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Universal Accounting’s programs are delivered through convenient, online video tutorials. You set the pace and manage YOUR training around YOUR schedule. You’ll have access to continual resources and support from experienced accounting professionals – even after you finish and are working in the field. Most of the programs are designed so that the Training & Certification can be completed in just 3-6 weeks.

Universal Accounting is a unique post-secondary school.  We have different choices in training and tuition options that other schools don’t offer.  We are proud to know our courses are usually more affordable than other programs considered by individuals looking for the training and certifications they need to excel in their careers or start and build their own firms.  Let us customize a program around your needs INSTEAD of having a school tell you what you need.  Call UAC today and speak with a representative that will listen to understand your present situation, your background and goals before recommending one or more of our guaranteed programs.

Universal Accounting Center® (UAC) Online Training

Universal will price match any other schools pricing. The competitor’s training has to be identical to the UAC’s training. Must have proof. (website, etc.) Example: Training has to come from a school. Not a company. IRS approved, Books, taxes, enrollment fees, video format, support, etc. Call 801-265-3777 to qualify.


Take the Video Tour

1-Minute Video Tour of Universal Accounting Online Training

Click on the image above to take the quick, 1-minute video tour of Universal Accounting Center (UAC). Check out the curriculum and performance improvement tools developed to help you become a qualified accounting professional and to help both you and your clients reduce taxes, increase profits and build savings.

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Know this: if it’s about accounting, it’s Universal.  Accounting success IS Universal!

Universal Accounting School, Catalog Table of Contents“If It’s About Accounting, It’s Universal”

Today’s university programs traditionally focus on the complexities of audit, tax, and accounting standards for large corporations, despite over 80% of accounting opportunities being found within small business. Universal Accounting® was built around the unmistakable need for competent training in the proper application of accounting principles for small business. Our programs are skills-driven, with laser focus on the VITAL areas of small business accounting, tax preparation and business fundamentals, without spending years in school. Terms & Conditions

The Universal Accounting® Mission

At Universal Accounting®, we’re driven to equip individuals with the education, skills and confidence needed to enjoy a successful career in full-charge accounting, bookkeeping and tax.

✓ We assist accounting and tax firms to build more profitable client bases.

✓ We help individuals start and enhance their careers in accounting and tax so that they can receive the promotions that they deserve and earn what they are worth.

✓ We take businesses from red to black so that they can be successful and increase their profits. Universal Accounting® believes that the role of accounting is a proactive one. Our programs are specifically designed to provide the structure and support to become not just an accounting professional, but to be a Profit & Growth Expert.

Flexible Distance Learning

Universal Accounting® programs are delivered through rich and engaging training videos, so you can get the skills to advance your career in a way that fits your life and learning style. Lessons can be reviewed as much as necessary and you can fit learning around work, family and other responsibilities. No commute, no strict schedule, and no campus fees.

Accelerated Training

Get the skills you need to advance your career, without spending years or even months in school. This highly focused program was developed to give you the skills you need to succeed with no unnecessary filler. This program can be completed in as little as 3-6 weeks.

Career Support

As a UAC graduate, you’ll have the skills to build your career and even start your own business – but you’re far from on your own. You’ll feel confident knowing you’re backed by experienced professionals who are happy to help, even long after you’ve finished your courses.

Our Guarantee

Universal Accounting School, Ironclad GuaranteeOur iron-clad, risk-free guarantee –  We’re so confident in our programs and their ability to provide the instruction, hands-on application and on-going professional guidance it takes to help you succeed, we guarantee it. (See related programs for details – Get Certified)

Is Small Business Accounting Training Right For You?

To learn how professional certification could help you and your career, and explore whether Universal Accounting®’s at-home learning model is right for you, fill out the form on this page. A friendly and knowledgeable UAC advisor would be happy to help you explore your options and uncover the right training solution and business plan to suit you. Plus, get a FREE video showing you how to grow your accounting practice by $30,000 to $125,000 per year!

Divisions of Universal Accounting Center

  • Universal Accounting International
    • Committed to collaborate with local colleges and universities to offer quality online training for accounting professionals
  • Universal Business Builder
    • Working with business owners to help them:
      • Engage and Manifest
      • Understand Accounting
      • Increase Revenue
      • Improve Profits
      • Build Value