The Accountrepreneur’s Journey

Starting and then Building a successful accounting practice can be defined in a few ways but the secret is following this proven system.

Do you know what the 3 reasons are that Forbes magazine says accounting is the #1 business to own and operate from home? (Join us NOW for this ONLINE Webinar discussion)

  • Why accounting is the 2nd oldest profession
  • How to get started for as little as $100
  • Learn the strategy to retain your clients and understand their lifetime value
  • How to get paid what you are worth

When marketing accounting services, what do you need to say to stand out to the business owners as the ideal accounting firm?  Discover the 3 benefits that should be at the top of your strategies to FIND and RETAIN the RIGHT clients. (Join us NOW for this ONLINE Webinar discussion)

  • Understand what accountants, bookkeepers and tax preparers are doing to leave money on the table
  • How to have your clients see you as an asset, not a liability
  • How to save your clients more money than they pay you.

It is essential that within the firm are individuals who have the needed credentials that empower everyone to have the confidence and competence to provide the quality of services the client expects.  Some of the obvious certifications to be considered are:

  • Certified Public Accountant, CPA Business Card
    Certified Public Accountant, CPA – This allows the firm to offer audit services to clients (certified financials) and client representation with the IRS.
  • Enrolled Agents – This permits the firm to offer client representation in case of IRS audits
  • Professional Tax Preparer, PTP – To show expertise in the preparation of both business and personal tax returns
  • Professional Bookkeeper, PB – Proficient in the day-to-day application of accounting processes in small business
  • QuickBooks Specialist, QS – Certified in the proper use of QuickBooks as a Professional Bookkeeper
  • Value Builder Provider, VB – Trained to coach and advise business owners in the specific processes and procedures to increase the profits and the value of the increase the worth as a Profit & Growth Expert

Each of these certifications ensures the skills needed to provide the quality of services that enable the accounting firm to be the best in the market.  Excelling in the area allows the practice to over-deliver on the services offered allowing the firm to build a solid reputation with local businesses which will cause referrals to soon become a natural part of the marketing in a short time.

Second, it is important to realize that simply offering bookkeeping services is not enough.  Technology each day is becoming more capable in its ability to assist and in some ways replace the process of recording the transactions but it is not soon to replace the analytical power of a Profit and Growth ExpertBecome an Accountreprenuer and offer more than just historical bookkeeping and tax services.  Offer as a Profit and Growth Expert the consultative services as your clients trusted advisor to help them prepare for and make informed business decisions.  The tools to SEIZE the moment & accomplish this are:

Profit and Growth Expert, Profit First Certified
  • The Universal Practice Builder Program – Understand the process to properly consult and advise your clients as you build your practice as you apply the Art and Science to Get and Retain New Clients.
  • BizBench – Use the tools to properly compare each business to its industry standards and key performance indicators based on NAICS codes using RMA data
  • Pure Bookkeeping – Get the tools to find and hire qualified bookkeepers to offer the services needed with a qualified team doing the work for the client confidently and competently.
  • Profit First Professional – Learn the tools, techniques, and strategies to find for the client the profits they deserve to have running their business.  In the process, we will train you on how to market your services to get clients, what to do with your clients to achieve the desired results and get paid what you are worth.
  • Value Builder Provider, VB – As a professional business coach you will have access to the tools, systems, and reports to help each client realize the profits they deserve.Cert_ValueBuilder_blue_sq9
  • Master Coaching & Support – Enrolling with Universal Accounting Center (UAC) you guarantee your success with proven programs combined with specific business and life coaches which are assigned to work with you for at least 12, 18 or 24 months.

The formula to build a successful practice are: