PFP – Welcome to Universal Accounting & Thank You For Your Interest!

Learn the tools, techniques, and strategies to find for the client the profits they deserve to have running their business. In the process, we will train you on how to market your services to get clients, what to do with your clients to achieve the desired results and get paid what you are worth.

WHAT YOU GET as a Profit First Professional (PFP)

As a Certified PFP you will benefit from our three key offerings:

Profit First University (Profit U)

The online educational and accountability platform that you can offer to your clients for a fee (or as a value add). Profit U is supported and monitored fully by our team, and while you are encouraged to participate and use the system, you don’t need to do anything to support your clients – we take care of it all.  Profit U also has private and secure sections exclusively for Certified PFPs where you can get access to specialized marketing, branding and revenue generation training (more details below); resources and links; and a forum to privately discuss strategies and support with other Certified PFPs outside your area.

Benefits of Profit First University:

  • You can generate more revenue without any additional work.
  • Single-click integration! With one link you can give access to any of your clients that you want to access Profit U.
  • Your clients will be more engaged and more aware of your services.
  • Your brand will be distinct and significantly different than your competitors.

Profit First Branding & Marketing Toolkit | Marketing, Sales & Revenue Training

By being part of Profit First Professionals you immediately have a distinct brand position.  After all, most business owners find their bookkeepers, accountants and financial support teams to support the accounting functions but surely don’t help drive profitability in their business.  Ironically, the biggest need entrepreneurs say they have – to increase their profit – is not being addressed by these same financial experts. Until now.  With the Profit First brand, you will distinguish yourself in the market as one of the few, elite specialists that guides businesses to higher levels of profits.  Additionally, distinct brands always dictate higher fees and more volume. We provide you with all the tools to get the word out, and the strategies that will generate higher fees and more clients.

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Benefits of The Profit First Marketing Toolkit:

  • We are limiting our number of Certified PFP members so that you never compete with another Profit First Professional for business. Your prospect will know you are the only financial expert certified in Profit First and positioned to help them with their profits… a serious leg up on the competition.
  • You have private access to templates for email, letters, call scripts and other tools to attract new clients, sell to existing clients and market your business differently than your competition.
  • You have access to private marketing training and strategies available in the private section of Profit U.
  • Logos, graphics, PowerPoints and other material for you use to market your business.

Leveraging Profit First

Ever since Mike Michalowicz became a full-time author in 2008 he has been blessed to be labeled as one of the top thought leaders for small business growth. His newest book, Profit First, has been the most successful and popular of all his books.  It means entrepreneurs and business owners are more than just interested in profit, they are taking action.  This means there are 1. entrepreneurs already familiar with Profit First and want your help 2. entrepreneurs who you can make aware of Profit First and they can instantly find information on how powerful Profit First is. This greatly increases lead generation

Get Started NOW & SAVE

Use this coupon and save (Enroll10)– Enroll now

Use this coupon (ENROLL10) & SAVE TODAY!

Benefits of Leveraging Profit First:

  • When prospecting you will be able to create far better leads instantly, by leveraging the Profit First brand.
  • We will support you in converting leads into clients. As a trusted third party expert, any leads you generate by leveraging your affiliation to Profit First, will know that you are an integral part of the brand.