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Accounting is a broad profession with many opportunities to work within any business.  This program is for those wanting to become involved with an international network of accountants, bookkeepers and business coaches who have the unique skills to maximize a company’s profitability.

When you becoming a certified Profit First Professional (PFP) you’ve taken another step in your career to stand out in the crowd as someone that takes seriously their profession.  This certification is a “must have” for any professional who consults with business owners as the trusted strategic advisor regarding profitability.    As such you become for your clients an accountability partner that following a specific process can help them make profit become deliberate and intentional.

This certification program is a learning process that is facilitated by the Profit First Headquarters partners.  They are experienced and committed to your success as an accounting professional helping you apply these proven strategies first in your business as well as with your clients.

Working with Business Clients

Become a Profit First Professional

There are various levels of success in business.  One of the most significant is the profit the company is able to show on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.  Enrolling with Universal Accounting as a Profit First Professional you are trained to work with your clients so that they can experience the success in business they hoped for.  Too often business owners make personal sacrifices time and again for the business to move forward.  As they work with you as their Profit First Professional you will help them make the money they deserve while still growing the business.

In a recent Profit First Podcast with Mike Michalowicz and Ron Saharyan you’ll learn how accounting is undergoing a massive change and yet there’s a lull right now. Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center explains what the challenges that we’re facing are and how we need to react to it.  “Some people are going to be crushed if they don’t prepare and others are going to excel.” Learn how you can grab this opportunity to grow your business like never before. Enjoy this episode 96 “Prepare for Changes in the Accounting World” with Roger Knecht in the Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast. (See the HIGHLIGHTS from the “Grow My Accounting Practice” podcast to learn more how you can build your practice today becoming a Profit First Expert)

Learn the tools, techniques and strategies to find for the client the profits they deserve to have running their business.  In the process we will train you how to market your services to get clients, what to do with your clients to achieve the desired results and get paid what you are worth.

Leveraging Profit First 

Ever since Mike Michalowicz became a full time author in 2008 he has been blessed to be labeled as one of the top thought leaders for small business growth. His book, Profit First, has been the most successful and popular of all his books. It means entrepreneurs and business owners are more than just interested in profit, they are taking action. This means there are:

  1. Entrepreneurs who are already familiar with Profit First and want your help.
  2. Entrepreneurs who you can make aware of Profit First and they will instantly find information on how powerful Profit First is.
  3. An estimated 30,000 implementations of Profit First by small businesses already – in other words, it is a proven system!

Benefits of Leveraging Profit First:

– When prospecting, you will be able to create far better leads instantly by leveraging the Profit First brand.

– We will support you in converting leads into clients. As a trusted third party expert, any leads you generate by leveraging your affiliation to Profit First will know that you are an integral part of the brand. We are ready, willing, and pumped to get on the phone with you and close sales.

– Every time we, a fellow PFP, or you markets Profit First, the awareness grows. You are being marketed even when you are not marketing!

The Total Package

To insure your success as you build your firm you receive with your enrollment through Universal Accounting Center (UAC) the following KEY elements: (What You Get)

The Profit First Professional Program:

