UAC Life Coach – Curtis Swenson

Curtis Swenson

In 1997 Curtis read a book called “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. That was the beginning of his transformation. Louise Hay’s philosophy was very different from the things he learned growing up. Applying the principles that she taught brought powerful changes to his life. He wanted more so he attended training in San Diego to certify as a Louise Hay Teacher and Coach. The things he learned there have been more useful to him than his undergraduate degree in Psychology. He immediately began building a coaching clientele and leading workshops to show others how to love themselves.

In 2008 he attended a workshop called the “Soul Purpose Intensive.” It was there he discovered that his Soul Purpose (the purpose of the soul, or life purpose) was to assist others to get what they want. In other words,  he was born to coach!

In 2010, he joined a personal development company where he had opportunities to coach, facilitate and enroll for 7 years. He also gained experience in group coaching.

In 2018, he started his own coaching company and continued coaching, teaching workshops and group coaching.


1991 Psychology degree from Brigham Young University
1998 Louise Hay certified teacher and coach
7 years of coaching, facilitating and enrolling with a personal development company
Over 20 years of coaching and facilitating in various capacities

Program Description-

This 3-month program will empower you.  It Includes:

  • Weekly group instruction and coaching
  • Interaction and continued support in the UAC private FB group

You will experience:

  • Weekly group instruction and coaching
  • Interaction and continued support in the UAC private FB group (Topical Outline)
    • Engage-Mindset Training:
      • What is your Why
      • Agreements
      • What is your vision
      • What is holding you back
      • How can you avoid feeling overwhelmed
      • Who will hold you accountable for continued success
    • Manifest Your Intent-Build Your Business
      • Your Products,
      • Building Your Credibility,
      • Developing Loyalty / Repeat Business
      • Building Your Team
      • How Much Are Really Worth