Christy Richards

GrowCon Manager

I look forward to speaking with you

Christi was brought into the Universal Accounting Center team as the Event Manager in the fall of 2022.  Her main role is to organize, run and build the annual GrowCon conference and create and maintain a new Mastermind program UAC will be offering.  She and her team go out of their way to speak to every attendee in advance of the event, to assure they have everything they need in order to have the best experience possible.  Her team’s goal is to knock the socks off every attendee and give them an experience they just won’t get anywhere else!
Christi has over 10 years of Event Management experience as well as years of experience in public speaking, business and relationship coaching, corporate training and interior design.  She also used to be the Managing Director of the local BNI region where she lives, with over 56 chapters and 1200 members – so keeping many balls in the air has become second nature to her.  Working with lists, spreadsheets, apps, software, websites and people to organize, create and produce amazing, unique experiences that people will never forget, is what Christi thrives on.  She loves the culture and amazing people she works with on the UAC team.
Christi has been married to her husband Eric for over 22 years and has 4 children – Cooper, Jake, Darby and Gaden (and daughter-in-law, Tatiana).  Her passion is watching her kids play sports, music or dancing.  She especially enjoys vacationing with her family and spending as much time as possible on their boat or at one of their vacation properties.  Christi’s two favorite places in the world are on the water or on a beach somewhere warm.

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