Starting Your Own Accounting and Bookkeeping Service

— What’s In It For You?

Let’s get started exploring the benefits of starting your own home-based accounting and bookkeeping service.

Entrepreneur Magazine: Starting Your Own Accounting and Bookkeeping Service#1 – Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Services: 18.4% Net Profit Margin

“The accounting industry is consistently a top performer on our list,” says Sageworks’ Weaver. No matter how the economy is doing, everyone needs accountants. Also, this industry tends to have low overhead and repeat clients. –

#1 – ACCOUNTANT, #4 – Business Plan Services, #8 – Consultant
Experience, training or licensing may be needed

“Do you want to simply do bookkeeping and tax services for a small business? A more involved level of accounting would be actually working up balance sheets, income statements, and other financial reports on a monthly, quarterly, and/or annual basis, depending on the needs of the business. Other specializations can include tax accounting, a huge area of potential work. Many business owners don’t mind keeping their own day-to-day bookkeeping records but would rather get professional help with their taxes.”

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Because this video presentation below is being offered online we have broken it into 9 different chapters or sections each only a few minutes.

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Great Money, Great Rewards

Here, you’ll learn just how much you can make with your own accounting bookkeeping service and what kind of lifestyle you can enjoy. If a traditional 9-5 job has left you unfulfilled and underpaid for your efforts, you owe it to yourself to learn about this terrific opportunity to get control of your life and earn the kind of income most accountants don’t even know is a possibility.

Benefits Of Starting Your Own Accounting and Bookkeeping Service

In this video, you’ll truly learn, “What’s In It For YOU?” You’ll discover how 20,000,000 small businesses in the United States alone creates the perfect under-serviced market in which to grow your accounting and bookkeeping service.

You’ll learn how university training prepares accountants to assist 2% of the businesses out there, leaving the remaining 98% to fend for themselves. We’ll reveal how this creates an opportunity for you today!


Benefits To Your Clients, Benefits For You

In this video session, you’ll learn the critical 3 roles an accountant or bookkeeper plays in preventing businesses from going out of business.

You’ll discover why you don’t need a college degree to do all tasks a CPA can with one single exception (that only 3% of all businesses will ever need).

We’ll reveal the basic things you’ll need to take your business from an idea to an income-generating money machine that will provide well for you and your family for as long as you want to work.


Your Unique Marketing Advantage

This video segment will teach you about 3 large groups consisting of potentially hundreds of businesses you can approach in ways your competition can’t.

You’ll learn how easy it is to find your first few clients. Because an average small business client will pay you $300 per month to do 5-10 hours of work, it doesn’t take many clients to really get your business profitable right away.

Click on the play button below to learn the two questions to ask a business to painlessly turn contacts into paying clients.

Bill Correctly & Get Paid What You’re Worth

Most bookkeepers and accountants get paid $10 to $20 per hour. That’s not what they EARN, it’s just what they get PAID.

The sad fact is that most accountants and bookkeepers rob themselves every day of their lives. If you pay 30% in taxes, you feel absolutely robbed. What would you say if I told you that the vast majority of accountants and bookkeepers simply walk away from up to 83% of the income they could have earned? And that’s BEFORE taxes come out!

It’s true. Bookkeepers earn as little as one-sixth the income they could be making with the right billing methods and working for themselves.

Never Settle For $20 Per Hour Again!

I might be going out on a limb here, but if you’re like most bookkeepers and accountants, I’ll bet you bring in less than $20 per hour. There’s no shame in that, certainly. I worked for much less than that most of my career… until I found a better way, anyway.

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Additional Services — Earn More For Every Client

In this video segment, we’ll identify 5 additional services you can do for your clients for even more profit per client. When you have more billable services per client, you don’t need as many of them. You spend less time marketing and more time in billable hours.

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The Profitable “Client Organizer”

What would you say if I told you an inexpensive plastic box held the key to:

  • Making More Per Hour By Spending Fewer Hours
  • Having Clients Do Much of Your Work For You, and Still Getting Paid the Same
  • Working on YOUR Schedule, When and Where You Want

Click on the play button below to learn how the “Client Organizer” can do all these things and more.

Achievable, Profitable and Easy

I told you from the start that I wouldn’t B.S. you, and I won’t start now. The Professional Bookkeeper program is simply the most achievable, profitable and easy way of starting what many experts call, “the best of the best home-based businesses.”

At Universal Accounting Center, we are committed to providing the most comprehensive and current accounting, bookkeeping and tax training available. As a Universal student, you may request an individual consultation with any member of the faculty to answer your questions at no additional charge to you.

We are committed to training you in the most accurate and current accounting and tax information. We update our instruction materials regularly to ensure that you receive proper training in techniques and methods presently standardized in the industry. Finally, we are committed to your continued satisfaction and offer you a complete refund of any tuition fees paid if at the end of the course you are not totally satisfied.

I invite you to join an ever-increasing force of satisfied and confidant graduates of the Universal Accounting Center.


Allen B. Bostrom
Texas CPA License #45292
Former President, Universal Accounting Center