 bookkeepers. I enjoyed sensible hours. My personal income more than trebled and I worked with a much higher caliber of clients. Today, I enjoy a long annual holiday—with no worries about running my bookkeeping business.

The key to a great bookkeeping business is great clients. Clients that value your work, value your time, and pay you accordingly. It sounds simple, but it’s anything but. Not cracking the sales and marketing leaves many business owners stressed out, underpaid, and feeling unfulfilled. A steady stream of new clients flowing in the door unlocks so many possibilities for your business. Wouldn’t it be great if you could “sack” your bad clients because you knew there was a steady stream of new clients flowing in? Wouldn’t it be great if you could raise your hourly rate by $5-10 dollars an hour, safe in the knowledge that you can afford to lose a couple of “stingy” customers that don’t appreciate your skills anyway? When building her own business, Debbie came to understand just how critical marketing really is, but like most bookkeepers had absolutely no formal training or experience in the field. Over the proceeding ten years (and after a great deal of research, and trial and error), she developed and refined a simple marketing system that consistently delivers new clients.

The Back Story

Debbie Roberts knows how you feel. She’s been in the professional bookkeeping game for over 20 years and went through everything you could possibly imagine. Back in 2001, she was about 18 months into her bookkeeping business when it changed forever. She met Peter Cook who had been working a business consultant and coach since the mid-1990s. At that time in her life, Debbie was tearing her hair out. She was full up, working nights and weekends and wanted to grow her business. But, she was nervous about hiring other bookkeepers. She had cleaned up messes left behind by bad bookkeepers and didn’t want to risk her clients and her reputation to someone else. But, she also didn’t want to turn away anyone who needed her help. Then, after meeting Pete at a networking group, they chatted over coffee when he asked, “If you took the way you do bookkeeping out of your head and put it onto paper as a system and another bookkeeper was following that system, could you trust them then?” At that moment, the Pure Bookkeeping System was born. Pete became Debbie’s coach and over the next decade, she grew her business to the successful, profitable operation with a team of 12 highly skilled bookkeepers who worked for her (She’d later sell her business in 2014). In 2010, Debbie and Pete decided to take what they learned in their journey to form Pure Bookkeeping to help other bookkeepers grow their businesses and that they did in 3 different continents – Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

What We Know

We believe normal bookkeepers can do incredible things. As a training and coaching company, Universal Accounting Center & Pure Bookkeeping will do our best to help you reach your business goals through our engaging and informative seminars, webinars, informational products, mastermind calls, and our crown jewel resource, the Pure Bookkeeping System which shows you step-by-step how to create powerful systems in various areas (ie: Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, etc.) of your business. Over 700 bookkeepers worldwide have used it and experienced dramatic success.


See If We’re A Fit For You

Pure Bookkeeping isn’t for everyone. Only those who have a true passion and commitment to growing their bookkeeping business and are willing to put in the work are the types of achievers we’d like to help. If you’re ready for the challenge, you can begin by browsing through our website and take advantage of the many profitable resources at your fingertips.

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