Get Certified, Profit First Professional™ Course, Universal Accounting School

  • Profit First Professional CORE training and guidance on how to integrate the simple yet powerful Profit First methodology into your existing service offerings to make you stand head and shoulders above the competition. (CORE members need to be in core for 6 months before moving to Mastery which is offered to select individuals.)
  • Unlimited online access to Profit University® – our exclusive educational and implementation platform for you and your clients to fast-track effective results, no matter how busy your schedule.The online educational and communication platform, Profit U is supported and monitored fully by our team. Profit U gives PFPs access to specialized marketing, branding and revenue generation training (more details below); resources and links; and a knowledge base of Profit First strategies.Benefits of Profit First University:- Done for you profit consulting tools that can bring immediate, additional revenue to your firm.- Downloads for marketing, branding graphics, copy and content to distinguish yourself from your competitors.- A constantly building knowledge base on all topics related to Profit First.- Access to member only discounts (for books and other products).
  • Profit First Certification – The program is designed to take six months to complete and is calculated to require approximately 12- 15 hours a month to accomplish.  Although the system is typically completed in six months, the training can be completed within two to three months. (Profit First Professional is membership organization associated with a very strong brand and is renewed directly yearly with Profit First Professional directly)
  • Unlimited Profit First support every step of the way to attract and work with high quality clients who are eager to implement the proven Profit First system
  • Done-for-you templates and marketing materials for your website, presentations, live workshops, email and more!  By being part of the Profit First Professionals family, you immediately have a distinct brand position. After all, most business owners find that their bookkeepers, accountants and coaches support their accounting and general business functions; however they surely don’t help drive profitability in their business. It’s ironic that the biggest need entrepreneurs say they have – to increase their profit – is not being addressed by these same experts… Until now.With the Profit First brand you will not only distinguish your firm in the market as one of the few, but you will be one of the elite specialists who has a specific, proven methodology to drive higher levels of profitability for your clients. Additionally, your distinct offering allows you to dictate higher fees and more volume. We provide you with all the tools to get the word out as well as the strategies that will generate higher fees and more clients.Benefits of The Profit First Online Toolkit:- We are limiting our number of Certified PFP members so that you’ll never likely compete with another Profit First Professional for business. Your prospect will know you are the only expert certified in Profit First and positioned to help them with their profits… a serious leg up on the competition.- You have private access to templates for emails, letters, call scripts and other tools to attract new clients, sell to existing clients and market your business differently than your competition.- You have access to private marketing training (and resources), sales training (and resources), branding training (and resources) and so much more in Profit U.
  • Distinctive Profit First certification logo for your website and promotional materials to immediately brand you as a top-notch service provider
  • Online community of collaborative professionals who support each others success while championing entrepreneurial financial health from the inside out.  Our Facebook Forum is our private, members-only page, on Facebook. It is actively monitored and support by both the staff at HQ and your fellow PFP members.Benefits of the PFP Facebook Forum:- Powerful networking with fellow members.- Instant learning and sharing of strategies.- Support for more than just Profit First, but for you. When you struggle let us know. When you have a success, let us know. When you have an idea, question, or just want to share, let us know on Facebook Forum. Or when your customers need help, we are here for you.
  • ALSO, join us out the next ProfitCon – the conference for everyone eager to be on the cutting edge of the accounting profession.  Contact UAC for discount tickets.

Call now for more information on how you can become a Profit and Growth Expert with Small Business Owners as a certified Profit First Professional TODAY – 1 (877)833-7909

Profit First Professional BadgeWhat is Profit First Professionals (PFP)?

  • An exclusive hand-picked community of accounting and business professionals who are using the Profit First methodology to help their clients build highly profitable businesses using a consultative approach

What are the Key Benefits?

  • Easily attract higher quality clients who are searching for quality professionals to provide premium level business services
  • Finally switch from a time-for-money pricing structure to highly profitable value-based packages so you can stop working harder (and love what you do even more)!
  • Get nuts-and-bolts specifics on how to focus on high-value business services (and less on typical tax compliance and bookkeeping only)
  • Gain more confidence and skills knowing that you’re on the leading edge of a major shift in our industry where you can reach your financial goals (and beyond), and help your clients thrive in the process

What Profit First Professionals is NOT!

Get Certified, Profit First Professional™ Course, Universal Accounting SchoolDo You Qualify?

You do if you have…

  • A basic understanding of the Profit First concepts
  • An established bookkeeping, accounting or business consulting practice (with an existing client base and operational for at least one year)
  • A willingness to roll up your sleeves, take action and apply Profit First to YOUR business
  • A passion for providing high quality services that support your clients’ financial health
  • A burning desire to take your practice to the next level of success by becoming your clients’ trusted advisor for long-term business profitability and success

Apply Now!

Complete the form at the TOP RIGHT on this page to request the information you need to move forward and see if you also qualify to offer these services in your area.

Listen to this Successful Bookkeeper podcast that Mike Michalowicz did as he shared how you can “Become a Profit Advisor, Not Just A Bookkeeper” and then here what Ron Saharyan says next as he addresses how you can “Focus on Profit First in Your Bookkeeping Business“:

Your Support and Coaches to Mentor YOU On This Journey!

