Quickbooks Certification Course

Accounting and bookkeeping are not always done by hand anymore. In fact, 80% of businesses turn to QuickBooks for their accounting needs. Because finances for any size business are complicated, it is understandable that many companies want a streamlined, electronic way to keep their books.


Despite the necessity for QuickBooks, the program remains elusive to many. It can feel complicated and intimidating for many business owners to navigate the program on their own. For this reason, there is a high demand for QuickBooks specialists in almost all fields of business.


Becoming a certified QuickBooks specialist is a fantastic way to stay relevant in the job market. Whether you are already a bookkeeper and want to hone your QuickBooks skills or are brand new to bookkeeping altogether, our exclusive QuickBooks specialist training can help you to stay competitive in the job market and find more work than ever before.


What Is QuickBooks?


Though it is a highly useful tool, many people don’t understand what QuickBooks is. QuickBooks is a program designed by Intuit that helps with essential business functions such as payroll, bookkeeping, business payments, bill management, and more.


The software can help to streamline every aspect of a business’s financial side and make it easier than ever to manage a company. However, in order to properly run QuickBooks, it is important that the user has QuickBooks specialist certification. This type of QuickBooks training helps to make sure that the user understands the functions of the program and is able to use them to their maximum benefit.


How to Become a Certified QuickBooks Specialist


You may be wondering how to become a QuickBooks specialist and will be happy to learn that the process is straightforward. There are a few different mediums you can use, but each center around taking QuickBooks courses. Though there are different QuickBooks classes you can take, our course setup has a high success rate and gives students the most comprehensive QuickBooks mastery available.


Our QuickBooks Courses


Not all QuickBooks classes are the same. Many of these courses don’t give the comprehensive, multi-subject information that we do. Our QuickBooks specialist certificate program gives you all the tools you need to properly handle QuickBooks in a professional setting.


The main components of our courses are as follows.


  1. How QuickBooks Works in Your World – Master QuickBooks Software From A-Z


In this fundamental QuickBooks class, we give students a solid knowledge of the software from which to start the rest of their learning. It is difficult to use QuickBooks to its full advantage if you don’t have the basics mastered. This is why all of our QuickBooks course students begin with the basics – to ensure total and complete comprehension.


  1. Customers & Sales: The Sales Cycle


Understanding the sales cycle is imperative to becoming a professional QuickBooks specialist. Tracking finances hinges upon this very basic business idea of selling a product or service. As a professional, you need to understand the systems in which you are working. We are able to provide you with that understanding.


  1. Vendors and Bills: The Buying Cycle


Similar to the sales cycle, our certified QuickBooks specialist courses include essential information about the buying cycle between your company and vendors. This is a large part of a business’s functioning as well, and as a QuickBooks specialist, you will be charged with detailed information involved in the buying cycle. In order to properly perform your duties, you must learn the basics of the cycle.


  1. Mastering Advanced QuickBooks Topics


Once you master the basics of the business cycles and the QuickBooks fundamentals, we move on to the more advanced functions of the QuickBooks program. This extra information gives you a leg up on other professionals seeking the same jobs as you are. When you understand the extent of what QuickBooks can do for you, you are able to help the programs fully function for your clients.


Through these four sections, we give our students everything that they need for a professional QuickBooks specialist certification if they choose to pursue it.


QuickBooks Specialist Certificate


After you have completed our QuickBooks classes, you will be prepared to take the QuickBooks certification exam. This exam ensures that businesses are hiring a professional that does, in fact, know how to use QuickBooks properly.


Why Get a QuickBooks Certification?


Though the classes will give you everything that you need to know, it is key to take the test and achieve official professional QuickBooks specialist status. This shows potential employers that you have an up-to-date understanding of QuickBooks, and you are able to use the program to its full potential. This is appealing for many businesses, as their finances and bookkeeping are serious topics. When mistakes are made in these areas, companies are liable for significant fines and punishments.


A QuickBooks certification is absolutely a strong addition to your resume. By listing this achievement, you show employers that you are qualified to run their QuickBooks, and you are dedicated to this field.


Real-Life Experience


Many online QuickBooks courses provide users with experience that is based on existing companies or existing QuickBooks setups. This leaves many graduates of those programs ill-prepared to work with real businesses.


Most businesses require a professional QuickBooks specialist who can create the company’s system from scratch. By looking at their raw accounting information, rather than information already inputted into QuickBooks, you leave with a deeper understanding and increased ability to troubleshoot.


Our model is formed around real-life QuickBooks use, not theoretical situations and information. This is far more helpful and makes your QuickBooks skills far more appealing in interview situations.


How to Become a Certified QuickBooks Specialist Online


You do not have to attend in-person classes to become a certified QuickBooks specialist. Online classes are a viable option and provide you with the same information. To do so, simply enroll in your program of choice and follow the reading and information for each class period.


We offer QuickBooks specialist courses online as a service to our clients. There are many benefits to taking online QuickBooks classes, and many people find that they have increased success with a QuickBooks specialist class online than they do with the same course in person. There are a few reasons that online courses may be more effective.


  1. You Can Work on Your Own Time


Remote QuickBooks courses provide students with increased flexibility for their study schedules. If you are looking to become a certified QuickBooks specialist while maintaining your current job, online courses give you the flexibility to do so. You go through the programming when it is convenient for you.


This also means that the pacing is up to you. If you have a busy schedule and no defined deadline, you are free to take longer with your studies. If you need to become a certified QuickBooks specialist quickly for a job or project, you can work more quickly to achieve your goal. The flexibility of online training is a perk that appeals to many prospective students.


