QS Logos

To download any of the 4 sizes of the QS logo in GIF format, right-click on the image and you will see in most browsers an option to save the image. Just call it what you want and make a note of what directory that you put it in for later reference so that you will know where to find it.

Note that if you are sending the logo to a printer for business cards or other printed media, you will want to select the last option, to download the logo in .psd (Adobe Photoshop) format. That is a common format used by most print media specialists. If you are posting this on your website, choose the best size below.






Large QS Logos

QS Large Web Logo This is a very large image (410 x 410 pixels) in .gif format which has a transparent background for the web. Right-click on the link and select “Save Picture As…” (Internet Explorer) or “Save Image As…” (Firefox) to download it to your hard-drive.

Right-click¬†HERE to download the QS logo in a large Photoshop format. If your browser attempts to display it and you get something other than the image, right-click on the “HERE” target above and select “Save Link As” (or whatever your browser’s equivalent is).