Become An Accountrepreneur

You’re the owner of an accounting firm, a bookkeeping service or tax practice but are you an Accountrepreneur.

Become An AccountrepreneurThere is a difference between “involvement” & “commitment”, it’s like ham and eggs for breakfast.  Think of it like this, who is more committed, the pig or the chicken?  The chicken was involved, the pig is committed.  As the owner, you gave yourself the job you have now but are you building the business you intended to have?  Are your clients getting the quality of services you intended to offer or could you be doing more?  Are you getting paid what you are worth?

If you are ready to commit to having the Premier Accounting Service, you are in the right place!

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Become An AccountrepreneurWe help accountants, bookkeepers and tax preparers be in business for themselves but not by themselvesSince 1979 Universal Accounting Center has helped to start and build 1000’s of successful accounting firms, each of them becoming the Premier Accounting Service in their areas.

Universal Accounting offers you the tools and resources you need to train your team.   We advise and help you implement tried and proven practices to avoid the challenges and pitfalls that will come your way as you build your firm.

A key part of our Accountrepreneur – Premier Accounting Service program is the 12 months of coaching and the accountability it brings with successful experts assigned to personally work with you on a weekly basis.  Imagine 4 hour-long sessions a month with your mentor, coach, consultant and advisor.  With this, you’ll also have access to your peers, a community with whom you can chat and collaborate.  In this program, you have all the tools and support you need to ensure your success.Become An Accountrepreneur, Draper Utah

  • Four one-hour one-on-one meetings a month.  In each meeting, we’ll review the previous discussion and the related assignments with a focus on the 8 key value drivers.  A new topic will be introduced and prioritized.  In that process, you will decide how best to implement it within the business and what assignments will be given.  Lastly, the next appointment will be set.  (Following the call, a summary will be given along with complementary information.)
  • The Initial Subscription Term will be _____________ (Month/Year Starting) to _________ (Month/Year Ending, 12 months later).  You may stop using The Value Builder System at any time during the Subscription Term after the 6 months; after which you may cancel with a 45-day notice however, we do not provide refunds.  The Subscription Term will automatically renew for a period of one year unless you inform us that you do not want to renew – at least 45 days prior but no more than 120 days before the end of the Subscription Term.

Become An Accountrepreneur, Draper UtahAs we work with you to improve the value of your business this is what you can expect.  Each month we’ll teach you a new strategy, process or procedure needed to increase the actual value of your business, increase your bottom line profits, clarity for the direction of the business in the coming years (1, 3 and 5-year plans) as well as creating an enhanced company culture.  The focus will be to increase the value of the business ( Your business score – see the form below) and company profits in the next 12 months. (This will be monitored using the key metrics identified with you, the business owner, the P&L and Balance Sheet) The foundation of our work together as your business development coach will be supported by certified coaches in marketing, the Law of Attraction and The Value Builder System, a proven methodology for increasing the value of a business.

The Value Builder System includes 12 modules which are completed each year at the pace of one module per month. Each module will include a one-on-one working session of 1-2 hours with your coach from UAC.  You will also be required to consider several strategic questions prior to our meetings. From time to time, we may need to call on you, or someone you delegate, to access data we need to prepare for our monthly meeting.

Throughout the year, you will have private access to The Value Builder System software so you can monitor your progress at any time. You will be assigned a business coach and have access to others who each specialize in areas of business, marketing, sales, employee & customer relations, and accounting.

Universal Accounting Center works specifically with owners of accounting firms, bookkeeping services, and tax practices to help you:

    • Manifest & Engage 48
      • Gain the clarity to lead with passion and purpose.  Whether it is your team in the office your clients as you work with them, they all need to see the passion you have for the work you do.  Often this requires you to shift from limiting beliefs you have, there are more clients than you can imagine.  You are the only limit to how big you want to grow your business.  You just need to prioritize and delegate with accountability to move forward decisively.
    • Understand Accounting
      • Identify within your company the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) you need to be watching on a regular basis to remove the guesswork from the business.
        • Part of this will include access to training resources you’ll need to add essential services for you to market with confidence and competence (professional certifications and designations) to find and retain new clients
    • Increase Revenue
      • Admit it, the first of three ways to gauge the success of the business is the revenue.  Think of it this way, “nothing happens until you make a sale”.  It’s time to market your premier accounting service as a Profit and Growth Expert.   The Universal Practice Builder program helps you become for your clients the Profit & Growth Expert they need you to be.  Here you will also learn:

        • Hourly, Flat Rate, Revenue adjusted & Value Based Pricing
        • Proven Marketing Strategies
        • The power of webinars and seminars
        • Personal Marketing Plan and S.W.O.T. analysis
        • Etc.
      • Perhaps you don’t like sales, the sales process, or even asking for the business.  It’s time you learn the easy way to Cut to the Chase with our proven sales training for accounting professionals.  But it’s not enough to get sales, are you offering all the services you can as an accounting firm to do the most you can for your clients?  Follow the Geometric Growth Model to find the best ways to get more customers to buy from you more, more often.
    • Improve Profits
      • The second and more important gauge of your success is the profit your firm generates.  Working with your coach you’ll apply in your business the strategy’s from the book “In the Black – Nine Principles for Profitability”  It is here you’ll learn the:
        • Universal Business Model
        • Business Improvement Cycle
      • As an accountant, it may seem intuitive but it is not natural to put Profits First but this is what we help you do in your business.  There is no reason you should be financially supporting the business, your company is like every other business and should be self-sustaining.
    • Build Value
      • Here is the often forgotten third gauge of every business.  What is the business score for your business?  Using the 8 drivers that determine the true value of a business how does yours compare?  With the Premier Accounting Service program, you’ll work with your coach to work ON your business using tried and proven processes, procedures and strategies

Now it is time for you to consider this opportunity to take your business to the next level.  In business there are various revenue thresholds that are difficult to push through because each requires you, the owner, to grow personally and professionally to take on a new role in the business:

    • $250k to $500k in revenue
      • As you grow the business your main stress/concern is with cash flow (managing the increases in operating expense).  As you hire employees you’ll see the profits go down as you increase expenses (paying others to do the work you once did)– how do you push through this first ceiling to stay in business? Cash is King
    • $500k to $1M
      • Here your challenge is hiring more people with more systems to ensure the work is done as expected.  As you move from a few key employees to teams of individuals may cause you to feel like you are losing control of the business.  Not interviewing every new employee, not knowing all their families etc. sometimes feels like you are losing control of your business.  Trusting a system (Key Performance Indicators – KPI’s) is key to move to the next level.
    • $1M to $5M
      • Systems are mandatory and how the business is now run.  All the knowledge in the company (what is in your head as the owner) needs to be found in the processes, systems, and culture of the business.  Now you no longer need to DO the work IN the business.  The bar has already been set, the example is out there.  Now the business needs a leader with vision working ON the business.  Only you can do this, you can’t delegate it or abdicate it.  This transition is hard for most owners as they often no longer are doing what they “love” or define their self-worth.  This means you need to manage more than before.  Culture is key now – STAR training.
    • $5M to $10M
      • This is when a core management team is needed.  Time is spent finding those key players in the business to focus on specific areas (MAPPING the business).  The challenge here is finding people better than themselves (the owner) in those specific areas – hiring up.  This is where the owner again can start focusing on their core strength.
    • $10M to $50M
      • Now the focus in the business is finding efficiency to maximize profits.  This is where the systems and processes in the business become the focus. – It’s time to focus on the  Business Improvement Cycle

Professional Tax Preparer™ Certification by Universal Accounting Center (School)There is no need for you to reinvent the wheel and create the Premier Accounting Service, here is what it takes:

  • Confidence – the ability to look the business owner in the eye and share with him what you can do to help them run their business more intelligently and profitably.
  • Competence – the skill to do the work efficiently and effectively so you can get paid what you are worth.

So, what does it look like as you build the Premier Accounting Service?  You need to address the following in your firm:

  • Skills and Certification – within the office do you have the individuals needed to do the work for the clients whom you can trust.
  • Marketing, finding and retaining clients – there are proven systems that are inexpensive and effective to get clients.  There is no reason to waste your time and money to get clients when there is an “art & science” to get the clients you want.
  • Workflow – following proven processes and procedures ensures your team works together to take care of the client in an efficient and profitable way.
  • Becoming a Strategic Advisor – the accounting profession is changing as Artificial Intelligence changes the role of the accountant, bookkeeper and tax preparer.  No longer is accounting historical, it is real-time and you need to help your clients use the accounting information to make more intelligent business decisions.

With Universal Accounting Center you will have a dedicated business coach, who also is running his own business and working with others like you, to discuss your goals and implement them with confidence.

Consider how you this can make the difference in your business, knowing you’re no longer allow trying to figure this out as you go.

Become An Accountrepreneur, Draper UtahHere is a summary of the things we will cover in the coming months:

  • The Value Builder System (8 Drivers)
  • Benchmarking with BizBench
  • The Universal Business Model
  • The Business Improvement Cycle
  • The Business Improvement Process
  • The Wisdom Pyramid
  • High / Low Impact Evaluation
  • Nine Principles for Profitability
  • The Universal Project Management Model
  • The Universal Turnaround Model
  • The Geometric Growth Model
  • The S.T.A.R. Program
  • The Pyramid of Employee Needs
  • The Wheel of Business
  • The Wheel of Life
  • And more!!

All of this can include:

  • Business Development Training/Coaching
  • Retreat Facilitation
  • Succession Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Client Team Training
  • Executive Round-tables
  • Executive Coaching
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Exit Strategy

Meet Your Coaches, Our Experts!

In addition to the 4 coaching sessions a month you can also now certify your skills and marketing to your potential clients that within your firm you have trained staff who are:

  • trained with Color Accounting to speak in laymen terms so that the client can understand the financials and use the information in their business.
  • Professional BookkeepersBookkeeping, Tax Prep and Quickbooks Business Card (PB) proficient in the day-to-day application of accounting principles in small business. (If you are already confident in your bookkeeping skills you can test out of the final exam and earn your PB designation)
  • QuickBooks Specialists (QS), ready to help them set up and use QuickBooks as it was intended so they can have the information they need to run their business as they know they should. (Again, if you are already confident in your Quickbooks skills – perhaps you are already a QuickBooks Pro Advisor – just test out of the final exam and earn your QS designation)
  • Professional Tax Preparers (PTP), excited to advise them on their personal returns and prepare their business returns.  No longer are you just offering tax preparation services but you’re also servicing your clients with tax planning strategies. (And of course, if you are already experienced as a tax preparer doing individual and business returns please just test out of the final exam and earn your PTP designation)
  • Certified Profit First Professionals (PFP) to help your clients take the guessing game out of their business making profit the priority it should be.  This is a revolutionary approach to accounting that puts profits where it should be in business, first.
  • Value Builder (VB) providers who are there to help them identify the 8 drivers in their business they need focus on to increase the value of their business.

Access to the above courses & programs to be activated one at a time by the assigned engagement coach.  (no more than one at a time unless completed and certification received) Access is month to month as long as the engagement is active. (Each is an online independent study program with specific videos, PDF manuals & coaching) Available for enrolment (individual guarantees do not apply)

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