Value Builder™ Certification

Get The Skills To Become a Value Builder Provider

Earn your Certified Value Builder TM designation and create a predictable recurring revenue stream for your firm.  The Value Builder System™ is designed to create a recurring revenue stream for advisors.  As a Certified Value Builder, you’ll have access to a suite of marketing resources. You’ll also have access to Practice Builder, our free one-on-one training program designed to kick start the growth of your value-building practice.

Value Builder™ Certification Business Owners Plan To Exit

I’ll bet you can relate to this. You’ve had a successful career.  You’ve worked with various individuals and now realize that it’s time to give back to the business community because you have something to offer others in the business world that will help them succeed in their careers, in their business. For many individuals lie you there comes a time when they realize that after years of experience in business, both good and bad (difficult), they have learned many lessons that they can now share with business owners (their clients) to help them avoid the same pitfalls and more quickly achieve success, but how do you transition and become a business consultant? Perhaps you remember Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  Consider how it applies to you at this point in your career and to business in general.  It is when you experience Self-Actualization that you are ready to now help and give back to others: (becoming a business coach – a Value Builder provider)

Get Certified with Value Builder™ processes and procedures to increase the profits and the value of the business

Why Get The Value Builder TM Certification?

Instead of becoming a generic business coach drawing on this or that to help clients use your skills and experiences to complement a proven system. As a Profit and Growth Expert you can then also become a certified Value Builder (VB) provider. Working with business owners you will use specific processes and procedures to increase the profits and the value of the business.

Get Certified with Value Builder™ processes and procedures to increase the profits and the value of the business

The VB designation will allow you to do the following:

✓ Demonstrate you have proven skills in business consulting and coaching

✓ Advance your career and potentially increase your wages/earnings helping you get paid what you are worth

✓ Place “VB” after your name, distinguishing you from other business coaches and consultants

✓ Raise your value to your company or clients

✓ Practical real-life hands-on emphasis with training in multiple industries using video instruction that you can do at your own pace (very flexible)

✓ Professional Support (academic and practical) Now is the time to be trained in this growing profession that affords you the opportunity to give back to the business community confidently as a certified value builder. You will become competent in the 8 Drivers that ensure the most value in business.

Earn Your Certified Value Builder™ Designation

Virtual Training

Self-paced course – only 16 sessions (8 hours) of training to complete.

  • Prerequisite – must also be enrolled in the Profit & Growth Expert (PGE) program
  • Future enrollment in SmartStart (RocketLaunch, and CoachMaster) directly with The Value Builder System™ to become certified is necessary.

The Value Builder Pro License includes access to:

  • The Learning Center
  • Marketing Assets
    • Related Logos and Graphic Images for branding
    • Related Videos for website and social media use
    • Related Articles for content
    • Brochures
    • PowerPoint Presentations
    • Etc.
  • The Value Builder Lead Magnet Tools
    • Business Score questionnaire
    • Pre-Score
    • Famous or Rich
  • The Nurture Cycle white-labeled drip campaigns
  • The Value Builder assessment reports
  • Scenario Planning
  • Events (Online & Live) – related internal training from Value Builder program directly for certified Value Builder Providers to offer timely and relevant services confidently
  • Assigned Value Builder Coach (Each licensee will receive training from the Customer Success team and will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager.)

The system is designed to be self-paced, so you can learn when it is most convenient for you. If you have thirty minutes to spare between meetings, you can work through a module.

  • Become trained in Consultative Selling

Get Certified with Value Builder™ processes and procedures to increase the profits and the value of the business

Become a certified Value Builder provider (VB)

– Self-paced online business assessment and consulting program

Includes the opportunity to become certified as a Value Builder provider and use the (VB) designation upon qualification.

Call now for more information on how you can become a Profit and Growth Expert with Small Business Owners as a certified Value Builder TODAY +1 (801) 855 6550. Become a professional business coach as you consult and advise business owners as a Profit and Growth Expert once you are certified as a Value Builder provider. This is a profitable and rewarding career when you follow this proven turnkey system of marketing to find the business owners and offering the coaching when you use the 12+ module (month) process with your clients.


John Tom, Value Builder Business Coach  John has coached and consulted clients in over 20 countries working with reputable hotel chains like Marriott International, Hilton Worldwide & Accor. As a Customer Success Manager at The Value Builder System™ he brings global best practices building value and developing a plan to help enable your business to thrive.

John received his Bachelor of Business Management from Western Sydney University and also earned his Marketing Diploma. John is an identical twin based out of Toronto, enjoys reading on the beach and yoga.



