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Jessica Hedenskog

Personal Development Specialist

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Jessica was born and raised in North Carolina, where she lives to this very day. She says she considers North Carolina to be the perfect state because the weather never gets too hot or too cold, and both the beach and the mountains are only a few hours drive away. Pretty hard to beat that set up!

Jessica received her Bachelor’s Degree in accounting and has always been interested in accounting and the functions of business. She has connected with so many accountants throughout her years in the industry and loves the sense of community that exists therein. She loved working with this group of people and wanted to land at a company where she could lend her expertise in a way that would help them on an individual level.

Her role at Universal Accounting will be to offer direct assistance to the professionals in Universal Accounting programs and she sees it going much deeper than the surface level. She will communicate directly with enrolled professionals to make sure they know that we’re with them through every step of their journey. Jessica said she wants to take on and learn new, essential tasks to free up colleagues to manage their workflows more efficiently.

Outside of work, Jessica enjoys photography, playing board games and video games, spend time with her fiance, family and dog, as well as creating content for social media.

Jessica wants Universal’s alumni and prospective enrollees to know that she’s always here to help. Helping people and seeing them succeed makes her happy because she knows it is helping push the accounting industry in the right direction.

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