Ron Saharyan, Profit First Professional Implementation CoachRon Saharyan
Profit First Professional Implementation Coach

Ron and Mike Michalowicz debated how to help businesses that were seeking financial fortitude. Mike had the fix: Profit First. Ron had the plan: Profit First Professionals. After their twelve minute discussion the decision was clear, the Profit First Professionals organization was to be created. Having built multiple companies in the staffing industry, Ron leads our membership of world class accountants, bookkeepers and business coaches who guide entrepreneurs to the highest degrees of profitability.

Ron has over 15 years experience in managing organizational growth, is a thought leader in business cash flow management and is a popular speaker on the topic of, you guessed it, profit.

Profit First Professional Implementation CoachBillie Anne Grigg, PB, PFP – your tutor
Profit First Professional Implementation Coach

Billie Anne Grigg has been a bookkeeper since before the turn of the century (yes, this one.) She is a Universal Accounting Center graduate of the Professional Bookkeeper (PB) program as well as a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, LivePlan Expert Advisor, and a Mastery Certified Profit First Professional. Billie Anne started Pocket Protector Bookkeeping in 2012 to provide an excellent virtual bookkeeping and managerial accounting solution for small businesses that cannot yet justify employing a full-time, in-house bookkeeping staff. In August, 2017, Billie Anne joined the Profit First Professionals team as the Senior Strategic guide.

When not keeping books, Billie Anne can usually be found with her nose stuck in one or at least reading something on her Kindle. She also crochets and knits, has recently rekindled her passion for writing, and enjoys spending her free time with her husband and three children on their farm in northeast Oklahoma.  Hear what advice Billie Anne has for you as you start and build your accounting firm.

Michael Scalice, Profit First Professional Implementation CoachMichael Scalice
Profit First Professional Implementation Coach

Michael Scalice is a seasoned Profit First Coach. He is responsible for training our accountant, bookkeepers and coach members on the intricacies of the Profit First. In addition to guiding members through Profit First implementations, Michael teaches our members how to integrate Profit First into their current service offering. He has worked, first hand, in moving businesses across the globe from overwhelmed and struggling to profitable and thriving.

He is continuing his education at Seton Hall University, hoping to use his passion for investing and money management to help increase the success rate of small businesses around the world.

Brandon Hood, Profit First Professional Implementation CoachBrandon Hood
Profit First Professional Implementation Coach

Brandon Hood is a Profit First coach, hailing from Dallas Texas. A graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University, he concluded his college career by studying abroad in London. Working at Profit First Professionals, he applies his enthusiasm and passion for people by helping them understand how money can change the way you live and experience life. His passion for teaching is evident as he uses the Profit First method to give our members (and their clients) a different perspective into the health of businesses every day.

He hopes to one day become a teacher and to own a production company.

Erin Moger, Profit First Professional Implementation CoachErin Moger
Profit First Professional Implementation Coach

Erin Moger supports the implementation of Profit First with over twenty-five member accountants, bookkeepers, or coaches…every week. A specialist in the Profit First proprietary cash flow tools, branding and marketing materials, and its constantly expanding set of resources, Erin is the “go to” expert on the Profit First team when it comes to giving our members the advantage over the competition.

Erin has been with Profit First Professionals for the entirety of her professional career (and we hope to keep it that way). Erin has degrees in marketing and accounting. Her passion is to help small businesses succeed because good money management can and will change your life!

Angie Burns
Profit First Professional Implementation Coach

Angie Burns started her career on the banking side of business within various areas as Credit, Foreign Exchange, and Fraud Prevention.  She has also worked several years as a Corporate Controller for the medical industry.  Angie joined Profit First Professionals as a member in 2017 and joined the team as a guide in 2018. 

Angie has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting with a minor in Management Information Systems.  She understands first hand the struggle small business owners face as her and her husband own an IT company.  Angie has a passion for helping others.

In her spare time, Angie enjoys spending time with her husband and their dog, and is a fitness instructor. 



Get Certified, Profit First Professional™ Course, Universal Accounting School