Cindy Jorgensen

Cindy Jorgensen

Professional Development Specialist

Cindy Jorgensen is a woman who knows how to accelerate the success of your business & life.  Since August of 2020 she has been a National Enrollment Director and business consultant with Universal Accounting Center helping other people start and grow their own accounting practices.

She’s taught thousands how to create massive recurring income as a respected professional providing a lifestyle most only dream of, as a facilitator and mentor for the “Growing Your Business” program, and a speaker and trainer for Business Success Conference and The Best You, one of the largest business and personal development expos in the world dub –

She is a mother of two boys and has worked internationally, teaching English to Chinese children.  Cindy sincerely cares about everyone she meets and this unconditional love she has for everyone around her has rocketed her business endeavors to greet heights.

She was named one of the six “Most Successful Business Women in Utah” and was one of only 200 out of 500,000 applicants to receive the Women of Excellence award. She is a cancer survivor, and has used her passion for health and wellness to  release 43 funds while revitalizing her life and inspiring her husband and two sons.

Appearing on ABC, CBS, and locally on KSL, Cindy has presented at Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich World Tour in 2019, The Firm Foundation 2020 and has been invited to speak at the “Smart Women Rising” conference in Dubai 2020 and has lead a team of business owner generating over $30 million in annual sales.

She takes great pride in her heritage as the great great grand daughter of Emmeline B. Wells’, an outspoken advocate for women’s suffrage and the one-time president of the largest women’s organization in the world—the Relief Society.  This heritage creates her passion for women to have home-based business giving them more opportunity to influence and participate more actively in the lives of their children and family.      She believes that faith, family and fun lead to financial freedom. 

"Faith, family and fun lead to financial freedom."

Cindy and Family
Cindy and Husband

Cindy’s accomplishments run the gamut from global impact to intimate settings, making time to serve both on the board of National American Mothers and the President Elect of jer local Parent Teachers Association.  She loves tennis, golf, skiing and most any outdoor recreational activities as well as fixing up their home—a 100 year pioneer Victorian Estate.  

"In business for yourself and not by yourself."

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