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There are various levels of success in business.  One of the most significant is the profit the company is able to show on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.  Enrolling with Universal Accounting as a Profit First Professional you are trained to work with your clients so that they can experience the success in business they hoped for.  Too often business owners make personal sacrifices time and again for the business to move forward.  As they work with you as their Profit First Professional you will help them make the money they deserve while still growing the business.

Accounting is undergoing a massive change and yet there’s a lull right now. Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center explains what the challenges that we’re facing are and how we need to react to it.  “Some people are going to be crushed if they don’t prepare and others are going to excel.” Learn how you can grab this opportunity to grow your business like never before. Welcome to episode 96 of the Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast.

Learn the tools, techniques and strategies to find for the client the profits they deserve to have running their business.  In the process we will train you how to market your services to get clients, what to do with your clients to achieve the desired results and get paid what you are worth.

The Total Package

To insure your success as you build your firm your receive with your enrollment the following KEY elements:

  • The Universal Practice Builder™ Program teaches you the art and science of getting and retaining clients. The science makes it certain; the art makes it easy. This program will give you the marketing tools and knowledge that will bring you clients — GUARANTEED!  When you give us 17 hours of your time, we’ll guarantee that you’ll get lots of new clients in return. You won’t regret this investment.
  • BizBench provides you a complete consulting platform to become the profit and growth expert with comparative tables and graphs, complete analytical detail for you as a consultant, and a comprehensive checklist of recommendations for those areas where they fall behind their industry standards.  With BizBench, your clients will SEE why they need you!

Get Certified, Profit First Professional™ Course, Universal Accounting School

  • Profit First Professional CORE training and guidance on how to integrate the simple yet powerful Profit First methodology into your existing service offerings to make you stand head and shoulders above the competition. (CORE members need to be in core for 6 months before moving to Mastery which is offered to select individuals.)
  • Unlimited online access to Profit University® – our exclusive educational and implementation platform for you and your clients to fast-track effective results, no matter how busy your schedule
  • Unlimited Profit First support every step of the way to attract and work with high quality clients who are eager to implement the proven Profit First system
  • Done-for-you templates and marketing materials for your website, presentations, live workshops, email and more!
  • Distinctive Profit First certification logo for your website and promotional materials to immediately brand you as a top-notch service provider
  • Online community of collaborative professionals who support each others success while championing entrepreneurial financial health from the inside out

Our Guarantee

ironclad-guaranteeWe’re so confident in our programs and their ability to provide the instruction, hands-on application and on-going professional guidance it takes to help you succeed, we guarantee it.

“If after following the steps of the Profit First program for 12 months, you do not have an increase of more than $30,000 in annualized billings, then simply return all materials given and we will refund all monies paid.”

Call now for more information on how you can become a Profit and Growth Expert with Small Business Owners as a certified Profit First Professional TODAY – 1 (877)833-7909

Profit First Professional BadgeWhat is Profit First Professionals (PFP)?

  • An exclusive hand-picked community of accounting and business professionals who are using the Profit First methodology to help their clients build highly profitable businesses using a consultative approach

What are the Key Benefits?

  • Easily attract higher quality clients who are searching for quality professionals to provide premium level business services
  • Finally switch from a time-for-money pricing structure to highly profitable value-based packages so you can stop working harder (and love what you do even more)!
  • Get nuts-and-bolts specifics on how to focus on high-value business services (and less on typical tax compliance and bookkeeping only)
  • Gain more confidence and skills knowing that you’re on the leading edge of a major shift in our industry where you can reach your financial goals (and beyond), and help your clients thrive in the process

What Profit First Professionals is NOT!

Get Certified, Profit First Professional™ Course, Universal Accounting SchoolDo You Qualify?

You do if you have…

  • A basic understanding of the Profit First concepts
  • An established bookkeeping, accounting or business consulting practice (with an existing client base and operational for at least one year)
  • A willingness to roll up your sleeves, take action and apply Profit First to YOUR business
  • A passion for providing high quality services that support your clients’ financial health
  • A burning desire to take your practice to the next level of success by becoming your clients’ trusted advisor for long-term business profitability and success

Apply Now!

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Get Certified, Profit First Professional™ Course, Universal Accounting School

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