Bob Clark

Bob Clark

International Enrollment Director

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Bob is a determined entrepreneur and dynamic professional, currently residing in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. Showcasing his remarkable ‘get it done’ attitude, Bob navigated an intricate six-week relocation during the pandemic, which involved selling a house, relocating a family of four along with their four cats, and securing a new home, all sight-unseen.

Boasting over 15 years of experience owning and managing a consulting firm and a software company, Bob has garnered vast insights into business operations, strategy, sales, marketing, and customer service. His business acumen has not gone unnoticed, as he holds the distinct honor of being the top-endorsed individual on LinkedIn for “wearing hats.”

Currently serving as the National Enrollment Director at Universal Accounting (UAC), an esteemed institution accredited by the IRS with over four decades of operation, Bob brings his unique blend of experience and humor to his role. He fondly quips that “UAC was created the year Disco died.”

In his position at Universal Accounting, Bob provides invaluable guidance to individuals and businesses seeking to advance their financial knowledge and skills. Whether your goal is to become a tax preparer, a bookkeeper, or a Profit and Growth advisor, Bob is a go-to resource. His deep understanding of UAC’s comprehensive courses makes him an essential contact for anyone considering embarking on a journey with Universal Accounting.

Away from his professional life, Bob immerses himself in various passions including video games, Dungeons and Dragons, culinary exploration at new restaurants, and strategic poker games. Of course, spending quality time with his beloved cat also brings him much joy.

Resilient, knowledgeable, and approachable, Bob embodies the spirit of lifelong learning. He is consistently seeking new avenues for growth and development, and is committed to helping others do the same, making him an invaluable contact for anyone considering Universal Accounting’s offerings.

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