Profit First Professional Implementation CoachAmie Bilewicz

Value Builder Customer Success Specialist

Amie leads the support team in getting new Advisors set up on their license.

Amie is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario’s Media, Information and Technoculture program as well holds a degree in Education. Having only recently started with The Value Builder System™, Amie has excelled in every responsibility she has been given. Amie has extensive knowledge of the portal and is an additional resource on the Customer Success team to help with any technical support, training questions or needs that clients have regarding the platform. We are committed to bringing you the highest quality customer support possible. That is why we provide you with access to three different levels of support within our Customer Success Team, who work to ensure your satisfaction and success.

Laura Ferguson

Value Builder Director of Customer Success

Laura trains and on-boards Advisors onto the Lead Management platform. She also coaches Advisors on how best to leverage The Value Builder System™ in their practice. Contact your Customer Success Manager for:

  • Best practices in marketing and sales
  • Best practices for using the tools provided
  • Coaches towards integrating The Value Builder System™ into their business model

Laura Ferguson holds a Bachelor of Arts from McMaster University as well as a Certificate in Human Resources.  With a decade of experience in training, on-boarding and customer satisfaction, Laura looks forward to helping make your use of The Value Builder System™ a success. Laura’s responsibilities include: training new advisors on our platform, questions about the portal, best practices for sales/marketing and to brainstorm the most effective ways of leveraging The Value Builder System™ in your business.

Roger A. Knecht, President of Universal Accounting SchoolRoger Knecht PB, VB 

President of Universal Accounting Center

Your coach to help you apply these principles within your own business as well as help you marketing, enroll and fulfill these services with your business clients: (most of this will be done with your participation within a closed Facebook group)

  • Marketing
  • Selling
  • On-boarding new clients
  • Fulfillment, working with your clients throughout the engagement

After using the Value Builder system we’ve grown our business consulting services (Universal Business Builder, a division of Universal Accounting Center) to work with owners of various industries to apply the 8 drivers within their businesses.  We’ve seen companies go from being in the RED, not being paid as owners to being “in the BLACK” as well as going to market and being sold.  It’s time to apply these principles within your business AND provide these services to your clients.  Become a certified Value Builder provider.

As President of Universal Accounting Center® (UAC) Mr. Knecht is a favorite presenter at Universal’s seminars, combining wit and wisdom in sharing the principles of business success. Mr. Knecht has extensive experience in marketing and management with corporations of all sizes and has successfully implemented the principles of growth he speaks about.

Allen Bostrom, former President of UAC, says, “Roger’s professional abilities and enthusiasm for Universal Accounting have been critical to the growth of the company during the past dozen years. Had it not been for Roger’s contributions, we would not be where we are as a company today.”

John Warrillow – Founder of The Value Builder System

The Value Builder System was designed by John Warrillow, the author of the international bestseller, Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You. He also contributes regularly to In 2008, John was recognized by BtoB Magazine’s “Who’s Who” list as one of America’s most influential business-to-business marketers.

John Warrillow & Roger Knecht

Create a predictable Recurring revenue stream for your firm

Why Earn Your Certified Value Builder™ Designation from The Value Builder System™ on Vimeo.

Value Builder Assessment from The Value Builder System™ on Vimeo. alt=

The Value Builder System is an online platform with a suite of tools designed to build company value over time. The business owner and their Certified Value Builder login to our secure system to complete exercises, set goals and track progress against a variety of value-building metrics. alt=   Value Builder™ Business Model Value Builder™ Methodology

It is important to understand that unlike traditional consulting you will have a unique relationship with your business owner clients. Using the 8 Drivers, Benchmarking with BizBench, and other proven business processes and procedures you will help your clients achieve greater resell value of the business, clarity of objectives, priorities, strategies, plans, and actions to provide the greatest level of business and personal success. Value Builder™ Your Success Value Builder™ Universal Accounting SchoolWhy should you enroll now to become a certified Value Builder provider: It works! This is what you can look forward to when you work with your business owner clients:

  • Respect and Appreciation – You will help people take control of their businesses and their lives.
  • Getting Paid What You Are Worth – You are paid a premium because the ROI is so great with your clients.
  • You’re the Expert, you work when and where you want – You make your own hours (full-time or part-time). * Work with the clients at their business, they can come to you, you can work with them remotely

