Accountability & Advanced Business Coaching Membership

Expert Coaching For Your Business

Each of our programs come with the following assigned coaches to help you along the way:

  • An Orientation Counselor to help you get set up and through the training
  • An Academic Coach to learn the material and help with related real-world questions
  • A Marketing & Business Coach to help you apply our proven turnkey business plan to find and engage with your ideal clients

These experts help you learn and apply each program effectively within your business. However, you may be looking for additional assistance. If so, we offer the Accountability & Advanced Business Coaching Membership.

This membership intensive program will help you improve your business. It is designed to address your specific needs. You’ll work directly with Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center.

Additionally, those with the Accountability & Advanced Business Coaching Membership will gain access to an exclusive group. Here you will receive interaction and continued support from your peers.This group meets once per month over a closed Facebook call. These calls will focus on the 8 key value drivers in relation to Marketing, Accounting and Production. In each meeting we will review the previous discussion and the related assignments. A new topic will be introduced and prioritized. In that process, you and your coach will decide how best to implement it within the business and what next steps you need to take. 

The discussions will cover topics such as:

  • Marketing Engagement (4+ months) This will include:
    • Vision & Growth Plan with identified metrics to track and record.
    • An Emphasis on the following Value Builder Drivers
      • Automatic Customer – Recurring Revenue
      • Your Growth Quadrant – Growth Potential & Geometric Marketing
      • Training in “Cut to the Chase”
  • Accounting Engagement (4+ months) This will include:
    • An Emphasis on the following Value Builder Drivers
      • Financial Performance
      • Switzerland Structure
      • Valuation Teeter Totter
      • Envelope Test
      • List Builder
  • Production Engagement (4+ months) This will include:
    • An Emphasis on the following Value Builder Drivers
      • Scalability Finder
      • Customer Score
      • Monopoly Control
      • Hub & Spoke

Bonus Coaching

Life happens, and it’s easy to become discouraged, have self-doubt, and put off important tasks. For this reason, as a limited time offer, we’ll also assign you a Life Coach to help accelerate your success. There is no reason to leave this to chance. With Universal you can be in business for yourself but not by yourself.  

This program and coaching includes:

  • Training videos teaching you simple and effective tools to manage your brain and solve any problem
  • 20-30 minute private coaching session twice a month with Robyn

As you implement these tools, you can expect to and gain awareness through coaching and:

  • Learn how to take effective, massive action regardless of your circumstances
  • Discover the root cause of why you aren’t taking desired action and/or why you are taking unwanted action and solve for them.
  • Feel more empowered and in control of your life and your business.
  • Become less reactive to your life, and more creative and deliberate.
Accountability & Advanced Business Coaching Membership

Your Life Coach, Robyn Mons

Robyn Mons is a certified Life Coach, aka “the mind ninja” to her kids, helps business professionals learn how to manage their brains so they can create desired results in their lives and in their businesses.  As an entrepreneur herself, she understands the challenges that come with balancing work and life and the mental blocks that keep you from taking action. 

Robyn believes that your brain is the most powerful tool you have on the planet and that learning how to manage your brain is the most important thing you can do to create the lasting results you want in your life, including your business. Using the latest, cutting edge tools in the industry combined with her ability to connect and lead with compassion, she has helped many people succeed in achieving goals beyond what they thought possible.  Her greatest joy is to watch her clients blow their own minds and fulfill their potential.