Braden Boehler

Braden Boehler

Enrollment Director

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Braden Boehler is a highly-motivated and enthusiastic professional with over 4 years of experience as a meeting the needs of clients in a variety of industries including food and beverage, and health and wellness., and in sales management. He is experienced as a personal trainer and gym owner in understanding and strategizing the right action plan for each of his client’s unique needs leading them to achievement of their goals. Throughout his professional career, Braden has earned the trust and respect of employers and customers alike. He attributes most of his success to his ability to hear and understand his customers, and put their individual needs and trust first.

Braden’s career journey brought him to Universal Accounting when he excitingly learned that their philosophy was built on a foundation of trust and a strong dedication to customer success. “To be successful as professionals, we must be successful in delivering honest and purposeful products.”

In his free time, Braden enjoys writing music, working out and participating in non-profit events within his local community.

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