Power Up Your Marketing and Consulting with BizBench!

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If you are serious about getting trained as a Profit & Growth Expert and trusted Value Builder adviser and consultant to your clients, BizBench is the tool to bring it all together.

BizBench gives you the ability to:

  • Identify how your clients compare against similar businesses in their specific industry.
  • Show them what the numbers look like for the top 10% of similar businesses for their industry.
  • Guide them to the top 10% of their industry for similarly sized businesses.

David Z., an Ohio CPA says, “We have used BizBench as a selling tool for prospective clients. That is, when we review a prospect’s financial information to present a quote, we have included the analysis with our presentation. This recently assisted us in getting a client with revenues of $36 million.”

Another CPA user in Pennsylvania explains, “I use BizBench as a road map for client consulting work. The ‘Ideas for Discussion’ section gives me specific topics I can work on with my clients to address their areas that need the most improvement. I’ve used other products and BizBench is the best by far.”


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BizBench provides you a complete consulting platform to become the profit and growth expert with comparative tables and graphs, complete analytical detail for you as a consultant, and a comprehensive checklist of recommendations for those areas where they fall behind their industry standards.

With BizBench, your clients will SEE why they need you!

Use it as a powerful tool to:

  • Attract new clients – we’ll even help you identify those industries where these reports work best!
  • Increase consulting income with existing clients!
  • Maximize your value as a consultant and advisor in the minimum amount of time.
  • See how BizBench is the perfect tool to give your training maximum traction in the real world!

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It covers how you can use BizBench in your bookkeeping practice to attract new clients, retain existing clients and create a new income stream.  Using BizBench you compare your clients to their industry standards and competitors using NAICS codes.  Using BizBench you can become the Profit & Growth Expert for each of your clients.

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“Universal has been a loyal user of the BizBench software for nearly 10 years and recognized its value early on. In fact, the information we learn from BizBench has been one of the key factors that helped us secure our footing in the Utah 100 for five years and Inc. 5000 for six years. So, when we learned it was available, we jumped at the opportunity.” – Allen Bostrom, former president of Universal Accounting (Universal Accounting Center Acquires Rights to BizBench Software, Plans an Update and Release in February 2013)

Clay Neves, BizBench Implementation CoachClay Neves – your tutor
BizBench Implementation Coach

Clay Neves is a 12 year veteran with Universal Accounting Center and has worked with students throughout the United States and Canada to grow their practices.  He oversaw the growth of Universal’s seminar channel nearly ten-fold and oversaw the enrollment call center before taking on the implementation of BizBench as a new product, as well as webinars, virtual conferences, and other R&D projects. He has been involved at the executive level in using key performance indicators to identify trends, problems, opportunities and business solutions.  He is a past Chamber of Commerce executive and knows how to help small businesses.  With over 30 years of sales and marketing management experience, he can help you implement business assessment and evaluation, as well as coach you on how to attract new clients, increase retention, and expand your consulting income.