To be clear, this is the best of both worlds.  As a Profit and Growth Expert, you will work with very low overhead – You can operate your own independent business coaching practice without large capital expenditures. Although you are certified as a Value Builder provider you can add to and modify the coaching you offer your clients in a personal way.  This flexibility allows a variety of income streams – individual coaching, group coaching, consulting, training, and fractional service offerings (such as part-time “Sales Manager” for hire, or “CFO” for hire”) are just a few of the different service-offerings you can incorporate into your practice or firm. Repeat business – Business coaching is typically a retainer-based service and coaching relationships can last for years…sometimes, forever!  Be trained to use the following with your clients:

The Key Drivers of Business Value

Value Builder™ Diagram

Value Builder™ ITB Process Value Builder™ BizBench-Report-Content-Graphic Meaningful work – What can be more rewarding than knowing that your work has had such an enormously favorable impact on another person’s life? It’s truly awesome. – An overall strategic vision – A plan to increase the real value of the business – A proven process to grow revenue and build profits – Practical implementation on a personal and professional level with your business owner clients Value Builder™ Process Save Save Save Save Save Save

Listen to John explain “How to Make Your Bookkeeping Business Built to Sell” and learn how this also applies to YOU and your clients as well as the method for analyzing and moving your business towards ultimate health and potentially salability:

Why business owners don’t see accountants as their “coach” and what you can do to CHANGE it. See what you can do to become a Profit & Growth Expert.  Consider this, How many business owners have you met that you know you can help, but they won’t engage in a conversation about planning their eventual exit from their business? They’ll say they aren’t thinking about leaving any time soon.  Or that they already have everything planned out.  Or that they don’t have the time to spend planning an exit when they’re so busy running the day-to-day operations.

There are 5 questions every advisor should be asking their clients—questions that will shine a light on helping an owner connect to why they started their business, what they want out of it, and how you can help them get it.

Become a Value Builder provider (VB) and learn:

    • The 5 essential questions to ask every business owner upfront to ensure a happy and lucrative exit
    • The 2 major factors that lead business owners to sell
    • How to make sure a business owner’s reasons for leaving correspond to the type of exit they’re planning
    • The best ways to help business owners balance how much they want to get for their business versus how much they need for a satisfying exit
    • The statistically proven program that advisors use to double the value of their clients’ business
    • 12 modules of the Value Builder Engagement
    • Set-it-and-forget-it marketing tools that work 24/7 to nurture your prospects
    • Leveraging The Challenger Sale methodology to win consulting work. – The Challenger Sale is a new sales methodology that is fast replacing the consultative selling approach you learned starting out. It’s based on the premise that today, business owners can learn a lot more about you — through sites like LinkedIn and Google – before they call you. Business owners are coming into a discovery meeting with a potential coach much more informed, and it requires that you take a different approach to selling – one based on challenging your prospect’s point of view.

Why Owners Don’t Buy Coaching From Their Accountant from The Value Builder System™ on Vimeo.

Let’s talk about how you land new business owner clients.

It’s the lifeblood of any advisory practice but it can be tricky. Here at Value Builder, we have worked with hundreds of business advisors and discovered that many of the most successful individuals use at least one of the following three lead generation strategies:

  1. Piggyback Speaking

This strategy involves approaching the organizers of events and offering yourself up as a speaker. Instead of having to fill the room with business owners, you’re “piggybacking” on the organizer’s efforts to drive attendance to their event and you get to be positioned as the expert.

  1. Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is a paid product offered by LinkedIn. It gives you a way to query the LinkedIn database with very specific criteria (e.g. CEOs of roofing companies, with 10-99 employees based in Houston or software company founders based in San Jose who graduated from Stanford). Once you find a prospect, you can use LinkedIn’s messaging platform called “inMail” which, according to LinkedIn, is up to 30 times more responsive than a cold prospect call.

  1. Drip e-mail

One of the inherent problems with being a business advisor is that it takes a while to develop the trust required to get business owners talking about a potential exit. It takes them months – even years – to become convinced that they are ready to exit. Trying to stay in touch with hundreds of owners can be exhausting if you’re doing it one-by-one which is why savvy professionals have a drip marketing campaign where they are sending out thought-provoking content each week. This ensures that you stay top of mind with your business owner prospects.

The one common denominator across all three of these strategies is that they are enabled by The Value Builder System™. If you’re keen to learn how business advisors leverage Value Builder, enroll and you’ll learn:

  • The 5 Best Ways to reach business owners through Piggyback Speaking
  • Our ranking of the 6 best B2B lead generation tactics
  • How one advisor tripled his conversion rate using one simple technique
  • How one advisor created a seven-figure revenue stream leveraging our platform