  1. You Have Access to More Information


If you search “QuickBooks courses near me,” you may find one or two in-person options. However, this severely limits what you are able to learn. You are at the mercy of the local experts, who may or may not have the experience to provide you with comprehensive QuickBooks information.


When you take your classes online, you have access to leaders in the industry. When proximity is not a factor, you can give yourself the best education from the best experts. Our online certification program helps you to do just that.


  1. Direct Mentorship and Support


We understand the appeal of earning a certificate in person. Many people enjoy asking questions and receiving clarification from a teacher. To compensate for this, we offer direct mentorship and support throughout the duration of your courses. This professional can help with tutoring, questions, and projects while giving you the individualized attention that you need.


In fact, this professional may be able to give you more individualized attention than a teacher in an in-person class. Because we designed our program with one-on-one time, you will likely get more opportunities to ask questions than you would in a classroom with more students.


With this benefit, you can become certified with confidence and know that you fully understand the content in time for the certification exam.


  1. Efficiency


Though our QuickBooks certification program is certainly thorough and gives you everything you need to be a qualified QuickBooks professional, we have made sure that it allows you to work efficiently as a QuickBooks professional. Along with the in-depth knowledge of the QuickBooks software, our online training program gives you tips and shortcuts to make your job simpler.


As a professional, it is important for you to work smarter, not harder, when it comes to QuickBooks. Our efficient shortcuts make it easier to be efficient at your job while still doing it well.


Course Length and Setup


Many people wonder how long the QuickBooks training takes. There are more than 12 hours of training in the Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks. However, many students take their time with the information and end up going through the course in about 18 hours total. It is best to take one’s time with the material, as the QuickBooks certification requires that you pass a test on the material. This is how potential employers know that you truly understand the information necessary and can perform your job well.


A lot of the course material is step-by-step demonstrations of how to perform QuickBooks functions. This occurs in the form of video clips and walks you through things like entering transactions and creating reports. There is a narrator of the videos who walks you through all of the steps, and since you are learning on your own time, you are free to stop, rewind, re-watch, and fast forward at your leisure. It is usually a good idea to take notes while you watch, so you can refer back to them to study for the test and in your first months on the job.


Who Should Go Through QuickBooks Training?


Anyone can take the QuickBooks certification course through us. We have many students with prior experience in accounting, while others are just beginning their journey in this industry and want to work with this program. Our online courses are a great way to jumpstart a new career or earn a promotion or raise at your current job.


Not only do employers love to see up-to-date training and certifications on your resume, but they also love to see people who are passionate about what they do. Accounting is an exciting and in-demand industry, and the people who are part of it are often invested in the work that they do. Furthering your certification and training gives a sound indication to potential employers that you are passionate about your work. This will likely be appreciated and rewarded during the hiring process.


Personal Benefits


After the training is over and you’ve earned your certification, being a certified QuickBooks specialist has significant personal perks. Not only will you have an easier time finding rewarding, good-paying work, but you will also be able to set your own schedule. In many cases, you will get to determine your own hours and have control over how your life looks.


This is a significant benefit for many of our graduates. Flexibility to spend time with family, travel, relax, and look after children is a benefit that draws in many of our students. Especially as our world continues to be digitized, many QuickBooks professionals are able to work remotely, meaning that logging on from a home or cabin is perfectly acceptable.


Many new parents find that being a professional QuickBooks specialist is ideal for their lifestyle. They are able to care for children and avoid expensive daycare costs while continuing to have thriving professional careers. This is a luxury not afforded by many other industries.


Complementary Courses


Our certified QuickBooks courses are certainly an asset on their own, but we do offer opportunities to enhance your knowledge in other fields of accounting as well. If you are looking for more comprehensive knowledge, we offer courses that complement the QuickBooks curriculum. Investing in multiple certificates can help you to earn higher-paying positions more quickly and give you an advantage over other graduates.




QuickBooks and bookkeeping go hand in hand. In fact, QuickBooks is a method to execute bookkeeping tasks (among other things). Therefore, many of our graduates go through our bookkeeping training program as well. This gives them a more thorough understanding of the process and the expertise to execute bookkeeping services for businesses that do not use QuickBooks.


Taking several courses is wonderful for those who are looking to break into the industry, but also for those who have been working in accounting for many years. The myriad of topics makes you even more employable.


Certification for Yourself


You do not have to be looking to work with other businesses in order to take our QuickBooks classes. These courses can benefit you if you are a small business owner who would like to do their own accounting. These programs can set you up for success when it comes to balancing finances and staying on top of payments, income, and bills.


As we have mentioned, QuickBooks professionals can charge a significant amount of money for their services. As a small business owner, it may be difficult to find that kind of money to pay someone. Investing in these courses for yourself helps you to be more self-sufficient and prevents you from spending precious money on other professionals.


Why Choose Universal Accounting?


Here at Universal Accounting, we know that students have a lot of options when it comes to their education. Many universities and colleges offer similar-looking courses, so individuals with degrees in accounting feel that we have nothing to offer them.


On the contrary, we approach accounting topics through a fresh lens. While university settings prepare individuals for large business and corporate accounting, we focus on small to midsize accounting skills. A lot of new accounting business is from small businesses who need specialized help with their bookkeeping or taxes. Large corporations often have long-term, in-house accountants who handle all issues and accounting topics. This makes it difficult to break into these positions, and new graduates often scramble to find work.


With certification specifically in small to midsize business accounting, you have the ability to help the majority of businesses who are looking for services. This means increased rates of employment for our certificate holders and better opportunities to choose from.


Our programs are also designed to promote growth within your business. Certificate holders not only have the capacity to perform essential accounting tasks, but they also have the unique opportunity to help businesses grow and thrive through effective accounting tools.


We encourage you to sign up for our courses and contact us today.