Mike Kalous

When Mike Kalous was laid-off in February 2009 from the Colorado construction company he was working at, he was naturally nervous. After unsuccessful job searches for comparable comptroller jobs within a couple hours drive, panic set in.

“I was really sweating it,” he said. “I was looking at possibly commuting to Denver, (more than a four-hour drive) and thinking we might have to sell the house and start renting,” he said.

In March, Kalous did some research online and found Universal Accounting. He ordered the Professional Bookkeeping and Quickbooks course of DVDs immediately.

Within a short time period, he used the tips he learned from the workshop DVDs, talked to two people, and secured three clients for his new company, Valley Vista Business Services.

“I was getting my car worked on, and I asked the owner, ‘Who does your accounting?'” Not only was he able to sign him on, but also the man’s wife. The third client was a friend of Kalous.

Since then, Kalous has been adding at least two clients a month. On one November day alone, he added three; two through referrals and one acquaintance.

In May, Kalous, encouraged by his success, took Universal Accounting’s Practice Builder Live Workshop, and then enrolled in the Client Generator Program from June to September. The Client Generator is a 90-day intensive program that combines the power of Universal Accounting’s Master Coaching, marketing products, and marketing coordinators, where Universal Accounting actually finds clients for you.

He did confess, that because of the cost, he and his wife were a little hesitant, but Kalous had reminded her of the success of the other programs.

“I definitely would not be where I am today without the Client Generator Program. It is a fantastic program and I highly recommend it,” he said.

This year Kalous’ goal was to obtain 11 new clients, which he met in September, and by the end of the year, he expects to hire his first employee.

“My previous job I was the assistant comptroller making about $72,000, and I thought I might make two-thirds of that by myself,” he said. However, after participating in the client-builder program, he and his coach, set Kalous’ long term goal as making a six-figure income.

“My long term goal is much larger than I had imagined when I started my business,” he said. “But now it is attainable in 2010.”

Kalous’ success has been recognized by Universal Accounting and he recently spoke at a UPB Live Conference where one of the students asked him if he was offered a job as a comptroller, making more than $100,000, if he would take it.

“I said, ‘No way would I take that job; things are much better through Universal Accounting.'” Kalous went on to say that he won’t go back to work for somebody else. He explained that he might lose a couple of clients here and there, but he will never lose his income again.